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R. Kelly

Says Ne-Yo Gotta Go

11/23/2007 3:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Trapped in the Closet" brainchild R. Kelly recently peed on Ne-Yo's parade -- tossing him off his tour after just two gigs. Not so irreplaceable after all!

Now, Ne-Yo's finally breaking his silence about the situation -- kinda.


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1 s BEAyotch !

2491 days ago


1. Ne-Yo's not a producer, he's a writer. Who's written for everybody from Beyonce to Celine Dion. 2. Ne-yo was getting good reviews on the tour. So good that the rumor is R Kelly got jealous and kicked him off the tour. The official reason was that they didnt have a written contract. But instead of just letting him sign something they decided to take him off the tour.

2491 days ago


He does not need to be associate with r kelly...NE-YO is much better than that

2491 days ago


I like Ne-yo than R.Kelly. Maybe the latter just got jealous.

2491 days ago


- Leonard Rowe, president of Rowe Entertainment announces that the tour line up has changed for the nine-week long DOUBLE UP TOUR which currently features R. Kelly, Keyshia Cole, and J. Holiday.

Def Jam Recordings' R&B vocalist, Ne-Yo, was a part of the line-up through Thursday, November 15th. It was Rowe Entertainment's decision to revamp the line-up, minus the
Def Jam Recordings' artist, because Rowe Entertainment could not obtain the final, fully-executed contract from Ne-Yo's agent. The decision to release Ne-Yo was made solely by Leonard Rowe the national tour promoter. Contrary to previously published reports, R. Kelly exerted no influence upon Leonard Rowe's decision.

"From a business perspective, it would have been extremely difficult for me to continue under this cloud of uncertainty. Unfortunately it was decided that in the best interest of all involved, since I was unable to receive the fully-executed contract, I had no other alternative but to release Ne-Yo from the tour," said Leonard Rowe. "We are currently surveying the availability of other artists in order to fill this void."

2491 days ago


Ne Yo doesn't need R Kelly's negativity anyway! I say it was a blessing in disguise for Ne Yo. :)

2491 days ago


For what it's worth NE'yo is not boring he's very,very talented and R-Kells is played at this time, he's very talented also, but people are really getting tired of his bullcrap, he can't get along with J-Z or others in his personal life. I used to reallyfeel sorry for him, I don't know why because he's nothing but a child molesting dog. I'm sure you perverts will come to his aid. NE'yo tired doing this fool a favor he didn't have to be around his kind. NE'yo if you read this yes KELLS was hating, sorry a black man fills like he has to always be in the spot light. Kells your day is over for the moment move over and sit down let someone else shine. You just mad because you see superstar in the making and to be real all you NE'yo haters go to bed. HUH SHUTUP!

2490 days ago

Loud and talentless    

Both of these talentless thugs should be on stable duty for the Budweiser Clydesdales. They're both full of what drops out just below the tails. R. Kelly would probably be experimenting within the week ... the sick pervert.

2490 days ago


Haters please...NEYO is very talented and seems like a good guy.He really dosen't need R.Kelly's jealous a**.Neyo is still going to be a paid elebrity at the end of the day so whateva.

2490 days ago


To all haters: I was at the concert in Atlanta, and frankly R. Kelly put on a very good show, and as far as Ne-Yo, he was boring as HELL! Most patrons watched Thursday Night Football in the Club Level while he was on.

I have no intention on agreeing with what R.Kelly did, I have two girls, but he does put on a great show and it was clean. Ne-Yo should be glad he got booted only aftert the second show, considering he was just added.

2489 days ago


Dear Sandygirl,

What? Did you go to school? Do you read what you have typed before you hit the "Add your comments" button or do you just type out scattered keys on your keyboard and hope they form a word? I am ashamed of your lack of education. I mean, really a few spelling issues are one thing but honey you make no sence at all.

2488 days ago


Did anybody read this... It was posted on Nov 23, 07 (Comment #5).

Ne-yo is saying one thing, R. Kelly is saying another. How about what the Promoter is saying!

Let it go. The fans are going to side with the artist they like most. People believe EVERYTHING they read. We don't know either one of these people so let's stop acting like it. It is all hearsay!

And what is up with all these 'haters' comments? Does anybody even know the definition? If you don't know the definition, stop using the word. Please build your vocabulary - it's called a dictionary.

In reference to Comment #9, what is elebrity? You guys spend all this time commenting on issues that you know nothing about. I have an idea, why don't you spend this extra time in school.

2480 days ago

Need Some    

Is it true that Justin Bieber, Usher, NeYo, Miguel & Chris Brown are looking to record MICHAEL JACKSON THE LADY IN MY LIFE Arrangement by LEWIS RAY?

1249 days ago

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