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Magician Claims "Family Guy" Stole His Act

12/6/2007 3:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Art Metrano, an actor who frequently appeared on "The Tonight Show" performing simple magic tricks, is suing the FOX show "Family Guy" for stealing his routine in their animated movie, "Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story." Those of you over 40 know who we're talking about.
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In the movie, a future version of Stewie Griffin says that he traveled back in time and that Jesus' abilities may have been exaggerated. The scene then cuts to Jesus performing, Metrano claims, a "comedy routine identical in music, sound and action to Metrano's act, 'The Amazing Metrano.'"

Metrano, who played Captain Mauser in two of the "Police Academy" films, filed a lawsuit in federal court yesterday, claiming copyright infringement, among other things, and is seeking in excess of $2 million.

Calls to reps for "Family Guy" were not immediately returned.


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Yeah it looks like the same act to me. Funny thing is I went and checked out his website and he stole the theme song from the A-Team TV show, and plays through out his intro to the site. He is such a hypocrite!

2476 days ago


I really don't know what is more pathetic....a guy that needs attention so desperately that he is suing a cartoon character.............. or somebody that sits around all day trying to be "first." with a post........

2476 days ago


Hahaha omg. They didn't steal his act because he is the one they were making fun of. If they would have been serious about it and introduced it as original then yeah I could see where he was coming from but it was a spoof sketch, come on. What about all the scary movies, didn't they copy off all kinds of movies? Quit whining and be glad that anyone even knows your no talent ass.

2476 days ago

Anne Frank    

These performers and attorneys know perfectly well that fits the currently accepted legal definition of "parody." Thus, they know that the lawsuit will be tossed.

Why, then, do they file these lawsuits? Perhaps it's because most performers and writers want credit for their work, or some memory of their respective work. Mr. Metrano has been out of the public eye for a long time. This gives him a chance to say "Hey, that Stewie sketch was a take-off on my act."

A bit of immortality, perhaps, for Mr. Metrano. Maybe it's the principle of the thing. It certainly won't help Mr. Metrano pay his lawyer's fee, but you'll have to admit that this story has already gotten Mr. Metrano more credit and more publicity than he has had in years. And you know what? He was pretty good!

2476 days ago


Umm, that act (or lack of) has been going on since at least the early 70's. Commedians have been doing that as far back as I can remember. Art needs to chill because I am not so sure he didn't steal it from the many commedians before him!!!

2476 days ago


I like family guy and all, but when they did that clip with Jesus in it, it really kinda pissed me off. Joke or not, my savior is more important than all of this crap.

2476 days ago


Jesus Shmesus hahaha

2476 days ago


jesus died 4 ur sins and bad comdy.

2476 days ago


Does it matter if it is a parody? Remember Weird Al - he had to get each of the performers who he wanted to parody for his videos. I remember he wanted to to a Coolio video, orignially Coolio said no, but later changed his mind. Just my thought....

2476 days ago

Kat Ramone    

Yeah, when I saw that Family Guy episode/movie, I said the same thing..."Hey! That's Art Metrano's gig!" And that's from many moons ago...I remember Metrano from "back in the day," and his goofy "magic tricks" were all the rage with those of us who have goofy senses of humor. I "passed on" these AB FAB tricks onto my kids, who thought they were silly, too...but hey! as mentioned, Metrano should be stoked that someone's remembered his routines! And that's what Family Guy draws on pop culture and pop culture past...Get it???


2476 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Family Guy is awesome-too funny. Like someone said earlier thye use stuff from evreyone,Simpsons,The Fugitive any show work it's stuff-the guy should be flattered! otherwise no one would know who he is

2476 days ago


I dont get it. In a society that is admittedly politically correct, how do these guys get off insulting the entire premise of a particular religion when they'd never get away with it with another religion.

Whether you're Christian or not, the fact that such an insinuation is made is completely insulting to those who are Christian. Unreal. I guess that whole political correctness crap only flies when people want it to.

2476 days ago


Hope he sues that awful, unfunny show for every penny they got.

2476 days ago


He's right. They stole his intellectual property.

2476 days ago


They are going to try to file suit but you know what's gonna happen?It's gonna get dropped like every other suit claiming copyrightinfringement hahaha. So too bad, family guy is gonna be on for aLONNNNGGGGGG time and I'm gonna watch every bit of it :). Oh, and bythe way the Jesus sketch was FUNNY AS HELL!!!!!
P.S. I'm sure someone will say well good cause that's where you are going so I'll save you the trouble,IF there is hell, yes I will go to it, AND I DON"T GIVE A DAMN HAHAHAHA!!!!!

2476 days ago
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