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Football Horror: Three Charged in Taylor Murder

12/1/2007 12:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Three of the four suspects in Sean Taylor's death were charged with unpremeditated murder early Saturday. Charles Wardlow, Eric Rivera and Venjah Hunte all faced the same charge. Police say the killing of Taylor was unplanned. The fourth suspect was arrested but has not yet been charged.

Miami-Dade Police Department spokeswoman Linda O'Brien identified the men as: Eric Rivera Jr., 17, Venjah K. Hunte, 20, Jason Scott Mitchell, 19 and Charles Kendrick Lee Wardlow, 18.

Miami-Dade County Police Director Robert Parker said the suspects didn't expect Taylor to be home when they broke into his home Monday morning. The NFL Pro Bowler surprised them and was fatally shot. The suspects -- all of whom have prior arrests -- are expected to make their first appearance in a Fort Myers courtroom sometime today.

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Throw this garbage in prison, and throw away the key.

2520 days ago


Here comes the racist comments

2520 days ago

double standards    

Where's Sharpton and Jackson now?

2520 days ago


i wonder if that fighter rampage is talking his racist talk now that the people arrested are black? Probally not. As far as they didnt mean to kill anyone, um gee you take a LOADED gun to a burglary, that is intent right there. This man was protecting his family and these idiot young men just destroyed many lives, why? To get some stuff. And people wonder why I am so jaded about human beings. If they didnt expect anyone to be there then as soon as they realized someone was there they could have left but no, they broke, down a door that was shut on them and locked with a family on the other side, they didnt leave they tore it down and then shot a person, stick a needle in each one of them criminals like this have been getting away with stuff like this to much our society needs to start getting alot more aggressive with mindless animals like this. My prays for a family that did nothing to deserve such a horrible thing to happen, all so some people could get some material stuff or money.

2520 days ago


This is sad! He had a wife and baby. They hid in the closet while all this went down.
What is the world coming to!

2520 days ago


Prisoners love watching football in prison.........These thugs,are in aworld of hurtin,when they get there.............Hahahahhhahaahahaha........yea.!..................Pay backs a bitch you punk-ass.............................................Thugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2520 days ago


Too bad a guy who USED to be like them had to die, perfect example, what goes around comes around.

2520 days ago


to #3.. sadly, we both know the answer to that question. There are no white people to blame, no cameras to mug for, no corporations to try and black mail. Sadly most of us know Sharpton & Jackson do more damage than good for the African American population...

now, back to this senseless murder... why? Why not hold them hostage, grab the loot, jewlery, or what ever they are after... and leave this family man alone & alive to raise and enjoy his beautiful young daughter?????? So senseless, so needless!! You have to know the moment you pull that trigger, everything changes!

RIP Sean Taylor.

2520 days ago

Ms. Hysterical    

" When I was brought up we was raised to take care of one another because we knowed no one else would. You was afraid of being in a white neighborhood, and didn't feel safe until you got back home to the black part of town. Now the black neighborhood scares me the most". That statement came from a man that grew up in the South under segregation and shows how bad things have gotten. When you respect yourself and take responsibility for your life you develop a respect for other people. if you spend your whole life blaming everyone else and playing the victim, you end up with no respect for yourself or anyone else. Men take charge of their lives; cowards play the victim. Throw their ass in the ocean.

2520 days ago


This is just TOO BAD, they look like such nice boys.

2520 days ago


Sharpton and Jackson are nothing but trouble makers! They make non racist things look like racist so they look like heroes. Anyway, I hope these kids burn in hell!

2520 days ago


A man died protecting his wife and child. He was not a thug, but a decent human being. The people who killed him are thugs, and thugs come in all colors. Could we please show some respect for this man, and his family, by removing the ignorant, hatefilled posts that are popping up. It's just not right.

People on here always say that blacks make a race issue out of everything. No one's done that here except for ignorant, angry people. This is not a race issue. If anything, it's a poverty issue. Grow up people, and show some respect to Sean Taylor - an awesome ballplayer, husband, and father.

2520 days ago


Look at these 4...complete and utter idiots. Not one brain cell between the 4 of them. These inbred, dazed pukes will go to prison, and we will have to pay to take care of them the rest of their lives. They never have to work, get all their meals and lay around. Just what they want. I wish the country would just stop wasting money, and take these 4 out back........

2520 days ago


Anyone who has come on here to say anything other than "RIP", or "they shoul fry", is pathetic, and petty. Get lives, and trade in your hostility for hearts.

2520 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

I konw these kids are a bunch of low lifes to try and rob someone, and end up killing the person, but that is what a hard life will do to a person. They are young, poor, and probably come from broken homes, so of course they wouldn't care to do something like this.

This is nothing compared to what people do 2day. People with messed up lives have no chance to function in life today, and this will continue to happen, regardless of race.

2520 days ago
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