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Football Horror: Three Charged in Taylor Murder

12/1/2007 12:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Three of the four suspects in Sean Taylor's death were charged with unpremeditated murder early Saturday. Charles Wardlow, Eric Rivera and Venjah Hunte all faced the same charge. Police say the killing of Taylor was unplanned. The fourth suspect was arrested but has not yet been charged.

Miami-Dade Police Department spokeswoman Linda O'Brien identified the men as: Eric Rivera Jr., 17, Venjah K. Hunte, 20, Jason Scott Mitchell, 19 and Charles Kendrick Lee Wardlow, 18.

Miami-Dade County Police Director Robert Parker said the suspects didn't expect Taylor to be home when they broke into his home Monday morning. The NFL Pro Bowler surprised them and was fatally shot. The suspects -- all of whom have prior arrests -- are expected to make their first appearance in a Fort Myers courtroom sometime today.

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I love the term "Responsibility". It is very evident in this case in so many ways.

The NFL, the Redskins, the Univ of Miami - all of whom bled the life out of Sean for the money they could make without offering him the psychological guidance. They spent millions on sports doctors, sports medicine, sports agents, etc. - but I'll bet ya there's no bottom line for psychological or life counseling!

And Sean's family - with all the money he probably threw their way - what did they throw back to him in term of guidance and help -

Oh, yea, I forgot, while he was in DC with his fans this past Thanksgiving week, the guys who killed him were partying with his sister and mom at "his" paid-for-house the sister and mom squatted in whenever he was away - they even have pictures of the perp on-line at the party at Sean's house just 2 days before he killed him - how nice a family he has!

Everybody in America - especially the NFL and all major sports organizations and college and high schools (like where the perp was the star quarterback) - stop counting your money and start to remediate these kids whose families have been unwilling to raise them! If the make you a couple a million a year, can't you afford to fix them! Apparently, the sports arena seems to only care about turning out robotic killers and criminals - sure, they are many good athletes - but they don't need counseling - these kids do - do something! Obviously, their families aren't!

And, we, as fans can also ask them as well - so lend your voice -

2481 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

So 'Stevie', it is a bit confusing, but I guess that was aimed at me. So you don't think that I am fully aware of how many of these things work? Perhaps if you would actually tell me what you think I am so wrong about, we could get to the point. Do you think this bi-partisan system works well? Not that, then what? I am an outspoken person who is at least willing to take a stand instead of walking away from things. I am decent enough in conversation and practice this skill often while trying to use whatever skills of critical thinking I can muster. And btw, I am not a football fan and I am really only concerned here with what is an obvious violent act and how people respond to it. Last time I checked, I didn't see you offering up any solutions either. My solution is to talk to as many people as I can and then do whatever I can in my small circle of influence. What do you do beyond praying and pontificating?

2481 days ago


I laugh, sadly and ironically, when I read ANY racial comments regarding this murder -- my recollections of my many years of life hardly remember but a few deaths of people of caucasion descent being termed "racial" and yet many, many deaths of african, caribbean, south american or other black americans many times get termed racial.

2481 days ago


Below comments are copied from my post to the TMZ page about these useless thugs bragging about Sean's terrible death, before their identities were known. It seems worth repeating, we all know this type of crime will being repeated over & over & over again, my friends, so these thoughts will be as well. Sean should be commended for rising about the very trash that killed him. Yet the truth remains, if the people everyone loved to call racist were shown that more good exists than bad, then racism would decline. Until this lifestyle declines, what is perceived as racism will remain just as constant. That is not the white man's fault anymore, maybe a couple of HUNDREDS of years ago but it simply cannot be about a race being oppressed like they were HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO anymore. The racism that exists today is not because white people teach their children to hate, or to own slaves, or to denigrate or disrespect a whole people, clearly that whole race of people does that all by itself, to itself. All people will base their beliefs about other people on the way they see others live their lives, the way they treat their own & then others. When this hideous behavior constantly prevails, that is the way people will see others. How can you ever except & DEMAND others to respect you when you dont respect yourselves first? So before you call somebody else racist, please read this with the open mind you expect & demand from others :

Everyone is capable of intolerance. We are all born with the seed of hate for that which is different. We dont have to be taught it, we have to be taught how NOT to give into it. What baffles the mind in these situations is that the killings & violence are not committed against that which is different. It is against each other, man's very own brother.

This type of violence is not in the name of war or religion or self protection or perseverance. This type of violence is just that - pure animalistic violence. Just as we all have the ability to hate or love, all races contain that element as well. However, the rate of this type of violence is much greater committed against & the most likely committer of these crimes is an African American. I wish that was not true, but it is easily identifiable & likewise irrefutable & undeniable.

However, just as irrefutable is the fact that not all African Americans are of this ilk. Again, sadly, it is still true, that for every 10 college students, business owners, honest, hardworking good people, there are 100 gang bangers out to live up to this kind of standard, not the other, more empowering. If this type of violent perpetrators were stopped, then 85-90% of all racism would as well. Dont you get that? Who is the cause of racism? How is that any other race's fault? Who has the courage to confront their own about this? For each of you that have commented that this type of thinking is racist, dont you realize you actually have the ability to change what you call racism by realizing that this so called racist mentality is caused by these very actions? Racism is not exclusively on the white man's shoulders to change anymore. Not 1 of them owns slaves anymore, yet millions of this very type of violence are committed that are actually the roots of white man/s beliefs today. By seeing this over & over, daily, actually by the minute, in the streets, news, radio & print, every time a white person opens a door for a black not to be told thank you (& when is the last time you saw a respectful black youth open the door for a white person??) or an elderly white OR black woman is rudely disrespected & called vulgar names by gangs of whacked out youths while she is just standing on the street waiting for a bus (if she is not gunned down, raped, beaten & robbed) this perpetrates that very racism. The cause of today's racism is not caused by anything else. If you truly have the desire to change it, you must realize that the cause of it & the burden to change it now lies with the people who are perpetrating this.

All of you commenting in defense or to deny this are actually part of the problem & are causing this to continue. Stop justifying and escalating this by defending and denying it. If you truly want to change it, only you can. If you want respect as a race, as a race start being respectful. It is that simple!! Only your own race has the opportunity to do it & that is truly, totally the only way to change it. Not affirmative action, not Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, only each of you.

2481 days ago


They seem like nice boys to me.

2481 days ago

Phil McCrevis    

Five thugs off the street......

2481 days ago

Julie G.    

It seems like other part people keep forgetting that Sean Taylor was upbringing in middle class, his father is a police chief and his mother, as a banker. I believe it has more with lost soul, angry young men. same race vs same race with different class. Right now -so many questions here as the going on investigestion right now. Don't jump to any conclusion before the police finish this. For now, for all of us enjoy watching all teams of NFL, especially my husband does love them and of course rooting for his native home town, in San Diego. Please help other Washington Redskins players to get by and it is not easy for them to lose a team mate when they were not ready for. Pray for Sean Taylor's family and put in their place to secure this child's life, Jackie to be a happy child as more than anything else that Sean Taylor would wanted for.

2481 days ago

Phil McCrevis    


2481 days ago

Lenn K.    

You get a chance to read alot of the comments and first you've got to ignore the racist and stupid who call people names. Secondly, alot of comment about Jackson and Sharpton believe it or not are true. They not for the betterment of black folks, they are for the betterment of themselves. I heard on the Jim Rome show from Dr. Harry Edwards that over 27,000 black men have been killed or murdered in the last 5 or so years. If this is true what the hell is the democrats crying about the 3000 men killed in Iraq when 9 times that many have been killed on the streets of America. It really comes to this black just showup and vote, well tell the world the republicans are racist and you'll vote for us and then go kill each other. If going crazy over the comments of Michael Richards, Dog Chapman and Imum is more important than all those lives, then you know why blacks haven't been able to help themselves. Black men are needed to be dads and mentors, not pimps and rappers!! Got enough athletics, needs some scholars!!! By the way, being smart is being white, IT'S BEING SMART, ask the Jewish people!!!!

2481 days ago


Why you tryin to hate Megan? Not all black folks be living on welfare. White folk be livin more on welfare they the ones who made it. Like you all work, tellin the black man do this do that while you sit in your escalades typin on yur blackberiss. Every restaurant I check you see more white folk working at a mcdonals than you see blacks. Look at all the hard work rappers football players make? We comin up on ya'll soon with Obama as the first black president. You best believe we all gonna vote for him. Since they more blacks, dan whites, get ready for some color up in da house.

2481 days ago


If they did not expect anyone to be in the house, why were the phone lines cut? I read that the girlfriend had to call 911 from her cell phone as a result. These thugs were obviously prepared to deal with whatever came about. They are pure trash, and took this man's life for absolutely no reason, leaving behind a fiance and baby that he obviously adored. I wish he had had better security or his own GUN! May he rest in peace and his murderers face a lifetime behind bars to ponder what they did.

2481 days ago


Black-on-black crime, black-on-white-crime, black-on-(fill in the group) crime, the statistics are shocking


2481 days ago


So sad. What a waste of a young life. A child will grow up without a father because these losers needed a little money. Im anxious to see what Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have to say about this.

2481 days ago

Dr Doug    

Hm... If you were trying to put the pictures of these guys from the lightest to the darkest, the guy who's #3 should be #4.

2481 days ago


the last one looks like D-Bo. that's my bike punk!!

2481 days ago
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