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Mom Hogan Teaches Nick How to Drive a Bargain

11/23/2007 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A grim looking Nick and mom Linda Hogan went on a shopping spree Beverly Hills -- far from Nick's legal troubles in Florida. Race you to the register!

The Hogans bagged a ton of new stuff, while Papa Hulk prepares for his stint as host of American Gladiators.

TMZ ran video a few days ago of Linda Hogan talking about what a rush it was to street race and evade cops. The video was shot a few years back. Nick is facing criminal charges after crashing his Supra in what cops say was a street race. The passenger remains in a vegetative state.


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You all sound bitter and jealous.

2527 days ago


Nick will make a good prison biotch.

2527 days ago


I heard about this story and I feel bad for both families... I'm not going to sit here and type a rude comment toward the Hogan family. I do wish both families the best, and my prayers go out to both families....

2527 days ago


Don't worry mommy the prison will supply his cloths your just wasting hulks money !!!!!!

2526 days ago


There out buying gifts - how cute. Momma should buy litt Nickey so KY for his stay at the Grey Hotel. Where is that big ass Hulk at, you know Brooke, is she humping some poor puppy.

2526 days ago


You know since the beginning of their reality show...i have not liked Linda, Nick or even Brooke really for that matter. All they care about is themselves and their money. A least Hulk has earned his money...and all Linda does is spend spend spend!!! And when he says something about it...she starts up about how this is how she is and he needs to deal with it! Thank god their divorcing...he deserves a wife and a family that aren't so MONEY HUNGRY!

2526 days ago


I wonder if HE drove?

2526 days ago


Now wait a minute.....the Hulk is just as guilty as His wife Linda when it comes to out right lying. I recall an interview where the Hulk claims that the doctors said John will make a full recovery and they will walk him out of the hospital, when in fact, the doctors had said the direct opposite. I recall the Hulk stating in an interview that no alcohol was involved in the crash, when in fact he knew that his son had been drinking prior to the crash because he was with him. I recall the Hulk stating in an interview that all witnesses to the crash said that speed and racing was not involved, when the kid he was racing against even admits that it was, along with a multitude of witnesses including ones who signed their names and made statements in the police report. This is a whole family, not just one member, that is incapable of a sincere act. Their lives are a show, and when people like that come up against's like a house of cards, no depth, and it comes tumbling down. I don't think we are any where near the bottom of this pile of rotten apples.... I just wish their show could have been this good instead of close ups of Brooke and her ramblings about her career.

2526 days ago


He'll go to jail an a-hole and come out a manhole
Yay nick

2526 days ago


First off Nick should go to jail, b/c its only a matter of time before he kills himself of somebody else, his mother is of no help, she thinks that is is still in her twenties, and is so shallow that she is leaving her husband after 25 years, b/c she wants to party, Hulk put his life on the line to provide for his family and she is gonna leave, she is selfish, and if anything happens to Nick or anybody else its all the parents fault, message to linda you are over 40 enjoy life as a 40 yr old woman and stop trying to be young, b/c she just wants hogans money and share with one of Nick's friends, that she is probably sleeping with

2526 days ago


the princess

If they were paying his medical bills, he wouldn't be in a VA hospital. As for doing stupid stuff, there is a difference between stupid and criminal. What he did was CRIMINAL.

2526 days ago


Princess, 21., I agree. I feel sorry for all the people on here that have hateful comments.What has happened in their life to make them so judgemental, bitter, and mean?I also wonder if Nicks friend John would agree with their opinions?I think not but hey what do I know. Hopefully justice will be served, and it wont be by TMZ or the haters.

I think coming on here and laughing and getting away from our "lives" is fun sometimes.But whats so fun about being eaten up with so much hate?

God Bless Nick,John, and their families.

Posted at 2:16PM on Nov 23rd 2007 by Just my opinion.

Why would you assume that people must have had something terrible happen in their lives to leave, as you say, such hateful posts. Perhaps maybe they are just a little ticked that this family couldn't give a rats ass that this guy is sitting in a VA hospital. If they really cared, they would not only be sitting by his side on Thanksgiving, at least for a while, but they would be making sure he had the best hospital care that money can buy, and they would be paying for it. It is the least they could do and would go a long way to showing some credibility on their part, and don't try to tell me they care because there actions and words (all lies) prove otherwise.

2526 days ago



Seems pretty odd that you would believe anything that comes out of Nicks mouth, considering that, not only will he say anything to make himself look remorseful, but it has been proven over and over again through their words, but more importantly, through their actions, that they don't give a rats ass about John. If he really wanted to prove that he actually goes there, then they should take a video camera with them to film it, with the date and times that they were there. Then people might actually believe that he at least pretends to care.

2526 days ago



They will get a break when they DESERVE a break.

2526 days ago


All you people talking about Nick going to prison are laughable, because the idea is a joke. He has no criminal record, and meant no ill will - no matter what the outcome was. You can't convince me, or a jury, that he wanted to hurt his friend. He'll get a slap on the wrist, MAYBE a small stretch of jail time to shut people like you up, but that's not even likely.

My loser cousin got drunk (his BAC was .27), started racing with some guy on the street, and wound up crashing into a house that had a family of 4 in it (no one was injured, but still). He plead guilty to exhibition of speed, reckless driving, and felony DUI. At the time, he was a loser with no job, no real lawyer, no family there backing him up, and he got 20 days in county jail, and 3 years felony probation.

You guys are dreaming when you say "prison" and "do time", which is kind of sad. Sit back and think about what you're wishing for ... for a 17 year old boy, who could possibly still have a future, to clog up our penal system even more.

Besides, most of you are conservative middle-americans, right? If you go locking up all the rich kids who do selfish, reckless things, you won't have room left for all the minorities you want put away! Think about it, is it really worth the trade off?

2526 days ago
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