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Donna to Nikki:

Keep Your Money!

11/28/2007 11:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Donna D'Errico and Nikki Sixx were in court today to settle financial matters in their divorce, and one thing is clear: Donna just wants to be done with her ex.

Despite the fact that the judge expressed concern for Donna, both parties waived their rights to financial support.

The former couple did reach a settlement agreement on the rest of their finances, but that was not immediately released. The judge assured both parties that all matters related to their daughter, Frankie, would be kept confidential.

Afterwards, Donna told TMZ that she was just happy it was over and that she was in the process of writing an autobiography. Can't wait.


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Go back to the Donna Nut house message board because I'm sure that's where you came from! Go Nikki......

2528 days ago


i never once said donna deserved and should get half of everything nikki has----he was married before, alot of his money was earned before he married donna---i said he has earned alot of money plus publishing a new book plus his clothing line, etc., plus having a child with donna---raz, did you do your homework yet?

2528 days ago


raz, go ahead and get your homework done tonight, tomorrow is saturday and it is cartoon morning for you, and goodbye for good, don't like what you try to think or say, have a good life

2528 days ago


What's everyone got their knickers in a twist over? As long as they can be adults in making it the best scenario for their children...which I'm sure they both will.

But oh HORROR, that they didn't feel like pooring their heart out to a camera guy on the street! Whenever I see one, I RUSH up to them and tell them all my innermost fears and problems.

Nooo!! Movie stars and rock stars are NARCISSISTIC??? Get OUT!!

Nikki gave a good dose of sarcasm. It left acid burns on the film cameras lense I believe. "I had a nice Thanksgiving! I spent it with the turkey" What a punk! :) Love it!

Pronunciation: 'sär-"ka-z&m
Function: noun
Etymology: French or Late Latin; French sarcasme, from Late Latin sarcasmos, from Greek sarkasmos, from sarkazein to tear flesh, bite the lips in rage, sneer, from sark-, sarx flesh; probably akin to Avestan thwar&s- to cut
1 : a sharp and often satirical or ironic utterance designed to cut or give pain
2 a : a mode of satirical wit depending for its effect on bitter, caustic, and often ironic language that is usually directed against an individual b : the use or language of sarcasm (this is no time to indulge in sarcasm)

2527 days ago


Nikki's snide remarks and attitude toward the videographer reminds me of that cartoon where the little dog is jumping around asking the big, mean dog questions and making suggestions, only to be shot down or punched each time..but the little dog just ignores the rude behavior because he is so enthralled with the big, rude dog.

Anyone notice how the obviously enthralled camera guy excitedly said "Well, I'll talk to you afterwards!" And Nikki smugly responds (while walking away with his back turned) "doubt it!" Wow, that was so cool! Love it!

And I loved how Nikki kept looking back at his attorneys as if to say "watch how I treat this peasant who dare to speak to me on my, who art far superior to all other humans!" Yeah, that Nikki is so cool! Cutting jokes minutes after screwing over your wife of 10 years in court is sooo cool. And the way he smacks gum the whole time just makes it even better. All hail Nikki Sixx! I wanna be just like him!

2527 days ago


#57 yes, you are so right, I watched the TMZ video as well, Nikki looked at his lawyer, for a while actually, and gave all of his smartmouth remarks over and over. what a guy! I believe nikki gave his first wife a better settlement, right? how many young or older guys have watched that clip and thought how much they admired and would try to be like nikki? nikki does not come over as being some great guy who wants to help runaway kids, not by displaying such examples of behavior for young kids to see and hear

2526 days ago


Nikki should give Donna a good portion of his money,Not only did she take care of their child, she took care of his 3 children from his previous marriage!Donna also has a son from a previous relationship and Nikki walked out on him!Nikki is the only father that Ryhan has ever known.And lets not forget that he cheated on her with Samantha Maloney from Hole while Donna was pregnant with Frankie Jean Mary.

2526 days ago


As for why Donna didn't ask for anything is probably because she knew she wouldn't get anything......For anyone who followed the hearings, information came out that Donna had worked as a stripper and (more recently) a high end call girl!

2525 days ago


#59 Well, let's see. California is a no-fault state, so that means that nothing either one of them ever did would have any bearing on their division of assets. They were married for 10 years. Half of what they had was legally hers--she wouldn't have to "ask" for anything. She could have gotten millions and millions. She walked away.

That jerk she was married to called his other ex, Brandi, a hooker when they were divorcing, too. Apparently it's his M.O. to call ex wives hookers when it gets time to divide assets. What a guy! Even sadder is that there are so many people that are so easily fooled by him and his lies.

Donna has mentioned in interviews how an abusive boyfriend made her strip for 6 weeks a long time ago--she has never hidden that, and that jerky husband of hers knew about that, too. He just mentioned that on the stand like he suddenly found out about that and was "shocked" and "hurt" to try and embarrass her. What a punk! Love it!

She said on her myspace page that he was stalking her and having her followed constantly. Man, that Nikki is so cool! Good for him! What a great example for others on how to treat women you are married to for a decade who raise your kids for you while you are out sleeping around and drinking and snorting coke! He is truly a shining star!

2525 days ago


I would like to add that Donna also stated that Nikki was hiding money in offshore accounts. He cheated on Donna while she was pregnant with the child they had together. And, Donna's son by a former relationship, Rhyan, was suddenly "forgotten" by Nikki. Rhyan grew up calling Nikki daddy. Donna D'errico raised Nikki Sixx's three children from his first marriage, then, when they separated, Nikki refused to let Donna see them. The list is long, too long to mention all facts pointing to just what a louse Nikki Sixx is and has been in the divorce court with both his ex's. Donna D'Errico explained a lot of things like this in her interview on being married to a narcissist. Nikki doesn't hide his narcissism, he flaunts it.

2525 days ago


Another comment I want to make right now. If Donna does write an autobiography (and I sincerely hope she does) and if it does cover the part of her life with Nikki Sixx, I can only say it would be the "bible" of all women to refer to if they find themselves either married to or a victim of a narcissist. No one can "tell it like it is" the way a person can who has lived with and been abused by a narcissist. So GO DONNA so many can benefit from such a book! And you have CLASS. That walk away from that last courtroom date must have felt like walking on clouds, knowing it was "The End" with Nikki Suxx.

2525 days ago


sounds like, after reading all these comments, that, since this year is nearly over, but not quite, that Nikki Sixx still had a chance to step up and be awarded the Jacka** of the Year Award. Of all the guys this year so far, I am sure he has won that coveted title for himself this year.

2525 days ago


My opinion, and I'm not going to make many fans here but I dont really GAF.

I'm female and I've been a fan of Crue since 81 and I'm in total lust with Nikki since i first laid eyes on him ... with that said .. you bitches are just jealous. Grow up. I can't stand BLIND LOYALTY. Forget how much you want to do this guy and think about what's right and what's wrong.

She was married to him for 10 years. She raised his children that he had with another women. He's cheated on her and she's had to deal with his dependencies. Does she deserve half? No .. does she deserve something??? YES!

I've read "well she was a B actress" .. blah blah blah ... and she DID put her career on hold to raise his children (granted her choice) but perhaps had she been working instead of doing that, she might be a grammy actress now. That doesn't even matter ... by law, she could have got something, she should have got something, she WOULD have got something seeing the judge was concerned for her (and hey people.. he actually gets to see her assets), but she walked away.

So just continue to gloat the woman got nothing at the end of a 10-yr relationship (that YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT) with your darling Nikki. You idiots talk like you know him personally. We know the excellent things he's done .. we don't know him behind closed doors in a relationship. We also know that Nikki can be one mean bastard when he wants to. Love the good stuff about him but don't pretend you don't see the flaws in him either!

And you jealous idiots will be buying her autobiography to get the dirt on Nikki (tho I do hope no one buys everything she's going to write, you know it won't be pretty) and you know it, so stop being so damn self-righteous.

2525 days ago


#64 you hope no one would buy Donna's book because it "would not be pretty"? Did you read Nikki's most recent book ? Is that what you call "pretty"? Jealous? Doubt it. You are a groupie from way back. Self-righteous? No. Honest? Yes. You just don't like anyone saying anything that you don't like about a person you don't know but you are "in lust" for. So----exactly who is the bitch here?

2525 days ago


I said.. or rather I meant, that I hope not everyone believes every single thing she'll say in the book about Nikki, not that I want no one to buy her book. I'll be buying it myself :D

Since I"m no where near California or ever hung out with Motley, you really can't consider or call me a groupie. Never been one.

2525 days ago
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