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Kiefer Wants to Go to Jail -- But Not County

12/5/2007 8:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Kiefer Sutherland is at an L.A. County Courthouse and the judge has agreed to let him serve his time at a jail run by the city of Glendale rather than the perilous Twin Towers county facility.

Sutherland will serve his 48 days at the Glendale City Jail. He must complete his sentence by the end of March. He then faces 60 months of informal probation -- meaning he doesn't have to see a probation officer, pay a fine, complete 18 months of an alcohol education program and undergo six months of weekly alcohol therapy sessions.

t makes lots of sense for Kiefer to choose a city jail. Sources say Twin Towers has become a nightmare of violence, and jailers cannot guarantee the safety of high-profile inmates.

The probable option if Sutherland chose Twin Towers is that he would be placed in "the hole" -- a solitary confinement area in which he would spend 23 hours a day alone.

This is not a typical "pay for stay" program. Rather, Kiefer will serve a regular county jail sentence through the City jail inmate worker program.

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I say put ALL the Hollywood crowd in prison - then have them go before Judge Judy to plead their innocence - LiLo would be placed in my custody for safe keeping.

2484 days ago


una chica - yours is a true TMZ tragedy - being snubbed by Sutherlands - all you wanted was peace & 6 take out tacos with extra hot sauce - bless you.

2484 days ago


Sutherland should be treated just like everyone else. But he is not !
If the the perilous Twin Towers is unsafe? It should be shut down. Whats good for others should be good for Sutherland. This is not equal justice. NO JUSTICE HAS BEEN GIVEN !
The judge should be pushed off the bench.

2484 days ago


He'll have to change the name of the show from 24 to 48....days.

2484 days ago


una chica should be featured in the next 24 - her story of heartbreak as an illegal 1-taco-step ahead of the law - always looking over her shoulder for federales & enchiladas.

2484 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

I work in NY State as a law enforcement officer and in 14+ years on the job I have never seen so much b.s. as I see now in California when rich folks get busted and convicted. Since when do the convicted get to choose where they will serve their sentences? This b.s. runs counter to the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment. It is a sneaky re-configuration of the Plessy v. Ferguson decision that Blacks and whites are "separate yet equal." When Paris Hilton was in lockup, her visitors were moved to the head of the line and did not have to wait hours to get in, as did many Black and Latino visitors to the same facility.This is bogus. They might as well let Kiefer serve his damn sentence at the Canadian Embassy. Sheesh!

2484 days ago


Guess Jack Bauer isn't so tough. Can't even handle a downtown L.A. jail. Wimp.

Taking bets on how long it'll take this drunken douchebag to get his next DUI.

2484 days ago


Here's the deal. He was offered 48 days in jail or go to REHAB!?! He chose JAIL!!! Wow, that's a dedicated drunk there! Hey if you have the cash, we all know how our ju$tice system works, good for him for getting granted the move.

2484 days ago




"una chica - yours is a true TMZ tragedy - being snubbed by Sutherlands - all you wanted was peace & 6 take out tacos with extra hot sauce - bless you."

The Sutherlands love taco bell!!! They weren't snubbing you, they don't speak spanish and didn't know what you were saying!

2484 days ago


The racist idiot posting under multiple names can shut up now. Nobody thinks he's funny.

2484 days ago


hey sound exactly like all the other jerkoffs who base everything on material ..power..wealth...and have no soul...could care less about anyone or anything...but what biff or chad sound so clueless to why there is an underbelly to society....and with all your advantages.., or emplyment, clubs...fraternaties or alumni...your still as ignorent...and stupid...and wrong the homey...who has nothing but disdain for you....because of what your privlidge affords you...and kiefer....all this racist banter...when did TMZ...turn into hustler magazine!!!!----just dont get a DUI...the take out guy might be serving you up...instead of serving you ...

2484 days ago

una chica    

'S' and '9' - your ASSumptions of my ethnicity are not only ignorant, but also pathetic.

2484 days ago

Fred Truth    

Oh, come on, guys. Would it really be fair for him to be in solitary? I don't think so. Paris wasn't in some MEN'S prison. I guarantee you some guys would be trying to destroy Kiefer just so they could be fools and brag about how they "kicked Jack Bauer's ass." I'm sure it was a legal liability, too, with Fox not wanting their $40 million investment harmed. A "normal" person wouldn't have to deal with all that crap.

2484 days ago


Kiefer..... your nothing but a big baby who is so full of himself I could gag. Maybe you can watch reruns of yourself while you sit for what 48 hoo. Ya big brat. Grow up Sutherland and get some help before you KILL some innocent family all because you don't want to hire a driver because they tell the press everything.....Well, look you did it all to yourself and it makes me sick just cause you have money you get off with nothing but a slap on the hand. What's going to happen when you get out.....oh let me think ......the first Bar.....Grow up and get off the drugs and alcohol and get a life. A real one, not the fantasy one you live in ...guess what.. YOUR NOT A HERO Your a drunk.............

2484 days ago

Little Chyna "Girl"    

Hey Purify ... You don't know me, Jackoff. Kiss my a$$!

2484 days ago
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