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Lil' Wayne a No-Show at High School Performance

10/22/2007 1:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lil' Wayne was set to perform at a North Carolina high school last night, but failed to show up -- leaving an auditorium of kids without a show. Lil' a-hole!

The concert was originally canceled last month, after the New Hanover County School Board pulled the plug -- citing safety concerns.

Perhaps they were reminded of the chaos at a 2006 Morgan State University show where the rapper "made it rain" by throwing money into the crowd -- resulting in two lawsuits from injuries sustained while people scrambled for the cash.

Wayne's concert promoter filed a lawsuit for breach of contract over the cancellation, but an agreement was reached, allowing the rapper to perform if extra security were provided at the New Hanover High School's Brogden Hall.

Last night, as the 4,000 seat auditorium was sparsely filled, it was rumored that Wayne called it off because not enough people showed. At the moment, there have been no refunds given to his disappointed fans, according to

Wayne was arrested earlier this month in Idaho on felony fugitive charges, after a warrant was issued for his arrest on a felony drug possession charge in Fulton County, Georgia.

A call to his rep has not been returned.

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i have tried to post a comment 3 times... lol this is hilarious

2525 days ago


Lock him UP...just for being so ugly!..and having to talent!.

2525 days ago


#54...Lil Wayne is not a rude representation...if you think that, don't listen to him

2525 days ago

Always Curious    

Hey I bet.....these "young thugs" the "young rappers" , are too young to have had any street education, any gang banging, anthing that would supposedly turn them into the hardened criminals they portray in the songs and in the clothing and attitude and so on. Anyone who is over 45 will attest to that. Back in the early 80's those rappers didn't sing about the crap they do now, and actually had a beat you could dance in a disco to....and THEY came up from real gangs and a matter of daily routine getting jumped or jumping someone and doing the drive by never having enough food to eat. I wish someone would make a whole list of these "young thugs" who are rappers and tell the world where they all really came from to make them so supposedly hard and to sing about the hard life on the streets. I bet all of them were just raised by their grandmother, were in a neighborhood where it wasn't exactly safe (alot of people had that), didn't eat meat every week (alot of people have that) then I bet when they were in high school that is when they got a bee in their bonnet and they wanted to be a rapper...boom and I bet grandma helped with that also. Then when they start marketing themselves and make a little money I bet they got "security" because they know they will have a serious beat down - a serious back alley education from someone who really knows what it's like to be "from the hood - from the streets".

2525 days ago


***************** F U G L Y !!!!!!!! ******************

2525 days ago



So nicely put....and oh so true.

2525 days ago


DUDE COULDN'T EVEN SELL OUT A HIGH SCHOOL, in a black area where black people love this kind of music...How sad is that. He is a washed up has been and still isn't even tall enough to drive...

2525 days ago


HEY LEMON...........



2525 days ago


ok, to all of you upset by racial comments, you are upset about stereotyping and such, yet you use the word "african-american" to describe people.

I ask you fools this... What are black people called in any other part of the world? Black, would be the answer. I can't say I have heard of a "British-African" of "French-African" before. They are black people that are British or French.

So get past the PC term of African-America. One true African-America would be Dave Matthews. Born and raised in South Africa, then moved to the US, hence African-American.

2525 days ago


To anyone who gets upset by the term African-American this is just a word made for Black people to make white people feel a little more comfortable about all the racism thrown upon us through out the years. I am Black. I dont want to be termed African American, because I am not African, nor do I feel 100% American, because I dont feel that Black people in America have much history, except what we all know already and we dont want a repeat of that, now do we... Maybe some TMZ folks do by the way you express yourselves. I think some of you would be happy if all Black people lived on a different island or planet. LMAO its never gonna happen.. So just get used to the way the world is, whether you like it or not!!

2525 days ago

Stop Hating    

For all the LAMES who don't know who Wayne is..... you need to find out, you guys could probably use some cool points. Yeah the situation sucks, and he should give their money back, but dude has talent. SOOOOOOOOOO......STOP HATING!!!!!!!!!!

2525 days ago

DA's leak    

What sad is how many of those who'll post racist comments on a message board were'nt born with half the courage it would take to wear it on your sleeve on a daily basis. You know who you are, and if you dont like what I'm implying then prove me wrong starting tommorow morning at work. Let em all know how you feel you punk ass closet racists!

2525 days ago


Is that a booger hanging out on the left side of his nose?

2525 days ago


Is that a bogger in his nose?

2523 days ago


New Hanover High School did not promote in any way this rapper presentation, as a matter of fact it was imposed to our school, principal or parents had nothing to do wtih him performing at the gym. It was a shame and worry the fact that he was going to be performing at our school.
Looks like TMZ forgot to mention that in its article. No , parents should not have to re-examing our values but the School Superintendent probably should.

2522 days ago
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