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From Brit to Liza, Fur Flies for Femmes

12/4/2007 4:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like some celebs still aren't hiding from wearing a dead animal -- in the name of fashion.

Even as the anti-fur movement gets more vociferous, TMZ -- in just one weekend -- spotted Britney Spears, Liza Minnelli, Eve, Mary J. Blige, Sharon Stone and even Madonna fur-nished with all manner of fur-ish coats. We're told that Britney proudly took her shagerrific (and very real fur) coat at her birthday party in Bel Air.

PETA, as ever, took Liza to task for her outerwear, telling TMZ in a statement that it "hopes that Liza, who abstained from fur for years, gets back on the wagon of compassion." As for Sharon Stone, the anti-fur brigade was less charitable, saying, "Put your fur coat away, Sharon."

Reps for Eve, Sharon Stone, Liza and Madonna haven't yet gotten back to us about the provenance of their clients' coats.

One notable exception -- Sarah Jessica Parker, wearing a lovely Star Wars-esque fur coat, usually, we're told, wears fake fur.
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Jerry having a house that is partly made of wood is an almost necessity, having a dead tree in my house is decoration only, so pointless, your point is dumb. I will not have a dead tree in my house at Christmas and I will never wear a dead animal.

2490 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

You are so right, Jesus H. Christ. I'm allergic to wool but cotton, fur and silk are all on my fave list but you forgot leather. You might also want to consider linen and ramie.
What do you make of these idiots who are complaining of animals being skinned alive? Even in a headlock, any animal is going to squirm, bite and claw. Even if you can protect yourself from the claws and teeth, the squirming would destroy the fur. Anybody who doubts this should try to give a cat its medicine.

2489 days ago

Matt Nothing    

Truly foul. They look like Wookies - is that the look they were going for?

Fashionable, my ass.

2484 days ago


These celebs really need to sit down and watch undercover investigative footage of what goes on in fur farms... animals being skinned alive, genitally electrocuted, stomped on while fully conscious... It's such a shame when people use their celebrity status to promote vicious cruelty to animals.

2484 days ago


What ever happened to a good cloth coat? Layers of cotton keep you the warmest. If you still have to let everyone know how much money you have, why not pin $100 bills to your good cloth coat.

2478 days ago
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