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Copperfield Secret Document

How to Pick Up Chicks

11/5/2007 7:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained portions of a secret document from David Copperfield's shows, outlining in extreme detail how the magician's assistants were supposed to rope in the women that David found attractive -- and hold their boyfriends and husbands at bay.

David Copperfield
The document, titled "Show Participation," requires the people who work David's shows to arm themselves with clipboards, a Polaroid camera, a digital camera, brochures of David's islands in the Bahamas and "Blank photo(s) of David (if one of the girls is a scorpion)." "Scorpion" refers to women David brings onstage as part of his act.

The document describes how the assistants need to be heads-up for attractive women whom David can meet backstage after the performance. We're told the plan is to keep boyfriends and husband in the arena, adding "from time to time, boyfriends and husbands will give us a hard time and refuse to stay. If that is the case, try your best to get them to stay and refer to the "What to Say" sheet for help."

And it gets creepier.

According to the document, "On occasion David will have you pull in both scorpions even if he is only interested in one of them, just for comfort."

But wait -- it gets worse. The assistants are told to sell the women before David arrives backstage. They're supposed to say: "Do you know that David has recently bought some islands in the Bahamas? Well they are BEAUTIFUL and we are doing a lot of project (sic) for these islands: Ads, TV, Radio and many other promotions. So we like (sic) to keep in touch with you in case there is a job in the future we think you would be interested in."

According to the document, the women are then supposed to fill out a questionnaire -- "Where are you from... What hotel are you staying in. How long are you in town. Who did you come to the show with? Husband? Boyfriend? Friend?"

And then there's the threatening letter David's lawyer sent to David's employees -- after the investigation was revealed -- telling them they had a duty never to talk about what David was really doing at his show. The plot thickens.

David has been under investigation, after a woman who was in the audience claims he flew her to the Bahamas and allegedly raped her. He denies it.

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If a rich man invites a woman to an exotic locale, what does he have in mind? Even Doris Day's character figured it out eventually in "That touch of mink."
Of course it doesn't give man a right to rape anyone, but none of this actually proves rape, only indicates that he liked to pick up women during his shows.

2487 days ago


Having been a victim of stranger rape, I am so proud of this girl for having the forethought to take all the actions she did. Tell her to stand tall and go all the way to trial like I did. Remember, she is the victim here. She did not ask for this. Someone please tell me that David Copperfield has had his act CANCELLED in Las Vegas!!! dee from colorado spgs

2487 days ago


"....people, people who need people ... are the luckiest people in the world ..."

2487 days ago


it makes sense that he would want attractive women participating in his shows, just like 'the price is right' etc, the way he goes about it though is quite sneaky , alluding to the fact there may be a 'hidden agenda'.
Unfortunately, many famous men are accustomed to starstruck women sleeping with them so readily, they dont know its wrong when a respectable women comes along.
Either way, his career is finished

2487 days ago


if i owned an island, i'd invite girls there all the time. it doesn't make him a rapist

2487 days ago


I guess my friend and I were not that attractive because he didn't even look up while chicken scratching his autograph onto a photo and had this bored expression. Guess we'll be too bored to buy a tcket next time. lol

2487 days ago


chix are dumb fuxs....

2487 days ago


This is nothing new--alot of the bands use the same techniques. They have their "roadies" and other employees give backstage passes to the ladies and whomever sends back the ladies they like the best gets money, trips, prizes... I saw one of the models on tv that went to his island twice and said he was a complete gentleman and they never had sex. The woman who is claiming this didn't even tell anyone in the Bahamas--she waited till she got back to the states, too little too late....

2487 days ago


how hard is it to say "NO." and why would you even agree to go to his private island? are you that stupid? stuff like this happens all the time at rock shows. you gotta be stupid to fall for it.

2487 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Kudos to TMZ for publicizing this creapy manifesto. I'd want my money back if I had ever seen this creap.

2487 days ago


Claudia, what were you thinking? I think I just vomited a little in my mouth......

2487 days ago


I play lead guitar & get all the chicks I can handle & more ...

2487 days ago


do the assitents have to be hott too?

2487 days ago


Ok, David Copperfield used his show to convince women to travel to the Bahamas. The women should have been suspcious of his motives. Even if the women were suspcious of his motives, he has no right to rape them. One person, at this point, publicly claims he raped her. Others have come forward and have said, "he tried to lure me in, too."

My wild guess is that the FBI is investigating him not because of the show was used to pick up women, but because of the potential for multiple rape claims. Since the FBI chooses what it wants to investigate from an overflowing pool of possible cases, I am certain that they will use their limited resourcs on something more than just 'following up' on one rape claim. Innocent until proven guilty, but this one smells like a big mess.

2487 days ago


I can offer another side to this image. At one of his shows when David heard that my daughter who was waiting for a heart/lung transplant was in the audience and was a big fan of his he made a point of sending one of his assistants out after the show to ask us to wait in our seats. After the audience had all left out came David to meet my daughter. He did a few of his magic tricks for her and gave her an autographed photo of himself. He spent about 5 minutes with her and she was beside herself. He did this al on his own. I don't know about these recent allegations but I do know that he made a little girl's dream come true all those years ago and I find it hard to believe he could be all bad.

2487 days ago
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