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Hogans' Split Old News

11/26/2007 2:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk Hogan and wife Linda have been separated for some time now, and the couple even filmed part of their last season of "Hogan Knows Best" while apart.

TMZ has learned that Mr. and Mrs. Hulkster have been on the outs since June, and that the divorce filing was not a surprise to the Hogans or people who know the couple. Sources tell TMZ that the couple even filmed part of their reality TV show "Hogan Knows Best" when they were separated. This was a source of problems for production, because they had to play nice while filming scenes together.

Linda Hogan filed for divorce on Wednesday, but the papers don't give any specific reason for the filing. A source tells us that the show has not been picked up for next season.


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King of Kings    

#22 is moron of the day.

2530 days ago


Verrry interesting:


scroll down til you see yellow. of course right above debbie's name is good ole Katie Verkland...the same name Debbie uses to bash people anon. AND, above that is good ole IRENE's NAME! HAHAHAHA SO BUSTED you LOSER SKANK!!! COWARD posting under different NAMES. BUSTED!!!

2530 days ago


this goes to show that reality show are fake!!!!!

2530 days ago


Steroids shrink little peepers.....that's probably where the problem is

2530 days ago


publicity? yeah right. To deflect from Nick? yeah sure. Sometimes I wonder how smart some of you really are. They've had problems on and for years. before their show.

2530 days ago


Yes, it is a sham. They can "divorce" now and they split everything in half; then when they get sued over the drunken driving incident, they'll still have half of their income unavailable as assets in a lawsuit. That's why the rich have good lawyers.

2530 days ago

Chas in Clearwater    

I'm sorry, but I don't agree with most of the comments about a publicity stunt, at least on Hulks part. He is pure at heart person, I've met him and watched some of the good things he's done in our community, and cares about what is going on with the real victim in this case, John. Mom and son run off to shop in Hollywood after Nick saying, "I'll be by his (Johns) bedside everyday." Right!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom's see's an opportunity to get out while the getting is good, take the money and run. Divorced wife have no obligation to the victim. Terry will be left not only to pay her the "half" she is requesting, but will pay for John the rest of his life while son will get off, live in Hollywood with Mom, if he gets probation as most think, great system by the way.

The best part is that if Nick goes out to CA and kills somebody after the divorce, Mom may have to put out, at least some money.

She should at least deduct the BOOB job from the divorce proceedings, or maybe let Terry keep one of those.

2530 days ago

oh brother    

Open your eyes gullible people. The Hogans know what they are doing. This is a plot to divert attention from their REAL problems (bad parents condoning illegal racing, loser son)

2530 days ago


I don't understand situations like these. People married for a quarter-century, and decide to divorce. What could be so bad that was OK for the first 24 years? Just seems wierd.

2530 days ago

King of Kings    

This woman did nothing and Hogan made all the money now she wants half of all assets and alimony? If she is getting half, why does she need alimony? I read in the St. Petersburg times what she is looking for. This is a lesson for everyone, if you are rich, never get married or a prenup, because ungrateful women like this will ruin your life.

Also see Ric Flair, his ex-wife took him to the cleaners.

2530 days ago

Go Away Paris......You are a SKANK    

The soon to be ex-Mrs Hogan will be automatically given a membership to our fan club for celebrity ex husbands and wives. To be a member of the exclusive club, you have to ben an ex of a celebrity that has no talent, no looks and no personality. The celebrity ex paramour must be living off of their celebrity ex spouse's alimony tor property settlement. Some of our Platinum members is Nick Lachey and Evanna Trump.
All new members will receive an ID card, a membership club t-shirt and privledges to one week at a time share in Livingston Georgia, home of the inventor of the medicated disposable sports cup. Congrads to Linda Hogan our newest upcoming member. Let us know when the divorce is final Linda and we will send your membership welcome package.

2530 days ago

I'm Back Biatches    

No one, for money or anything would get a divorce, put shame on their family or make a farce out of their relationship. It was obvious in the episode where she shaved him that she was disgusted by him and they were ACTING like they wanted to save their marriage. People, this family deserves pain. Brooke is a stuck up whore who stated the entire state of Ohio is full of ugly, red knecks (Tell Katie Holmes that)...refusing to look at her own family, or worse yet, bite the hand that feeds her daddy's career. Their son has placed his friend in a brain-dead coma for the rest of his life and ma and pa have been scamming all of us with their fake "happy family life" show. Just like wrestling has bad actors...the Hogans have been bad acting for us. Bring back the Osbournes at least they were real!!!

2530 days ago


#31. Yes, it is a sham. They can "divorce" now and they split everything in half; then when they get sued over the drunken driving incident, they'll still have half of their income unavailable as assets in a lawsuit. That's why the rich have good lawyers.
Posted at 3:40PM on Nov 26th 2007 by SMC

To # 31 and all the others who think this divorce is a scam or a way to 'hide' money in the event of a lawsuit by the Graziano family... (Which in my opinion should happen)
BOTH of Nick's parents will be sued... not just Nick's dad.

2530 days ago

Gerardo Morales    

The Hulkster is better off w/o that retard wife of his. This man had wrestled and almost crippled his body to support his wife and those two ungrateful kids of his. For Nick, he got what he deserves for being stupid just like his mother. Just feel bad for that guy that was in the car w/him poor guy. But Hulk Hogan is better off, he'll lose some money but he's better off.

2530 days ago


Hey #27, why am I the moron of the day??? Everyone else is completely bashing them for being fake, has beens, etc. I simply state a fact, my opinion and I"M the moron of the day....whatever...

2530 days ago
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