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Drunken Footballers Love Backstreet Boys

10/30/2007 1:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Backstreet Boys still have a huge following ... in Ireland!

TMZ was outside of Virgin Megastore in Times Square last night, where a few obsessed BSB fans were already lined up for tonight's record signing -- including a team of wasted, red-headed, Irish soccer players.

After singing a sloppy rendition of "I Want It That Way," the guys proceeded to strip off most of their clothes -- thankfully leaving boxers intact -- and even had a jig-filled dance-off with a homeless man. Way to break down those Irish stereotypes!


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What a stupid man! But it is so minor conparing to another saying that he join an you know it is a rich men seeking sexy girl site and Rhys uploaded some of his nude pictures there.. you can guess what he is doing there..

2467 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Yeah, I bet they "want it that way!" zing...

2513 days ago

el polacko    

lose the boxers and then we'll see which way we want it.

2513 days ago


NOT COOL TMZ!! I don't see any of your commentary mentioning negative stereotypes of African-Americans, Chicanos, or any other ethnic group. So why is it cool to bring up racist bigotry when it comes to the Irish??? On behalf of all Irish gaelic speakers Pug a mahone. TMZ IS RACIST!!!!

2512 days ago


i was there when all this happened...i wanna know where the clip is when the homeless man was serenading me?!?!?! is there anyway i can get a hold of it?!?!?

2512 days ago

Kim- L.A.    

Well... BSB's new cd UNBREAKABLE launched today & their global fanclub @ welcome anyone on our Planet having a good time to Backstreet's tunes.... as long as no one gets hurt. BSB are all about having fun!

We are quite proud BSB are still kicking, after a long & successful career of 14 years and counting! RIGHT ON BSB!!!


2512 days ago


First, none of them have red hair, Irish and Red hair are NOT mutually exclusive. 2nd, there are plenty of other men of different ethic backgrounds that drink heavily, too. 3rd What's the big deal? If they were white 'looking to be in show biz' Los Angelenos, would be no post at all.

2512 days ago


The "few" Backstreet fans? The line went down and around the block and then some. Word was there were over 800 there. And TRL hasn't seen as many people outside in recent years since, well, 1999!

2512 days ago


And also that's not Backstreet Boys....that's an Irish song, Mo Ghille Mear. It's a song IN IRISH!! How could it be confused with English??

2512 days ago


I was standing outside and when these guys showed up there were already 400 people online, so TMZ can bite it when they said "a few obsessed fans." The guys were singing Backstreet Boy songs along with a bunch of other songs and they were funny except they were screaming and singing so loud they woke up tons of girls who were trying to sleep. It was definitely interesting! BACKSTREET BOYS FOREVER!

2512 days ago

Nora Younge    

That is SO NOT what they're singing. They are singing in Irish. The somg they're singing is called something like 'Our Hero'. Sting sang it in English and in Irish on a CD with the Cheiftans.

2512 days ago


I was in that line as well -- which wrapped ALL THE WAY around the block -- so TMZ can kiss my "few obsessed fan" ass -- there were over 800 people there!!

2512 days ago


I want to inform TMZ that i'm really offended by this post.But in particular the blatant racism at work!The wording of the above article is quite frankly unbelievable in this day and age.The lines;
''including a team of wasted, red-headed, Irish soccer players'',is untrue first of all,as it is evident to anyone with eyes that they're not all red-headed!Way to go to prove your innate racist tendencies TMZ!
''After singing a sloppy rendition of "I Want It That Way,"''-another ridiculous statement, they're singing an Irish song, 'Mo Ghille Mear', and then to top it all off, this zinger of a line-''a jig-filled dance-off with a homeless man'' .Have you ever seen a jig?They were DANCING LIKE ANY OTHER DRUNKEN PEOPLE WOULD.They're drunk certainly but thats the only truth and evidence of unprejudiced reporting in this 'article'.If you inserted any other ethnic connotation into the lines above it would be unacceptable but because it's acceptable to re-inforce the Irish stereotype, you go right ahead and do just that.
Almost everything about this piece incenses me-''soccer players''-did you go up to them and ask them?Or did you just see the number 9 on a shirt and assume that?
If he had ''i'm a racial stereotype'' on his shirt would you report that too?
I've been to the US a number of times, worked in Times Square and have fond memories of it,so it was with real affection i started reading this piece, as i have done recently since discovering your site.I have, up to this just enjoyed your site for what it is-throwaway entertainment.But reading the above and checking out the clip has completely changed my mind.You could have just said 'hey!here's a bunch of irish guys enjoying a drunken night out in the big apple!' But no. YOU had to drag stereotypes into the piece and therefore are reinforcing those very stereotypes.This site was enjoyable on a superficial level but i'm shocked that a piece like this can reveal that this veneer of entertainment is just that- a thin disguise for what is essentially a nasty piece of work.Much like yourselves.I'd really like some form of apology to be made on your behalf because i'm going to follow this up nut yo probably don't read your own reader's comments do you?

2512 days ago


P.s For the record, i'd also like to state that the Backstreet Boys do not have a large fanbase in Ireland.I find the implication that we do, offensive, but then again, i would imagine most people would when accused of such a thing..

2512 days ago


Cant believe them comments, cant see anything been said like that in relation to any extreme Ethnic or Religious groups!!!!

we sooooo deserve an apology, i think the sterotype of irish should be taken with a pinch of salt, you dont pull up on a lil raft, i think people who write this stuff havent actually been here!!


2512 days ago
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