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Gyllenspoon: Couple or Couple of Fakers?

10/30/2007 5:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Officially divorced Reese Witherspoon and a beardalicious Jake Gyllenhaal are rumored to be a couple and have avoided being seen together at all costs, but "friends" don't sit on the beach sharing drinks and feeding each other, do they? Deny that!

Some critics say the pair are merely stringing the media along in an attempt to drum up publicity for their new movie, "Rendition," but that strategy went out the window after the whole "Gigli" disaster of 2003.

Is their relationship the real deal? Watch the video and decide for yourself.


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where's the proof that jake's gay? are there pics we aren't aware of, if there was someone else why wouldn't they sell the million $ story. Reese is a classy lady, that's why you are seeing the picsnow because NOW is when she's officially divorced from the moron. so one day when she tells the kids she can say with a clear mind i didn't do anything to that worthless cheat while still married to him.

2458 days ago


The same insane people posting over and over again. You don't know Jake's sexuality unless you have been in his bedroom. Which I am sure you haven't been. So your harping on him being gay because of Toothy Tile is insane. Ted Casabalanca is a gossip columnist and is lying to you to get hits on his website. You are stupid to trust his word on anything. And even if Jake is gay or bi, leave the guy alone already. He is a great actor and seems like a great person. I don't know about him and Reese but I like them both and wish them happiness whatever their relationship is.

2458 days ago


Looks like two good souls who are at least good friends, and why not let them have some privacy? They've both got brains, looks, manners and decency - rare attributes indeed!

2458 days ago

Shia is a man now    

The main reason Jake won't come out is cuz he wants everyone to think he (a straight man) did such incredible 'acting' in Brokeback Mountain. Ha! He loved every second of it.....especially the rape. Even his beard looks like a gay beard! He's still hot.....even tho my latest obsession is Ryan Gosling.......mmm-mmm! he's got a straight man beard.

2458 days ago


, and of that 10%, MANY go into the arts. I was a drama major in college and there were very very few straight guys in my program. The ones who were straight got to have sex with all the hot girls, becuase there was no competition. Oh, and my school was in the Midwest and not a dedicated performing arts school. I'm sure it would have been even gayer had it been in California or NY. I'm always surprised when people are shocked that attractive male actors are gay. Of course they're gay!

Posted at 9:49PM on Oct 30th 2007 by yourtvmama

This is a reply to yourtvmama, where did you get your statistics, you knowledge of gays going into the Arts, etc... it sound as if you got your thesis on "Homosexuality". You, we and the rest of the world does not know the percentage of gay people out there. I am a straight female but I can tell you that i have some very good friends who are gay and I would not trade them fro straight one. I can trust them, they are caring and I have never been dissapointed with their firendship, something I could not say for straight people. How do you know that Jake is gay? Do you have a crystal ball ? How about giving us the lotto numbers for saturday in Florida? I hope they get marry have a couple of kids and live happily ever after, maybe that would stop people from presuming and making ridiculous remarks.

2458 days ago


I didn't pick up any romantic vibes off of this video of them. They weren't holding each others hands or kissing. And the way Reese was brushing her hand over Jakes's back didn't look very sexual to me. It doesn't look very intimate to me.

2458 days ago

Morgal Vale    

"5. The movie died about 2 weeks ago. Besides, both of these people are "real" actors and wouldn't do a publicity stunt like this. I think they are cute together so just leave them alone."


The movie died but they didn't. They're on self-promotion duties now. And how do you know how "real" they are or what they get up to? Face it, most people that make these statements know nothing about their real lives. You are gullible and just being led by complimentary press about actors. You don't know what they would arrange for publicity. And no, they are stars and they chose to push their relationship in people's faces so people won't leave them alone, you big baby.

2458 days ago

The movie died about 2 weeks ago

2458 days ago


rob, you are disgusting.

2458 days ago

I Love Rock n' Roll    

How about "GAGGIN" SPOON" I'm sure Jake is gaggin' Reese with his spoon!

2458 days ago


Love them apart and now together. They are the new Jen and Brad - Hollywood Royalty!

2458 days ago


She look very loving towards him, u can tell she is a mom, checking his face, rubbing his back, that is what loving moms do

2458 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Reese is demonstrating all of the touchy affection in this video, so if he is straight, he needs to be a little demonstrative himself, or the relationship will be doomed. If he isn't straight, he has a good friend here in her.

I think Reese is a delight onscreen, and her astute intelligence is apparent and believable.
She is leading lady material, and I can't wait to see her in a huge future role or two. She's advancing past the fluffy stuff in age, lifestyle, and depth, and will surprise the h*ll out of many in the future. She is grossly underutilized currently, but so are most experienced female actresses as certain roles are few and far between. Reese might try character parts such as Blanchett in Lord of the Rings. She can hang around the periphery for a while, take the pressure off herself to bring in big box office, spend more time with her kids, but still hone her craft. I see her directing many years from now.

2458 days ago


Why bring up Angelina on this thread? Also, last time I checked divorce was between Jen and Brad. They are the ones who should have waited. Did you see pictures of Jen and Vince at a hotel way, way before the divorce was finalized? Why don't we blame two parties actually responsible for the divorce...Jen and Brad. Why is there no crap about Jake being responsible for Reese and Ryan divorce being finalized? If Jake didn't pursue Reese, maybe Ryan and Reese would have reconciled, which have been great for the kids.

2458 days ago



2458 days ago
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