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A Veteran Star

11/10/2007 10:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 70-year-old blond bombshell turned up at a charity event in L.A. on Thursday, looking better than ever.
Loretta Swit
Loretta is an accomplished watercolorist, has written a book on needlepoint and started her own line of fine baubles.


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Dr 90210 HEEEEEEEEEEEELP (one more time)

She may be a very nice woman, though.

2503 days ago


May I repeat my earlier sentiment. We should spend less time looking in the mirror and more time living. There is a great deal of shallowness and vanity in this country. .

Keep up the good work, Loretta! Maybe some of these folks will grow up and figure out what is really important. You seem to have it together.

BTW -- M*A*S*H was one of the greatest TV shows ever. I occasionally catch a rerun because my parents are great fans and it is a show that has stood the test of time well. Still funny and still relevant.

2503 days ago

Professor Obvious    

She sort of resembles the Joker from Batman. But I'd say that for her age, she's a 10.

2503 days ago


She looks like the JOKER'S MOTHER!

Quick - cast her in the next Batman movie - no special effects required!

2503 days ago

Marlb Man    

Let us pray.

2503 days ago

Johnny G    

Loretta Swit kept MASH going. She could turn vamp to comedienne in a heartbeat of a second. I have always thought her acting as something of depth, timing and great courage. Fluid but with high tensil strength. Even in the pilot with Tyne Daly - Sharon Gless another fine actress - Ms.Swit could've run with that show easily. In ensemble or alone - the stage was hers with out hunger for the scenery. Thank you - seems like only yesterday. Just as it ever was.

2503 days ago

Shari Delp    

I lived in Malibu for many years and would enjoy seeing Loretta and visiting with her (sometimes accompanied by her charming brother) at Delle's Beauty Salon on Malibu Road. We both patronized Delle at Clarisse's in the '90s and later, at Delle's own salon (which she secured with co-owner/ hair stylist, Marie, Jane Seymour's favorite local hair stylist). All true bon vivants, vested in being forever gloriously blond, we mutually appreciate gifted and "enlightened" hair color expertise!

In years past, I also have chatted with Loretta a time or two when we both were simultaneously en route from travels within the state of Colorado (while visiting family and friends during ski seasons). I am happy to know Loretta and admire her joie de vivre and her engaging, poised presence.

Within the Malibu community, Loretta is known for her benevolent and heartfelt contributions. She has always been delightfully witty, warm, effervescent, and has a glowing, star-like presence that is timeless, elegant, and memorable.

From my background as an art and design consultant, I truly appreciate Loretta's expressive talents in the performing and visual arts, which are well -aligned with her passionate support of her "pet" interests. I look forward to seeing more of Ms. Swit's art and design projects on this website. Press on, Loretta!


Shari M. D.

2503 days ago


There is not an actress today with as much class, sophistication, and brains to even compare with the likes of Ms. Switt. She had the ability when still acting to go from vixen, to vamp, to little girl and do it all with her eyes and her smile. She took Sally Kellerman's plastic role from the MASH movie and put it through its paces for 11 years on weekly television and it still holds up today, running somewhere on TV in the world virtually every hour in syndication.

TMZ needs to find more stars like this to focus on and less of the celebuwrecks they seem to thrive on. Get it through your heads, NOBODY OF ANY CONSEQUENCE gives a rats patooty about Britney Spears. She can crawl back under the rock in Kentwood, LA where she came from and we'd all be the better for it. (about 50 miles from here in fact). I hope the state of California wakes up and takes those two boys and makes them wards of the state. Neither is fit to be a parent. We're not talking "making mistakes" as parents, we're talking imminent danger for those kids if they are allowed to stay with either one of them. Anyway, didn't mean to threadjack, it's just nice to have someone of class to reflect upon in today's white trash world.

2503 days ago

la dani    

Better than ever?! ...really? She went to Michael's plastic surgeon. Check out the nose!

2503 days ago


The correct word and spelling of the word is TAUNT. Look it up in the dictionary.

2503 days ago


Good job "not a dumb ass". Loretta is great. We love her

2503 days ago


34. The correct word and spelling of the word is TAUNT. Look it up in the dictionary.

Posted at 1:40PM on Nov 10th 2007 by not a dumb ass

According to the dictionary:

TAUNT- Aggravation by deriding or mocking or criticizing,Harass with persistent criticism or carping

TAUT- Pulled or drawn tight, Subjected to great tension; stretched tight

2503 days ago


She's 70, people. Cut her some slack. I always remember her with that wide smile and full lips.

Look around at your 70 year old neighbors. For her age, she looks great!

2503 days ago

Snow Pea    

Look, I never add to this comments page, I just look at the pretty pictures, but after viewing this poor old bird looking as shocking as this, I had to comment.

What is wrong with you Americans? This is a woman in her twilight years, looking like a cross between the Joker and a dead Marilyn Monroe, and you say she looks good? Do you not see the hardened, stretched skin, the scarring around the nose, the augmented lips and go, Ughhh? Take a look at Dame Judi Dench, or Helen Mirren and there is beauty, every last wrinkle, and furrow on view.

Why are you all so scared of wrinkles? Your country looks like a crazy place. We get so much bad press here in Australia about the States. Do you know that the rest of the world thinks you're all a bunch of dumbass illiterate religious nuts?

2503 days ago

k TONY    


2503 days ago
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