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Hulk to Linda -- Pay Your Own, Woman!

11/30/2007 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk Hogan wants to put a headlock on his own assets -- and doesn't want estranged wife Linda sponging off him. Back off brother!

The Hulkster filed a petition yesterday in the couple's divorce battle, reports Florida's Herald-Tribune, in which he says that Linda can support herself -- and should help support their minor son, 17-year-old Nick. What's more, he thinks that Nick can decide for himself which parent he wants to live with, but Linda has requested that Nick's primary residence be hers.

Nick's primary residence could end up being somewhere else altogether -- he's facing charges of reckless driving after the Aug. 26 crash that left his friend, John Graziano, in a vegetative state.


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Skankgelina Is A PubWhore    

Glad to see that Hulk is standing strong. No doubt she will make a few bucks by stripping for some sleaze mag and showing off her ridiculous floppies. Yeah, Linda, you did this one up right. A failed marriage, a failure for a son, a failure for a daughter, and failing to put your makeup on right means you are a failure.

I do live for the day when this inbred group is no longer in the news.

2487 days ago


I agree with "TMZ Is Awesome"'s comment. What IS with Terry wearing the scarves all the time?? Is he trying to look cool? Why doesn't he just get a decent short haircut and admit to being bald?

I don't agree with "King of Kings" comments, though. The Bolleas know full well that Nick's teen-age attempts to impress John Graziano with speed and daring is what propelled that Supra into the palm tree. Thank goodness the EDR from the car will support the police department's assertion that Nick was a speed demon that evening and fully responsible for the crash. His skinny butt is headed for the hoosegow!

2487 days ago


Go to work WOMAN. About time. All you and your daughter do is sit and spend all of the money on crap!!!!!! Get a job like all of us women. We have husbands that work too but WE HELP THEM.

2487 days ago


doesnt mater you wil end up paying her she was a full time stay at home mom raised 2 kids badly and you will forfeit 50/50 plud spousal support she will laugh all theway to the bank im not saying she is right i think terry deserves better but it is what it is

2487 days ago

Tamela Ann    

As much as I liked Linda Hogan, I lost all respect for her when I saw her on the street racing video clip. Then, shortly, saw her boldface lie and deny her on-video comments. How stupid does that make someone look. Shame on her for having Brook in the car while participating in this most absurd and dangerous "hobby". Shame on her as a mother and a citizen. Sorry, Linda, but you certainly know better than to do that.

2487 days ago


PEOPLE LISTEN UP!! this is not about Hulk and Linda getting a divorce its about both of them planning a scheme to protect their money... thats it.!!!!!! now conveniently she doesn't need spousal support of course not he will transfer all their $$$$$ over to her so the victims cannot collect..... and now we discover Hulk himself bought the booze that his kid consumed....VERY IRRESPONSIBLE>.

2487 days ago


hey to all you hulk a maniacs out there, old hulkster is about to clean out his bank account and jump overseas, i'm sorry son , you're on your on. i'm out.

2487 days ago


#40 J.........where did you get your information? I haven't heard or read that until just now. Like you, I suspect the Hogans/Bolleas started pushing the seatbelt song to make it look like John was responsible for his injuries, not Nick.

I hope you are right. Seatbelt or not, Nick should not have been driving THAT car, should not have been drinking and racing. Bottom line. Losing his licewnse for a year is no big deal. With his folks, his slutty sister and his friends, I am sure he will have no problem getting rides. He needs some serious punishment.

Dumb Question: Does no license mean he cannot race at the tracks?

The most pathetic thing about the posts on here is that NOT ONE OF US knows the facts behind Linda filing for divorce. I suspect there is more to the story that we may, or may not, ever hear. Until then.....let's not take sides.

2487 days ago

anastasia beaverhousen    

I don't think they'll have to worry because Nicks primary residence will most likely be the state pen.

2487 days ago


Assets will not be shielded if a lawsuit should occur.
Married at the time of Nick's DUMB accident. Pay-up *50/50*

I read the accident report; It looks like he will spend some time, as he should, in prison. Lesson Nick, life is fragile, not all fun and games. You so missed the fact that there is a time and place for everything.

Dad and Mom, you should be ashamed. I could not imagine buying my son a speed demon for his everyday use. Common sense, you lost along your spending ways.

God Bless John

2487 days ago


Hulk's expression looks like he just got a whiff of his "not so fresh smelling" wife.... I heard she smells like a goat herder....
Hulk, hard to believe you are the least offensive of the Bollea family these days... I think that means we the people of the United States of America do NOT want to see or hear any more from your clan FOREVER!!
The good news, is Nick's address may be picked for him, and it wont cost you a thing!! One can only hope!!

2487 days ago


Get a grip. It's all about the pending lawsuit. They are dividing up the money. They are going to be sued for millions. This is their way to keep the money

2486 days ago


How sad for the Hogan family. I feel badly for all of them.

As for Hulk Hogan saying Linda has to support herself and their mutual son, I don't think so. Linda has been with him for more than two decades as I understand it and they have one adult child and one other child soon to be an adult together. This is an entirely DIFFERENT story than that of Paul McCartney and Heather Mills who were only married for four years. I think that in a longstanding relationship in which children are produced and the couple lives together, both should be able to live by equal standards because both contributed to the financial and other successes of the time together. He wrestled and she took care of the kids and house. Equal contributors.

Linda should be taken care of financially - and well.

2486 days ago


hulkster tempter thy anger vengence is mine sayeth the lord remember she was the woman who u gave yourself too yes beytrayel is prevalant but put yourself beyound that you are a better man than that

2486 days ago


she deserves the money for putting up with his sorry butt all these years

2486 days ago
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