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Jeter and A-Rod -- Stand-Up and Standoffish?

12/4/2007 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Baseball hotties Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez are both Yankees, amazing ballplayers, toweringly handsome, expensively moisturized and extremely well paid.

But they were distinctly divergent this weekend in New York, when TMZ spotted Jeter filming a spot for Gatorade's new lo-cal G2 energy drink, and A-Rod getting his morning paper from a local newsstand. While Jeter gabbed and signed for everyone in sight, A-Rod kept his distance, though oddly enough, so did fans. Aloof, party of one!

A-Rod did reveal that he's not a New York Post guy -- he's a Times man, thanks very much.

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Baseball Junkie    

I'm not at all surprised. Between the fact that A-Rod has never been fan-friendly and the way he was treated by the fans and newspapers in New York, I was a little surprised that he re-signed with the Yankees. The fact that no one else was willing to pay him anywhere near what he thinks he's worth might have had something to do with it.
Plus, Jeter has always been a class act.

2512 days ago

Lenn K.    

Is there ever going to be an end to the endless promotionals? We are sick of them. We all know there scams. Both seem to be class guys.

2512 days ago


A-Rod cheats on his wife and then is "pissy" with the press and fans because it becomes public knowledge?
What an ass-gasket.

2512 days ago


thats right A-rod stay off the spotlight youll get more freedom with your mistress!!!

2512 days ago


yea those dating ads are like, your creation that wont flush down the toilet...

2512 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

New Yorkers don't go up to celebs too much. Jeter was shooting a commercial and it's a situation more condusive to fans asking for an autograph. But when a celeb is living their daily life, NYers look but they leave the celebs alone as a general rule. That's why celebs like coming to NYC. Only tourists would bother a celeb when they're just walking around the neighborhood.

This has nothing to do with whose more popular or liked.

2512 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

#2 commenter - I've heard plenty of stories where Jeter has blown off fans. One time a friend of mine saw Jeter and a famous hockey player walking by and he said hello to both of them commenting on what a great job they're doing in their respective sports. The hockey player smiled and said thanks - Jeter just gave him a dirty look and walked on. I've heard several stories like this - Jeter is not as "fan" friendly as you think.

A-rod reads the e-mails from his website and periodically replies to them. And it's definitely him because of typos and he just signs it "ar". Jeter never responds to fan e-mails and who knows if he even reads them.

I'm not trying to diss Jeter - I like Jeter. But he's not the saintly prince everybody wants to make him out to be. And A-rod is not awful as everybody would like to believe.

2512 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Jennifa O Jenny

I'm not saying Jeter's a saint. And now that I think about it, I seem to remember an incident a couple of years ago when the Yankees were up in Boston where A-Rod dashed out into traffic because he saw a young boy in danger. Made the kid's life 'cause he was a Yankees fan.

2512 days ago

Sarita P.    

I am soooo sick of people think that Derek Jeter is God and A-Rod is the Devil. Jeter isn't and the press and Yankee fans has done it and he do believe his press clippings. This is what kills me and the press and the fans make any man into a God.

2512 days ago


Who f'n cares about Jeter or A-Hole?? The Yankees SUCK!!! Go Red Sox!!!!!!!!!!

2512 days ago


you people have no idea what ur talking about..where is the proof that that was his mistress?!?!?!?and besides what does mistress have to do with him not wanting to sign autographs when he is getting his morning paper....trying to live like a normal person.so the guy makes millions of dollars and may be overpaid butttt you would be to if u were on ur way to break all types of records for MLB history...stoping hating on AROD and maybe focus on what he is known for....being an AMAZING baseball player...and thats itttttt!thank you very much and have a nice day =)

2512 days ago

Sarita P.    

I'm sooo sick of people make Derek Jeter as a God and Alex Rodriguez as a Devil. This is the press and Yankees fans at fault for this. So what A-Rod cheated on his wife, so did Johnny Damon and married the mistress. Jeter cheats on his so called girlfriends all the time that makes him no better. This is what happens when they make Gods out of men in the sports world.

2512 days ago


A-rod is all about "ME, ME & more moi" !!!

He did NOT deserve to be MVP several times in a row.

David Ortiz has MUCH More character than he does.

And David is also a very caring person.

He is the glue that binds his team together.

Unlike A-rod, David is Genuine.

He doesn't need his agent & hired PR people to

"SELL" him everytime the cameras are on him.

Wouldn't be surprised if some writers & TV commentators
are getting "Rewarded" for showering him with praise and
pushing the word "MVP" every chance they get.

Inquiring minds wonder if A-rod is being "helped" by some

Undetectable substance.

Never will forget how Ichiro was put down by TV commentators like
Kennedy of FOX TV
when he got the MVP for 2001, his 1st year in the big leagues.

Kennedy kept on saying that Brett Boone should have been MVP & Not Ichiro.

So did many other media people.

Boone's name was mentioned as having taken illegal substance;
so was Mike Cameron.

Baseball players get paid $$$ Millions.

And the rules regarding testing should be changed.

There should be NO LIMIT as to the # of times they are tested 12 months out of a year.

They should also beef up their testing methods.

There are too many undetectable substances out there that players are taking.

Hopefully the TRUTH will COME Out very soon (as to who has been cheating).

And the Cheaters should be required to Pay Back every cent they were making

as well as be BANNED for Good from playing in the Major Leagues.

2512 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

Baseball Junkie:

Glad you're not one of those who think Jeter can do no wrong - he's human just like everybody else. Only difference is Jeter's bad points don't get spotlighted so he appears to be something closer to angelic. I like Jeter - he's great in a lot of ways (great player who does a lot of charity work).

2512 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

#14 - Nobody cares about Ortiz outside of boston whereas A-rod has worldwide appeal. Why would Ortiz need a PR agent? When have you ever seen him with a national endorsement deal or being asked by national programs for him to appear? You don't. If anybody outside of boston were interested in Ortiz - Ortiz would need an PR person.

Ortiz doesn't play outfield - all he does his hit the ball. That is why he is not eligible for MVP - you have to be a field player not just a DH. I'm sure a lot of players could put up the numbers he does if they got to sit on thier asses when the opposing team is up to bat. A-rod doesn't have that luxury.

And Ortiz can't command the same salary because he can not play a field position.

2512 days ago
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