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Frightened Brit Takes On Drunks, Punks and Cops

10/30/2007 9:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Britney Spears was pulled over by an L.A. Sheriff last night -- and while she got off with just a warning, the scene around the car was complete insanity.

TMZ caught Spears and ex-assistant/"cousin" Alli Sims leaving Winston's late Monday night, where the two were quickly pulled over for a minor infraction, nothing serious. Brit wasn't driving, but it was her Pumpkinmobile, and Alli can be heard telling the officer, "We'll get one this week, she just got this." It's unclear what was said, but It appears that Brit's temporary tags might have expired.

After the officer walked away from the vehicle, a drunk guy started shaking his booty against Brit's window, with Spears looking extremely confused (more so than usual) as he kept dancing. A screaming match broke out in front of the car too. Gimme more crazazy!


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Perpetual Trouble, Thy Name Is Britney. Mmm-hmm.....

2553 days ago


Here in PA, you can only be ticketed for seatbelt if your ticketed also for some other violation. Its a secondary law, you also cannot be pulled over JUST for no seatbelt.

And we can have bikers ride motorcycles with no helmets. If your over 18, I say seatbelts optional. besides, let her wreck and fly out of the window, nobody cares anyway.

just, really, a lot of people DON'T wear their seatbelt, just get over it already, i hate her as much as the next guy but yeeesh. theres a LOT of stupider things she does than forget her seatbelt

2553 days ago


"We'll get one this week, she just got this" - it's regarding her license... she probably had to show proof, even though she isn't driving, sometimes they ask for other passengers for ID - so i'm sure she was indicating her permanent license, as she probably only still has the temporary one... good luck to this girl, i'm rooting for her (i guess b/c i am human and hate to see people fail)... best wishes...

2553 days ago


What's the point of having an Assistant if she can't even make sure your license plates are valid?!!
Especially at a time when you are trying to obey the law and get your kids back..

You know the Paps are following you so get your crap in order?!!

Brit is a complete idiot!!! No common sense at all! And the police should haven given her a ticket! Hell my brother just got one yesterday for having expired tags so fair is fair...

2553 days ago


She just got this?? Isn't that the Pumpkin Mobile with the smashed fender? The same car she had in September? How long is the temporary tag good? Guess she's been too busy to send someone to get it registered. Pathetic. In every part of her life, just pathetic.

2553 days ago


Why doesn't this pathetic creature stay home? The paps are always around, why? Because she calls them, that's why! I feel so sorry for her little boys, they are the ones who are going to suffer from this. Lifetime psychiatric care, that's for sure!

2553 days ago


The policewoman looked like Shar Jackson to me. Must have wanted more support.

2553 days ago


why are people telling her to stay home? do you people not get out? she has an album coming out, she HAS to go out (at least this time around). it's called promoting. you obviously do not know that when an artist has an album coming out, you have to do the rounds. her tracks, like all of her records, are dance tracks, so it is only fitting that she go to clubs to get them played in rotation. duh....

2553 days ago


I want two copies of Retardney's new album: One to take a s**t on, and one to cover it up with.

To all the Britney fans: With all the fantastic female role models out there, why do you give this dumb tw*t the time of day? Go admire a woman who deserves to be admired!

2553 days ago


No wonder she lost her kids. The stupid bitch is out all night partying. I think that's more important to her than her kids. They need to stay with their dad.

2553 days ago


Many people admire Britneys dedication to supporting lowlifes Kevin and Shar.

2553 days ago

He's just another Idiot    


Hey, TMZ, how much is K-Dud and his sleazy lawyers paying you for all the junk you post about Britney? It's with Britney's money, of course, since K-Dud doesn't have the sense to get a job. What a snake he is. How do you people know how "good" a father K-Dud is? Do you live with him? K-Dud needs more money so he can visit his Vegas whores more often. He is waiting with both hands open for more money from Britney. He is such a dirtbag deadbeat.

2553 days ago


Why does she never wear a seatbelt? No one ever notices it (not even the cop)? WTF

2553 days ago


I have serious mixed feelings about her. One 1 hand, if she didn't thrive on the attention, good or bad...she could live in a gated community where the paps couldn't bug her 24/7 but one the other hand, she shouldn't have to feel like a prisoner in her own home and not be able to go out without being accosted by hundreds of photogs all the time. I guess I just feel sorry for her being under a microscope but apparently it doesn't bother her as she does nothing to avoid it.

2553 days ago


This comment is addressed to Stoopit (#14),

In California, our law is that ALL passengers HAVE to wear a seat belt or the driver will be tickets, and it's a very expensive ticket that many California natives have had to pay, not to mention any effect it might have on your driving record and therefor insurance.

You missed my point, Stoopit from PA. The cops don't ticket her for it because she's a celeb, the rest of us pee-ons would be getting that ticket!!! I was not struck by a searing concern for her saftey.

2553 days ago
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