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Shia Happens

11/29/2007 3:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the arrest report from the night Shia LaBeouf was busted for trespassing at a Walgreens in Chicago -- and he had nothing on him but the bare essentials.
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According to the report, LaBeouf was arrested for misdemeanor trespassing on November 4, after he was told by security that he wasn't allowed back in the store. He tried to re-enter the store three more times and was eventually held by security.

The only things LaBeouf had on him at the time of his arrest were his wallet, ChapStick and a pack of Dentyne -- aka the Single Man's Survival Pack.

Although it was originally reported that LaBeouf appeared drunk at the time, the officer who wrote the arrest report marked "no" next to the question "Under the influence or alcohol/drugs?"

Shia is due back in court on December 12.


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Chapstick for soft lips and Dentyne for fresh breath. lol

Under "Sex" it should just say: YES

I agree with OCD. Boy smokes like an El Camino. If he didn't have smokes on him then you can bet that's what he was trying to buy and you do NOT tell a heavy smoker that he can't buy his next pack. You just don't. lol

Hey, Harvey, how's about a full shot of the mug shot side view, eh?

2523 days ago


Pretty lame Walgreens- why don't you have shoplifters arrested instead?

2523 days ago


Shia is such a hottie. i don't know why walgreens would put a cutie like that out of the store. i would have let him in instead of calling the cops.

2523 days ago


Please, this is nothing. If the worst thing he's done is this, he's lightyears ahead of his peers. He's 21, he's allowed to go out and have a few drinks. The security guard recognized him and gave him a hard time. He didn't drive afterwards, he wasn't on drugs, he caused a problem at Walgreens, I bet we're all perfect angels and have never done anything wrong either.

2523 days ago


kids a good actor and a funny dude.

2523 days ago

TMZ lover    

I absolutely love Shia..he's sooo adorable!! I def agree he should have been able to go into the store...but smokes are bad..he should know not to smoke..he wouldn't have gotten in trouble if he didn't smoke!

2523 days ago


Is it just me or does this make Walgreens and Chicago look incredibly stupid ... isn't there anything more critical going on in the Second City?

2523 days ago


5'10" and only 130lbs! Cute boy but sooooooo skinny.

2523 days ago


SHIA = SMOKIN HOT!!!! hes an awesome actor and is a great role model for all the stupid bitch celebs who dont know how to act but only know how to get their names up in lights by going to rehab or an hr stay at the local jail..... for walgreens come on your just retarded you know they only kicked him out just to get their store some headlines.... for shia keep up the good work show the other youngsters how its done!!!

2523 days ago


I notice the birthday thing too. I always thought it was June 11.

2523 days ago

Abbie, a friend of you Guys and of Perez, too!    

God, just what we need!

Another spoilt rotten, YOUNG H'wood Brat behaving badly ...

2522 days ago


I think he is so freaking hot. I love him!! He is a great actor and seems like a great person. I cant imagine what he would have done to the cashier that would have made rentacop tell him he couldnt come back in. I do know however that had i been in the walgreens while he was there I would have been taking away for trying to take him and get it on with him in the store!!!! love you SHIA!!

2522 days ago


according to shia, that's not how it happened

2522 days ago


seriously, i want to know why he got kicked out for too. what did he do? they said he wasnt intoxicated.

2522 days ago


I think his address needs to be taken off from there. Respect at least some of his privacy.

2522 days ago
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