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Cops to Give D.A. Bloom Case for Felony Review

10/20/2007 12:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Orlando BloomLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ the LAPD will submit the Orlando Bloom car crash case to the L.A. County D.A.'s office, and the D.A. will then decide whether to file felony hit and run charges against the actor.

Bloom crashed a car into a parked Porsche just after 2:00 AM Friday. He walked away from the crash, leaving two passengers inside the car, one injured with a fractured neck. X17 shot video of Bloom walking from the scene. Several photogs then told Bloom he'd be in big trouble if he kept walking, and Bloom turned back and asked if someone would call an ambulance -- suggesting he did not call 911 before leaving the scene. That would be an important factor in deciding if this were a hit and run.

Bloom claims a paparazzi-driven SUV caused the crash. Police are investigating. They are interviewing photogs at the scene. And law enforcement says there are surveillance tapes of the incident which they are also reviewing.

A cop connected with the case tells TMZ the case will be submitted to the D.A. "in a week or so."


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Speaking for myself, I won't be doing anything one way or another. If Orlando was cut off by another vehicle, that's one situation. If he is deemed guilty of attempting to leave the scene of an accident without a willingness to stay and render aid, that is a totally separate issue. I'm sure the police will take all of that into consideration. Imagine running a red light and speeding through an intersection due to some lunatic chasing you in his own vehicle, and let's say you nearly cause an accident. If a police officer happens to witness such an event, YOU might get a ticket for running the red light and possibly speeding. The wacko chasing you might get a ticket for speeding and reckless driving, and BOTH of you may be considered guilty of having broken the law. In other words, Orlando and the paparazzi may have to share responsibility in that night's events. Seeing this situation as black and whiter, either/or, or only one party being responsible may be flawed logic. The LAPD and the D.A. will take everything into consideration, I'm sure, and unlike the female fans who may be madly in love with Bloom, or the people who are out to pulverize him and take him down, law enforcement will be far more objective in their analysis and conclusions. At least, I hope so!!!

2562 days ago


FOR GODS SAKE LEAVE ORLANDO ALONE!!!! If it wasn't for the photogs Orlando wouldn't be in this situation. IT MAKES ME SICK TO MY STOMACH that you prats can't think of anything better to do than ruin someone else's night out.

Orlando wants a break to chill out - so LEAVE HIM ALONE and why don't you find the other driver involved and hand them into the police instead.

2560 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Just because you don't understand that a person can go into shock even from a minor accident doesn't mean it can't happen. I've been in minor accidents and wasn't even driving so I had absolutely no responsibility for the accident and I still stopped thinking straight for a short time. When you are in a situation like this the adrenaline starts flowing and it takes a few minutes to calm down. He didn't walk away as if he was trying to go somewhere. The cops at the scene didn't think he was showing any signs of impairment so they didn't give him a field sobriety test. I think by now the cops in LA can recognize when someone is under the influence.

2560 days ago


Please think about this before you respond, people! Have you even been involved in a car crash? You are very disoriented. Especially at night. Why condemn someone just because he is famous? He did not 'hit and run'. You can see from the video that he was behaving in a confused manner. The guy was seen talking to the poice! If he was 'under the influence' he will be dealt with.

2559 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Sorry , Jenny, but Ellen Armstrong is right. Even a minor accident will cause whiplash in which the brain bounces back and forth in the skull. This IS what is known as a concussion. As anyone who follows sports knows, there are three levels of concussion depending on severity and level one, while causing injury to the brain, does not result in the unconciousness that most people associate with concussion. A large enough number of level one concussions can cause enough brain damage to permanently lower intelligence based on a study of soccer players in Europe (because of the headers) versus players of other sports.

2558 days ago


This is stupid!! Just leave him alone!! He's got way ,ore important things to worry about. So he took a few steps away from the accident, maybe he was just taking a breather and trying to get over wat just happened. Plus he came right back.

2557 days ago
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