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Wow. Thanks Jay.

11/30/2007 6:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Jay's rep tells us that he wishes he could do more, but it's not his show -- he's just the host. Having said that, he gave out his standard Christmas bonuses early to mitigate the effects of the strike -- nearly half a million bucks. The rep would not say, however, how the cash was distributed. As for not saying goodbye to the staff, Jay can't cross the picket line.

Staffers at the "Tonight Show" were just told they've been laid off because of the WGA strike. Happy F-ing Holidays.

And that's not the only thing adding insult to penury around NBC. As TMZ reported earlier, we were told that Jay Leno was in a giving mood, offering the staff a "big" Christmas bonus to get them through the strike. This, instead of offering to pay their salaries like his counterparts Conan O'Brien and David Letterman. Well, someone just sent us a copy of their bonus check. $100. Wow.

Staffers were supposed to receive $100 for each year they've been on the show, but we're told some didn't even get that. We hear many staffers are more hurt than pissed, as there's been little communication from the top. One source says that they weren't too pleased about how Jay's handled the layoffs. He didn't even say goodbye, much less Merry Christmas. Grinch!


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Hey big spender!!

2464 days ago


don't believe it when it's TMZ reporting it!!!

2464 days ago

Merry Christmas    

That's $100 more than they had in their pocket. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth! If I were Jay, I would remove the 10 and give the guy/girl a big fat zero! I guess this person doesn't realize how far $100 can go. Ungrateful j@gbag.

2464 days ago


Better get an application quick at Burger King, I hear they're hiring.

2464 days ago

who dat    

Wake up. Don't blame Jay Leno. He didn't tell the writers, or force them to go on strike. It was THEIR OWN COLLECTIVE DECISION. If fact he honored the strike line and didn't cross it.

TMZ, you are acting like this is Jay's fault. GET A CLUE. It's time for people to take responsibility for their own actions.

2464 days ago


Earlier TMZ said "Sources close to Jay Leno tell TMZ that Jay gave "substantial" holiday bonuses to his entire staff to get them through the strike...SO What is it?????? What are the facts???? and does TMZ EVER get them right??????

2464 days ago


The Tonight Show is NOT Jay's show, unlike Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Jay should not be responsible for NBC employees who have been laid off from NBC's show.

2464 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Poor Jay, I ate at that same drive through Mexican food place! I remember that look!

2464 days ago


Maybe those let go should pressure on the strikers to get back to work and right the dribble they've been writing for the last few years. Oh wait. never mind. Keep striking.

2464 days ago


Jay is so much better than the other 2 Stooges. TMZ doesn't tell the whole story...**thumbs down for TMZ***

2464 days ago


This is just another reason why I will never watch the Tonight Show. Jay Leno is the most over-rated "comedian" of all time. Without his writers he would be nothing. Letterman has always been funnier and now is showing that he is also classier.

2464 days ago


I wasn't aware that you could go out on strike, and expect that your employer would pay you anyway.

2464 days ago


Do you think only writers were laid off? No! People who aren't even striking have had their jobs put on hold, and now laid off because of this strike. It's not their fault, they didn't choose to strike. I'm sorry but $100 is not much of a severance package. When my company has to lay people off they give them 1 months salary for every year they were with the company...and they are not big time like NBC.

2464 days ago

Bunny Rabbit    

You know what? I support the writers in their strike and in their very valid demands....HOWEVER, when you strike you are walking out of your job and you should enter into that kind of a plan EXPECTING not to get paid.

If anyone deserves to still get paid when going on a legit strike it's people like teachers. What's with this sense of entitlement like what they do is life-saving or more important than other people's jobs.

I swear, Hollywood is all KINDS of screwed up in their thinking.

2464 days ago


actually Hoffa, Conan also doesn't own his show. Letterman owns both his show and the studio that runs it, but Conan's show is owned by NBC just like Jay's. Conan was uNBELIEVABLY generous paying his staffers like that. the folks at the tonight show (not sure if you fully blame Jay) screwed these staffers over big time. and note, I said staffers; the people that got laid off could have also been cue card holders, camera men, etc.

those people will be pretty happy when Conan comes over1 Jay sounds like a prick (he colud auction off just one of his cars and be able to pay his staff just as well)

2464 days ago
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