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Fabio to Clooney:

I Can't Believe

It's Your Finger

11/7/2007 7:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney and Fabio got into a little scuffle in a Los Angeles restaurant over the weekend, and TMZ has the blow-by-blow!

George Clooney, Fabio
TMZ obtained photos taken at Madeo's, where Clooney and Fabio later got into a shoving match. Sources inside tell us that several women who had won a dinner with Fabio were sitting at his table snapping photos of the "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" hunk, when Clooney apparently thought they were shooting pix of him -- and gave them the finger! When George questioned the group about shooting pics of him in a private restaurant, Fabio came to their defense -- and allegedly, it got a little physical.

Don't mess with Fabio!


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its funny that fabio goes out 2 dinner with a bunch groupies who take pics of him.

2551 days ago


Nice moveClooney, I'll bet your dad is soooo proud of his son and your Aunt Rosie is spinning in her casket. Oh and by the way.....real mature douche' bag.....

2551 days ago


Clooney's right. That picture includes him in the shot on purpose. It's a private restaurant, diners have the right to privacy. If it was really about Fabio and his group, he should have requested closure of the restaurant. They wouldn't have done it of course because Fabio is --- er, who is he exactly?

Can you spell PR STUNT? Fabio, really...

2551 days ago


#18 - ignatius j. reilly

dude, they won that dinner... can you imagine entering that contest?

2551 days ago

Go Away    

George Clooney is a closter gay. Think about it. When do you ever see him with a woman? That woman who got hit on the motorcycle is jsut his "beard". Hes gay I tell ya!

2551 days ago


Poor George. It's only natural that he would think they were
snapping pictures of him. Who in their right mind would waste film
or disc space for a guy on a butter commercial? I think this guy is
just thrilled to be associated in a 'story' with an A-lister so he's milking it for all it's worth.

2551 days ago

Larry Fuller    

What is with the picture of Clooney that is inserted? Who is he flipping off?

2551 days ago


Hey, if someone was taking my picture when I didn't want it taken in a PRIVATE restaurant I'd flip more than the damn bird LOL.

Go Clooney!

2551 days ago


This is the funniest story I have ever heard!!!!!! Clooney and Fabio (hahahahahahah)
I am going to laugh all the way home tonight. Yup, this is funny.

2551 days ago


Lamp and back of other head only appear in the close up. Positioning of Clooney's hand is different in the close up than it is in the original picture.

Close up is from another picture...possibly from the same set so the story may still be true, but still strange that they would imply the close up shown comes from the same photo.

2551 days ago


Clooney is such a DORK..I wish Fabio would have tore that sissy boy Clooney's throat out that night......Clooney probably did a number 2 in his Pants,after the waiters held Fabio back.......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA......Clooney is A DORK

2551 days ago


George should have sat with his back to the photo snappers.

2551 days ago


I don't know why, but this story is just too funny!! Maybe it's the fact that women would actually WANT to have dinner with the Harlequinn Books male model, or the fact that George would get so defensive over MAYBE having his photo taken. It wasn't like his table was being rushed by a group of horny housewives or anything!!

2551 days ago


To 7 and 12 - Apparently, the liberal ass was right, someone was looking at him and taking his picture in the restaurant. And how can you determine that Fabio is a class guy from faux-butter commercials and romance covers?

2551 days ago


#25 is right. It's not the same shot. Why, TMZ, have you tried to make it look like it is? Makes me question your story, even if it's probably true.

2551 days ago
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