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That Outfit's Reeeaall Cute, How Much It Cost?!

12/6/2007 2:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Blonde bombshell Mary J. Blige was spotted leaving her hotel in NYC on Wednesday, sporting some seriously high-priced 'cessories!

With her diva shades, luxurious Vuitton scarf, fur coat, oversized leather bag and matching cowhide lunar boots, Mary Jane Blige was looking just fine, thank you very much!

No more drama for Miss Mary -- just plenty of dollars!


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2452 days ago


What a Skanky Whore.

2452 days ago

Abbie, a friend of you Guys and of Perez, too!    

PEOPLE who wear what only animals should, namely REAL FUR, disgust me, sorry!

Looking perfectly dreadful, and thank you very much!

2452 days ago


For #15

I live in Chicago and commute via metra train. I walk a total of 2 hours a day collectively even when it is below zero. I don't wear fur.

I seriously doubt that Mary J. Blige needs a big fur coat walking from the hotel lobby right into a waiting limo.

This is called 'fugly'.

True, money can't buy class. Miss Blige has risen above many things and seems to be a wise woman.

Sadly, she and her stylist have bought into this whole thing that diamonds and furs mean success. Both, in reality mean the loss of innocent lives for the sake of greed, plain and simple.

Mary if you reading this, please stop wearing fur. You are too cool for fur!

2452 days ago


Get it together, you are confusing hate with truth. The reason celebs don't like this site is because HERE is where they see THE TRUTH about their sorry selves and there isn't a thing they can do about it except run to People Magazine with all their phony PR fantasy spreads that are anything BUT the truth about them. So you can call the truth hate all you want, but the truth will continue to be seen HERE. As for this idiot woman, she looks like an unfeeling b#tch wearing a coat that caused so many animals to die horrible deaths. Shame on you, Mary, for being such an uncaring human being.

2452 days ago

hot snot    

it is a lot going on all at once.

i won't even get in on the fur no fur debate.

her face is too thin, she's a diva though

2452 days ago


What’s up with the BLOND WIG. Who is that LEECH before her ? I guess when you do not have a JOB, follow the money trail.. Pathetic LEECH, indeed.

2452 days ago


People at least respect Mary J. Blige for making it out of the ghetto. She looks beautiful and I give her nothing but praises for her style and personality!!!!!!
Remember she is the queen of hip-hop and soul!

2452 days ago


This is what im talking about a queen of beauty!!!!!!
I respect this lady so much, she so damn successful and made it out of the ghetto.
And the outfit it Just how a Newyorker would dress!!!!!
MJB queen of hip hop sooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuulllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!

2452 days ago


Dionne Warwick must be coming back in style. I see a drag queen in New YOrk dressing just like her in a nice rabbit fur coat. This little Dionne psychic friendless networking dead animals on her backside need to go somewhere. Maybe, to rikers island to jooin her hip tip co-ho friend Foxy Brown who is wearing prison orange and so blue.

2452 days ago


I hope this is not the outfit Steve Harvey commented about on his show yesterday, because as expensive as it may be , It don't look like nothing worth mentioning.

2452 days ago


shameful that she wears fur. i will never support any artist that wears real fur, besides i don't like hip-hop/R&B/whatever. also, someone mentioned "haters" wishing they had "her money"? may not be rich like her, but i can sleep at night knowing that i didn't contribute to hundreds of animals being tortured and skinned alive KTX. so you assumption FAILS, just like you.

2452 days ago


So what... it's a fur coat. People have been wearing animal pelts since the beginning of time. If you want to whine about it, then take off your leather shoes. Otherwise, shut up.

MJB you look gorgeous in that SABLE! Yummy!

2452 days ago


Oh My gawd !!! Where the hell is Peta when you need them !!!?? The woman looks
aweful !!!!!

2452 days ago
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