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TMZ to Oprah, E!, Discovery, NBC -- Hello, Anybody There?

11/16/2007 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

For three days, TMZ's been trying to get answers from Oprah, E!, Discovery Health, and NBC. And for three days, radio silence.
Jan Adams and Robert Rey
We want to know why they put doctors on talking about plastic surgery who are not board certified in the field. In particular, we wanted to know why Oprah, NBC and Discovery Health showcased Dr. Jan Adams, who operated on Kanye West's mom the day before she died. The Dr. has 3 DUI's, multiple malpractice cases, and on and on. The director of the Medical Board of California is now going after his license.

We also wanted to know why E! is using doctors who are not board certified for "Dr. 90210" -- in particular, Dr. Robert Rey and Dr. David Matlock.

Oprah, Discovery, Jan Adams
We've been asking for a comment for three days now -- Oprah, E!, NBC, Discovery Health are not returning calls.


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General G    

I have worked in the administrative side of medicine for over 20 years. There are many aspects to consider when trying to access a physician's competency. First of all, depending on a doctor's specialty, having a malpractice suit or 2 is not uncommon and in and of itself would not be alarming. As for "Board Certification" that needs to be further defined so that the public understands that any doctor can say he is board certified by some sort of board however you want to make certain that he/she is certified by a "recognized board" which mean one of the specialty boards of The American Board of Medical Specialties. You can find many doctors in this country claiming to be board certified but they are certified by some board that is not legitimately recognized by state medical licensing agencies or hospitals. Finally, even being board certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties board does not automatically mean that a physician is good at his trade or that he/she is ethical. You always want a doctor who is well established and connected in the medical community and actively practicing in hospitals that routinely monitor the quality of patient care delivered in their institutions. You also want a doctor who not only peforms a high volume of procedures but one whose outcomes are good. Hospitals keep track of and review bad outcomes and unanticipated complications and with more and more plastic surgeons performng procedures in their own surgery centers, that monitoring of outcomes by a governing body is not being done. There are so many free and easy ways to get information regarding physiciains that it's very difficult to even fathom that these programs are not checking these very basic things out about doctor's on their shows. These show seem like they don't know what they're doing either.

2531 days ago


I feel sorry for Dr, Rey's wife. He flirts with all his patience and he makes me throw up a little bit in my mouth too! He thinks his stuff don't stink. He is so GAY!

2531 days ago


Remember, every business is in it to make money. E! isn't going to put some guy who's 70 yrs old and certified and has all of his credentials in order. It wont bring in the people, so what do they do, they bring in some handsome guy, like dr Ray to bring in the young crowd. Even if he's not certified. It's all about the number$ and I'm sure there is some type of clause in the contract that is signed that frees E! from any liability in case of a malpractice suit

2531 days ago

AreYou Seriouse    

Come on you crazy people!!! He was on Oprah in 2003! 2003! 2003! 2003! 2003. There was only one (1) case, that had not been filed!!!!!!! He FIRST WENT TO JAIL IN 2004! 2004! 2004! Sorry TMZ this has nothing do to with Oprah. You all are a bunch of Idiotic wanna-be-journalists!!! GET IT TOGETHER

2531 days ago

Funny Answers    

I am not a fan of Oprah's, just the opposite, but maybe with all that is going on with the young girls at her namesake school, it could have slipped her mind. That is why she pays her staff good money, to do the research. As for the others, they just want fast rating, and faster money. Many shows put people on, your always need to protect yourself. You can go on the internet, and research each doctor/lawyer/ Chief of industries. No one should trust any professional unless you check them out yourself. Does not matter if you have blind faith in Oprah, CNN, anyone, even if your family doctor refers you to someone, check them out. Doctors are in the business to make money, so are lawyers, and even the people who invest your money for you. There are very few people who look after you like you think. Be proactive, do your reasearch and if you don't know how, as a friend, family members to look them up. Shame on you if you don't

2531 days ago

Dr. James    

You would think the networks and producers would have something to say to defend their positions as to why they selected who they selected. Maybe they don't think its important to the viewers, patients or medical community? I am sure they have some explaination. TMZ, Please keep the pressure on until you get a response.

Also, you would think the Doctors themselves would come out directly with a public statement as to why they chose not to get certified in a profession where most of their collegues are certified. Not being certified is not illegal - so why don't they come out and make their case and defend their positions? For example, " I chose not to get certified because ______

Also, you would think with the all highly rated , well educated, board certified plastic surgeon's local within the TMZ, the networks and producers of these shows, would select medical profesionals who are concerned enough about their profession to get board certified in their field.

PS: I am sick of seeing posts that no one should care if a doctor is certified or not. And certification dosn't mean anything. Certification is one of the few tools that patients have to help select a doctor. Certification is not magic or the end-all, but again its one of the few tools that patients can use to select a doctor. In many cases the patient is putting his life, health and well being on the line in his selection of a doctor, that is why certification is important.

2531 days ago


Do not turn this into an Oprah thing. She never forced anyone to have surgery. Just because she endorses him as a person means nothing toward her character. How many people are kicking themselves for endorsing Bush? It is him that should have to answer for this lose not Discovery, E!, Oprah or anyone else. Stop trying to make this story juicier than it is. This man has lost his mother, probably the most important person in his life and you scandalous rags are placing blame on Oprah. I swear you have got to find something better to do. Your gossip sucks and so does your site!

2531 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

I usually hate the way tmz act with people but this is actually cool that they keep bothering these networks and Oprah..Thats awesome, because this is a serious situation.

I bet Oprah didnt check because He was Black!! Of course..

And the networks didnt check because He was black and they want to be perceived as Equal Opp.

Wow..I didnt Know that Dr. Rey isn't board Certified..Thats Crazy!! I thought he was a good Dr...who knew.. His ass needs to stop going to brazil..LOL But he has a gold digging wife so she prob wouldnt let him take the time to get it..haha she wanted that money right away.

2530 days ago

TMZ is lame    

Oprah sucks. She raked that one author over the coals on some literary artistic expression, then sand bagged him when many author's do the same. She set up a school in South Africa and girls are quite literally physically abused - in a school Oprah put HER name on. Oprah pulled a book from her must read list because of some KKK issues in the authors past (even though the book is quite good and Oprah had it on her list well into any time limit where she could deny knowing, and certain "esteemed" Senators have questionable backgrounds.)

Oprah has a palace in Montecito California on East Valley Road where the people there barely take the time to look beyond the 40 ft hedges they erect to keep from interacting with anyone, even their neighbors - yet Oprah talks about how walking in "her" neighborhood is really what living is about, "so tranquil."

Oprah seems to be a narcissistic ass, former self confessed coke head who preaches to people on virtue and children while doing brilliant things like giving Stevie a Bentley on HER birthday.

She is so gross, no wonder she had this "surgeon" on her show - its all a bunch of b.s.

2530 days ago


How niave is Oprah. A bogus book writer. The south Africa mess and now this guy? Something isnt right wit Oprah's concept of character.

2530 days ago


I do believe that

I owe


an apology

a few days ago I posted a rant, saying that they were bing racist for having so many stories about Dr. Adams. I felt that they were really going after him hard. Specially since it seemed that all docs have a couple of lawsuits under their arm.

What pushed me over the edge was when they posted a "newsflash" story that he wasn't board certified as if this was a crime. Then I recalled that Dr. Rey was not so and wondered why TMZ was not going after him.

I figured TMZ was racist...since they did the same with the IRS cheats.

But now I think TMZ has redeemed themselves

Good job


I apologize

Now let's hope everytime a TV producer wants to put an "expert" to give his opinion or to have a show...that they check they meet the highest, not lowest/basic standards in their professions.

2530 days ago

La Chatte    

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks Opera is not God. In fact, I don't think Oprah is a role model anyone should follow. Sure, she donates a lot of money to some very good causes; however, her a priori motivation is not charity, it's ego. "Look at me! Look at me! I'm so cool. I give away my money so that people will name things after me." I can't think of another person who owns a magazine just to appear on the cover every month.

In her effort to be the diva she fancies herself to be, she stops at nothing to be the focus of attention, thus she supports varous people and causes without thinking of possible future repercussions. Recently, this behavior has blown up her face on several occasions. This time someone died. A couple of weeks ago, little girls got molested, before that she promoted plagerism. Well, we're certainly all looking at her now! I pose this question to Ms. Winfrey: Is negative attention really better than no attention at all?

Oprah needs to get over herself and her assumptions that everyone gives a damn about her personal sufferings. She ought to shut up, start donating anonymously, learn a little humility, and start cleaning up some obviously very bad karma.

2530 days ago

Canadian Observer    

The only reason Oprah put "Dr. Kill" on her show was because he's black. She likes to support and give her "tribe"...I mean "people" a platform for them to be seen and heard. She's one of the biggest racists and bigots out in the public eye.
One last thing about Ms. O...She ALWAYS goes on about how "black don't crack: - however, someone's gotta tell her she cracked about 20 years ago...we've all seen pictures of her without her make-up about "cracked black"!

2530 days ago

Kemi at Impaired Stars Canada    

Thank you Gillian and Harvey at TMZ for exposing the public to what they have to know about Beverly Hills plastic surgeons. We always think they are the BEST.............if you have the money. But now, if you have the money you can die under their hands.

2530 days ago


Oprah has not had this man on her show since 2003!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIVE IT A REST TMZ! YOU ARE TRYING TO MAKE OPRAH LOOK BAD... I would not answer you's quite ridiculous you are questioning her about a show she probably barely remembers!

And carmen, if OPrah was the devil, you would not have watched her show in the first place. Wow, some racist people on here and TMZ is feeding them. Why is that TMZ?

2530 days ago
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