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Lindsay Lohan

Checks in

and Out of Jail!

11/15/2007 7:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan checked in -- and out -- of the Lynwood Jail. According to the Sheriff's website, the actress was arrested at 10:30 AM and checked out at 11:54 AM.

Lohan booking photo
That's just 84 minutes, two more minutes than Nicole Richie!

The time served was related to her wild DUI escapades this past July, when she commandeered a car in Santa Monica and took three young men on a wild high-speed chase.

Lindsay subsequently enjoyed an extended stay at a rehab in Utah. She recently returned to Los Angeles with her new rehaboyfriend, Riley Giles. She's been serving her community service time at a local Red Cross.


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Please put us out of our misery for these little twits. OMG! Put her and the two others in a place where they can't get out and we don't care about them. If it were you and me, we'd be in jail for months, tons of money and community service. I'm sick of these so called celebrities getting the royal treatment. You can't even watch TV without 'Breaking News' Lindsay is out of jail...whatever! They all need a good smack and told to grow up.

2498 days ago

John Rogers    

the only person who cares about this girl are her dealer and the California Liquor Board (for the taxes) She is another Hollywood skank and everyone should stop buying anything that has to do with her, P. Hilton or any other moron.... she will probably die before she makes 30.

2498 days ago

Lola La Pistola    

What's up with her lips? Compare the picture above with pictures of her when she was a kid or even with her previous mug shot. Her lips are much bigger now. She's pulling a Britney with those Restylane injections. I wonder if she thinks she's fooling everyone and that we all think those lips are natural? Well, she sure doesn't fool me.

2498 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Real nice message being sent here-she will really think she is above the law now. Did she get a massage and a pedicure while she was in jail also??? How stupid!!!!!!!!!

2498 days ago


Five foot seven and 112 lbs.? Hah! I don't think so. More like five four and 120.

2498 days ago


what a joke, she shuld have to serve some time or at least get a jail tour, my daughter is 16 and stole a compact of makeup and had a jail tour 35 hours community service and a letter of apolgoy cause she went to youth court and had a jury of her peers, this lohan should have some jailbirds yelling in her face and maybe scare her straight.

2498 days ago


Soon the world will know about PROMETA. Lindsey Lohan is undergoing treatment for her addictions with PROMETA under the treatment of Matthew Torrington, M.D. at the PROMETA Center in Santa Monica, California. Understand that critics of PROMETA are going to take their shots at the company because simply many addiction firms and specialists will lose their status quo as the standard treatment process for addiction to alcohol, cocaine and metamphetamines (crystal meth). Remember change is often not popular. When Lindsey is cured the world will know about PROMETA. Patients will demand the PROMETA treatment.

2498 days ago

Miss Behave    

Notice that Lindsay tried like hell to dupicate the look and pose of her PREVIOUS mugshot--in hopes that the two pics would look one and the same to anyone who wouldn't know better? So that it looks like ONE arrest instead of TWO separate arrests?

And is that an orange jumpsuit that she's trying to cover up by spreading out those brand new hair extensions? Did she try to thicken her hair yesterday at her visit to Ken Paves, knowing that she'd be in an orange jumpsuit today--and that with THICKER hair she may be able to cover up whatever "orange" might show up in her mugshot picture?

And remind me to never go to Ken Paves to get BLACK ROOTS or BRASSINESS fixed. Damn. Or for a BROW TINT much less.

Hopefully TMZ will put a SIDE BY SIDE of the two SEPARATE mugshots. I don't think that their similarities were an *accident.*

2498 days ago


hahhaha that is good the comment about her not having to wear an orange jumpsuit, she can just wear her orange tan hahahaha

2498 days ago

your brain needs knowledge    

She looks horrid...looks like she could use some more time in rehab, if that even does her any better. That mugshot does not do her any justice either...she looks like a sleazeball. Then again, I guess mugshots aren't exactly the most flattering of photographs.

2498 days ago

fame ho    

Shame on LA legal all goes to show ...if you are rich and a can get away with just about anything in LA......I'll just now travel to another city to spend my money and shop....

2498 days ago


This is disgusting. She basically car-jacked those boys and ran over one of their friend's foot! Then, in addition to her multiple traffic violations while "driving" (term used loosely here) under the influence, she blamed it on one of the boys when she was caught. If it were the other way around, and one of those boys had car-jacked her, he'd never have seen the light of day, let alone be allowed to go out-of-state for "rehab," come back and shop! What's going on in LA? Are people seriously investigating this?

2498 days ago


if you ask me she looks like alexis arquette in that photo.tweeze them eyebrows girl...

2498 days ago


Simon Tull, THE YELLER on YOUTUBE.COM says hello Lindsay, YOU ARE BUSTED!



.. straight from Currituck County to here kids!

2498 days ago


The squares are the enemy man. Lindsay is a bad ass.

2498 days ago
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