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Fabio to Clooney:

I Can't Believe

It's Your Finger

11/7/2007 7:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney and Fabio got into a little scuffle in a Los Angeles restaurant over the weekend, and TMZ has the blow-by-blow!

George Clooney, Fabio
TMZ obtained photos taken at Madeo's, where Clooney and Fabio later got into a shoving match. Sources inside tell us that several women who had won a dinner with Fabio were sitting at his table snapping photos of the "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" hunk, when Clooney apparently thought they were shooting pix of him -- and gave them the finger! When George questioned the group about shooting pics of him in a private restaurant, Fabio came to their defense -- and allegedly, it got a little physical.

Don't mess with Fabio!


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Sir Nigel Buttercrumpet    

Fabio is a no talent turd. At least Clooney is a good actor. Fabio's 15
minutes ran out long ago.

2506 days ago


This picture looks suspiciously photo-shopped. The proportions and lighting are all wrong. In the absence of a video or a better picture, I'm not buying this story at all.

2506 days ago


You can tell the person taking the picture(Won of the winners).....Had the camera on Fabio.....Not the Clooney DORK...................................................DORK

2506 days ago


Fabio your stock just rose.

2506 days ago

Ya Heard    

that picture looks doctored....the close-up has him sitting right next to a lamp and a random person is in the way.... but its not there in the zoomed out photo. maybe its a totally different picture though.... who knows

2506 days ago

Darn It!    

Clooney needs to get over himself. He thinks he is all that because he was People magazine's sexiest man of the year a couple times.

FYI to #16 DANI.....Learn how to's P-O-M-P-O-U-S
FYI to #22 Larry....are you a frickin' idot? Read the story! The people at Fabio's table were taking pictures of Fabio and Clooney was flipping them off thinking they were snapping photos of him! Some of you people are really stupid! The level of ignorance and lack of education amazes me!

2506 days ago


Fabio is way hotter, cooler and underrated. Clooney is overrated and seems like kind of a jerk.

2506 days ago


This guy is defintely the guy to champion Human Rights. He doesn't call his integrity into question at all. He has complete control of himself at all times. Not letting stupid little things get the best of him, because he knows how horrible things are in other parts of the world. He's a celebrity who's begged for fame and fortune and then acts like a two year old when he thinks someone might actaully take a photo of him. I mean you really have to watch out for those deadly 8x10's. Way to fight the machine George. Way to fight the machine.

2506 days ago


You Can TELL it's from two different cameras,and angles .............Whats so fake about that Einsteins????????????????......Clooney still a DORK

2506 days ago


that's Italian sign language for "hello, please see my movie".

2506 days ago


Since you have the photo, obviously Clooney was right in believing they were taking photos of him in a private establishment. He absolutely has the right to not be bothered while in a restaurant, so I think he had a legitimate beef.

2506 days ago


For the Einsteins that still think its fake......Read the first two sentences under the PICTURE.......PHOTO's and several woman that won....being the clues...........CLOONEY IS A BIG DORK

2506 days ago

Norma Jean    

Wow!! Some real hostility here against George who happens to be much better looking, more talented by far and also posesses a terrific laugh with a great sense of humor!! No doubt he also has lots more friends than Fabio who needs to cut his hair....or does he think hes Samson from biblical days and all his strength will be lost? maybe??? I like George and wish him well always!! Hopefully though George will recommend someone who can really lead our great country as it sure isn't among any of the Democrats...and Republicans not faring too well either....Whats wrong with Rudy? after all he did keep his cool and helped our nation thru 9/11 times didn't he? Where are the defenders for George here?????? Norma Jean from Great state of Tennessee now...

2506 days ago


Bravo Fabio........

Mr. Clooney: you are over rated, boring, and annoying........

2506 days ago


Clooney was correct.

One of Fabio's loser fans did sell a photo to TMZ.
(for the idiots, see above)

Hopefully, Fabio and his bimbos will be banned from the better resturants.

Mr. Clooney has the right to eat dinner with complete privacy.

2506 days ago
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