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Jo and Slade -- Totally Over ... It

12/13/2007 2:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former "Real Housewives of Orange County" sublebs Jo De La Rosa and Slade Smiley may not be a couple anymore -- or reality stars, for that matter -- but they've each moved on to physically bigger and questionably better things.

TMZ cameras spotted Jo out with another reality show reject -- "Sons of Hollywood" star David Weintraub. The pair were out about on Robertson Blvd. yesterday, hitting up the trendy boutique Lisa Kline. A source inside the store tells us that Jo was trying on several different outfits (didn't buy any) and that David was very "touchy-feely" with her. *shudder*

Not to be topped, Slade was out and about last night with a busty piece of arm candy by his side. When our camera guy wanted to know how Jo was doing, to which Slade shot back, "Jo is probably fine."

Probably, indeed.


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2 shoes    

I don't know who the biggest losers are here, Jo and Slade (who the f*%k cares about them)...TMZ for showing this crap (scraping the bottom of the toilet here)....or this Weintraub dude for buying into that loser(congratulations Weintraub, your officially a loser, I'm sure your parents are proud of you).....

2488 days ago

2 shoes    

Hey everybody, I live in OC in a very nice area Dana Point. I'm grounded and in a high profile industry so believe me when I tell you this, when these 2 morons are seen out and about around here people laugh at this imbicile Slade Smiley(the name fits the imbicile) who is such a dud in personality and looks and this girl who doesn't even come in the top 30% of beautiful women out here (shes in her early 20's, never would of known that tell me 35 and I believe it). If they lived in Columbus OH or Columbus Georgia for instance then they would be a big name.

2486 days ago

Hills FAN    


2503 days ago


She treated him so bad. Bad karma, beeyotch!

2503 days ago


who the hell are these people??

2503 days ago

This girl is a straight-up bitch

2503 days ago

LA will always SUCK    


2503 days ago


1ST ONE--No, I'm first, sucker.

2503 days ago


not good looking either! Slade can do sooo much better!

2503 days ago


With ex boyfriend Slade going bankrupt and his house in foreclosure, Jo needs a new sugar daddy..

2503 days ago


uh who?

2503 days ago


Jo and Slade are over? No. Say it aint so. Oh how can this happen? My world has ended.
Oh how can I possibly go on living after this? I must commit hara-kiri.

Um...........who are Jo and Slade?

2503 days ago


Why the big issue with Weintraub? He was the only sane and decent acting participant in that reality show. You never see him acting like a douchebag (at least on camera), he's usually cleaning up after his douchebag friends.

2503 days ago


They had their 15 minutes of fame about 45 minutes ago. You will not find a more vapid, empty, shallow and repulsive pair ever. Although Heidi and Spence come awfully close.

2503 days ago


If anything, he's guilty of "Douchebag by Osmosis".The douchebagedness of his buddies has leeched onto him due to his proximity to their Douchebag aura. He needs to get a cooler click of friends to hang out with, maybe some with career aspirations or at least jobs. And Jo? come on, she was a dirty golddigger with no skillz. Slade ? Tool with a blackcard. California is full of them.

2503 days ago
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