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Two More WWE Wrestlers Suspended

11/3/2007 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Masters, DH SmithDH Smith and Chris Masters were both suspended by the WWE on Friday for violating the league's Substance Abuse and Drug Testing Policy.

Masters received a 60-day suspension because it was his second violation, while Smith received only 30 days for his first violation. Smith is the nephew of wrestling legend Bret "Hitman" Hart. The WWE wouldn't say what they tested positive for.

The WWE suspended 10 performers back in August, but as part of a new policy, this is the first time they have released the names of those suspended. WWE spokesman Gary Davis said, "WWE is very serious about eradicating the use of steroids and the abuse of prescription drugs, and we hope by making the names of our performers public it that will be a further deterrent to the other performers."

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If it saves a life that is cool. Big is not better and does look weird. Wrestling has looked/been fake back decades ago. Entertainment is just that "Entertainment".

2462 days ago


Anna, that's very true though. I personally think Vince puts too much emphasis on wrestlers being big rather than athletic ability and the ability to engage the audience. When I was a kid, wrestling was all about characters and work effort in the ring. Now, its about who can be more hardcore or who has the biggest muscles. Very sad.

2462 days ago


Masters has been busted before. This is nothing new for him.

2462 days ago


I really agree with # 24. There is no proof on what they actually are on exactly. Also, if you guys actually stayed up on the Chris Benoit story you would know that the Doctor that Benoit was getting his perscription Drugs from went out of business shortly after giving Benoit the Drugs.
Any coincidence???
I am not sayin that wrestling is real it is entertainment that is plain and simple. But you guys also have to understand there is a reason why they make the big $$$ for doing it.
Thier injuries do accure and most of them are real. They can get hurt very badly very easily. I think that they should be allowed perscription pain killers.
If you don't agree with me just try this, go out and go to a gym (not in your own house in a spot where there is professionals to help you and try this), then you and your buddy lift one another in the air in a 90 degree angle and try not to hurt yourself or your buddy by doing that.
So the point that I am trying to get at is this:
They sacrifice thier bodies everytime they go out there for the steroids baseball; basketball; football; hockey and any other sport players use them.
For the painkillers and everything all I have to say for that is this:
If you get paid a couple million of dollars get a damn doctor's perscription go out and get some good pain relivers and get some really goood therapy workers if the pain or injury is that bad.
That is all that I have to say.
But for all you others that just post without knowing about anything. Do some research before you post. You will look a lot more smarter than just posting without thinking.

2462 days ago


Now they can spend more time together...making sweet love in the afternoon, after lunch and getting caught up with The Young and the Restless. Enjoy boys. Stop over if you see me in the pool.

2462 days ago


How many current and former wwe stars have been accused of taking pills, many of the guys linked to steroids have been main eventers, champions, top characters. Many before steroids were not even considered to be the top guys until they bulked up. Just look at the list of former world champions and tell me any of them were not on the juice. Many guys suffer bone and joint injuries and lots of guys back in the 80's can hardly even move and many are dead. Harry Smith testing positive frightened me, as his father British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith died from drugs and was a noted steroid abuser.

Maybe if Vince didnt make them travel all over the world, wrestle 250 plus days, and fire wrestlers who lack the great big body and push the huge guys that problem would not exist.

2462 days ago


I went to high school with the guy on the right, Smith. And I can tell you this much he was NOT that big in high school he was a grade or two behind me and tall but not huge, i have seen him a few times back at home in the last few years and it was insane how much bigger he got fast. So I think that he should be getting suspended for taking substances that are both illegal and incredibly bad for you. Maybe he will learn and won't suffer the same fate as so many before him.

2462 days ago


c'mon guys........kids watch you guys all the time...............be men and just work out without drugs dumbasses

2462 days ago

"d-bol"breakfast of champions    

Since all you idiots are so convinced steroids are bad for you, let me educate you. More people die daily from alcohol than in the history of steroids. More people die daily from smoking than in the history of steroids. More people die daily from the complications associated with overeating(Diabetes, Heart Disease, etc.)from fast food than in the history of steroids. But guess what, you can buy these anywhere, anytime within the US. And guess what else, in the majority of countries around the world steroids are legal and can be purchased over the counter and people aren’t falling over like flies. I guess its okay to stuff plastic in your chest, have your penis removed or poison injected in your face, but God forbid if a man wants to take a substance proven to work and if used correctly, with zero side effects. You wanna know why steroids are illegal? When Carl Lewis got his behind handed to him in the 88 Olympics by Ben Johnson, and he(Johnson)tested positive for steroids, they were made illegal. Even the DEA,FDA and AMA pleaded with Congress not to make these substances illegal. But the great Joe Biden made it so. Way to go Joe! I know this is long winded but maybe you have learned a little. So many men have used steroids and they are still alive and doing just fine. But as long as we save little Johnny, then the world will be a better place. Now back to more important things, like Britney!

2462 days ago


DH Smith is also the guy that Hulk tried to set Brooke up with a while back....

2461 days ago


Who cares!!!! It's not even a real sport!!!

2461 days ago


You would think that Masters would learn.....he needs to be suspended permanently, not just for 60 days...this is a slap on the wrist. The man is crazy. Have you ever see him in the ring? As for Smith, it's sad to see him going down this path already when his father died at such a young age from doing drugs. Don't these guys remember what happened to Chris Benoit? Come on guys, wake up!!! This staged sport is not worth killing yourself for.

2461 days ago


about time,but the first bunch should be published also.i like to watch the shows ,but actually i like the REAL wrestling that's real;that's school and college styles. they are tested before each and every match.

2460 days ago


To Alana Joy: Beg to differ, honey. I love wrestling, and I am NOT a Nearderthal. I have a college education, believe it or not, an IQ of 140, and have published 14 novels (to date--#15 coming soon). I am also not a fashionista. Not into that Lifestyles of the Shallow and Superficial thing.

2458 days ago


A little off the subject but I watched CNN's special called "Death Grip: Inside Pro Wrestling" and I have to give credit, it was probably the closest thing to fair treatment that the mainstream has given to pro wrestling!

In it, we saw Chris Benoit's idol The Dynamite Kid! If you ever wanted an example of what steriods can do to a person, look no further than him! He's "tore up from the floor up!"

2457 days ago
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