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Hulk to Linda -- Pay Your Own, Woman!

11/30/2007 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk Hogan wants to put a headlock on his own assets -- and doesn't want estranged wife Linda sponging off him. Back off brother!

The Hulkster filed a petition yesterday in the couple's divorce battle, reports Florida's Herald-Tribune, in which he says that Linda can support herself -- and should help support their minor son, 17-year-old Nick. What's more, he thinks that Nick can decide for himself which parent he wants to live with, but Linda has requested that Nick's primary residence be hers.

Nick's primary residence could end up being somewhere else altogether -- he's facing charges of reckless driving after the Aug. 26 crash that left his friend, John Graziano, in a vegetative state.


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tmz...truth means zilch.

2518 days ago


WTF! Linda is 46 are you Kidding me?

I thought she was at least 50 Damn! Stay out of the sun Linda Old Hag money hungry HO...Nobody but HULK wants some old Skank.

2518 days ago


Please, Linda Hogan deserves something for all the years she was a wife and mother..she didn't work because she was there for Hulk Hogan and her children...that itself is a full time job. I don't think people realize how much a wife and mother has to do in day and she doesn't get paid, get vacation time, or a day off!

2518 days ago


This is a easy one

Linda back to the trailer park
Nick behind Bars
Brooke to the stripper pole

2518 days ago


Not saying Nick shouldn't be punished, but I would also like to point out the fact that John Graziano is an adult who choose to get in a car with someone who was drinking and also didn't wear his seatbelt. He's just has much to blame.

2518 days ago


Hulkster make sure you get back one of those fake cans you paid for...let the skank pay for her own tata's....

2518 days ago


I have seen hei for three times on the lesbian web site ! Why does she can so hot!!!!??

2518 days ago


I'll take the double bunk suite in the grey bar hotel dad.

2518 days ago


I watch the show and think they're funny. I thought that they had a good thing going on, I hope it work's out for all of them. Hulk rules!!!!!!!!!!

2518 days ago


I think Hulk Hogan is right! She's sponged enough money off of Hulk for the last 23 years so she should support herself! She should leave Hulk alone. In one of their episodes he said that hundreds of thousands of dollars came up missing because of her. She won't find a better husband or father that Hulk.

2518 days ago


funny they are just doing all this to hide any money from the FAMILY of the guy who nick crippeled fin a coma ofr life . way to go ! they moved nick out of florida ( convient ) giving custody to wife who now wont get any money convient ???? and nick is a juvinal so no money for the lawsuit available . sad .............. good try . hope it does not work . give back all you made $$$$ on f ----ed up reality show & ho daughters singing career !!!!!
set that poor disabled vet up for life you jerks
it is your fault after all

2518 days ago


38. I have seen hei for three times on the lesbian web site ! Why does she can so hot!!!!??

Posted at 12:03PM on Nov 30th 2007 by
You know if your going to plug a website atleast do us ALLLLLL a favor and get a grip on the english language !!!You keep posting about this and that yet not one post has made a single lick of sense ?If we have to read your dribble atleast make it coherent !!!Put the bottle down and the crack pipe away before you post again -one more idea is to re-read what you type prior to hitting the "Add your comments" button

2518 days ago


#36- John wasn't wearing a seatbelt?

Says who?

The medical examiner, who noted seat belt bruising on John's chest in his report?

Other that the Hogans, where have you heard John wasn't wearing a belt?

The fact is, John's damage occurred as a result of being pinned into his seat, and metal pushed back into John's head separated his skull;

So now what? You're going to say it was John's fault because he WAS wearing a belt?

Quit sucking up- the Hogans don't have a show to put you on anymore.......

2518 days ago


It doesn't matter that Nick can decide which parent he wants to live with. Right now he 17yrs old and in jail, by the time he get out of jail he will be homeless. None of his parent accept him anyway. (Looser)

2518 days ago

kim suck    

what the F happened~!????

2518 days ago
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