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Jo and Slade -- Totally Over ... It

12/13/2007 2:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former "Real Housewives of Orange County" sublebs Jo De La Rosa and Slade Smiley may not be a couple anymore -- or reality stars, for that matter -- but they've each moved on to physically bigger and questionably better things.

TMZ cameras spotted Jo out with another reality show reject -- "Sons of Hollywood" star David Weintraub. The pair were out about on Robertson Blvd. yesterday, hitting up the trendy boutique Lisa Kline. A source inside the store tells us that Jo was trying on several different outfits (didn't buy any) and that David was very "touchy-feely" with her. *shudder*

Not to be topped, Slade was out and about last night with a busty piece of arm candy by his side. When our camera guy wanted to know how Jo was doing, to which Slade shot back, "Jo is probably fine."

Probably, indeed.


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Okay, last Thursday night at Bossanova in West Hollywood, I saw Slade and Jo together, all dressed to the nines. They walked right past me and ate inside Bossanova, and walked out and left together. They werent like holding hands or anything, but they were alone......

2444 days ago


He can have her! Maybe she''ll save her voice (God Willing) just for him! Only David can have her pretty (cough) voice! She's like totally, um, talented. I mean, she deserves fame, she rode some rich guys lap for awhile, accepted his money and generosity, she got to live it up and worry about nothing... so of course she DESERVES to be famous! These people live on pillars, and we poor simple serfs need these fine folks to look up to, to give us all a reason to live!

I think all of the Housewives of Orange County are very accomplished women who deserve fame and even more money to blow. They had to put in a lot of time and risk in their various facial deforming plastic surgeries, and that alone deserves fame. AN ANAMORPHIC DISORDER is totally AWESOME! I personally aspire to be like these women, I want to be a walking Picasso, my face frozen in time. You'd never know if I was happy or sad, but that'd be okay, because I'd have made myself into walking art, so you'd have to interpret my feelings.

These people command millions upon millions of dollars and do wonderful things with it too! Why buy wells for African villages, or sponsor a polio vaccination clinic when you can go to YOUR PRIVATE BEACH HOUSE IN CABO!!!!! The values these people have and the compassion for mankind in general is something to really be highlighted. They need to drive luxury cars that are entirely unnecessary to show the world that they are TOTALLY LOADED and more than happy to squander money. I am so glad that they are being filmed and broadcast all over the world! No wonder, EVERYONE thinks we're morons, these people are our ambassadors!

So do I think she needs my money? No.

Also, what is going on in California? The women need to stop ruining their faces, once they leave the state they are officially freaks. I saw an L.A. leather faced woman in a Utah gas station once and about dropped my Big Gulp, she was horrifying! I don't know if the smog if affecting their vision, but these chicks are scary looking! It's spreading like wildfire, the women are completely destroying themselves. I bet in 1000 years there are going to be some weird looking mummies coming out of that neck of the woods! Plus they won't be able to grow anything because the soil is going to be saturated with silicone!

I personally think we need to relinquish the State of California to the moon.

2444 days ago


Rye...So well spoken. We should meet for a drink at Koi after an afternoon of shopping at Kitson and dish. Not tomorrow though, I have lipo and a peel. Text me tho! XXOOXXOO

2444 days ago

its britney bitch    


2444 days ago


He was a total control freak. He was twice her age and expected her to act 43. What's up withhim going bankrupt though?

What's the dirt on that? Anyone?

2443 days ago

jon and kate are octomoms role models    

Jo and Slade are going to crash and burn soon...two has-beens who were never any-beens to begin with...they both just made fools of themselves on the show...and now are trying to use their 15 minutes of fame to look even more stupid(if that's even possible)...they need to win the award for reality-show idiots of the year...can't believe they even want to be seen in public, considering what a laughing stock they made of'd think they'd be so embarassed they'd want to hide...but they're too idiotic to look in the mirror and see how ugly they really are...inside and out...............yuck!

2443 days ago


Face it Slade spoiled her and she acted like she was treated spoiled. He wanted his little trophy wife and wanted to control her every move and when he seen that he couldnt control her anymore he left. Slades an azz!!!!! Jo is young and using what she has to get the things she wants.

2443 days ago


Slade looks dirty. Take a shower, man.

2442 days ago

jon and kate are octomoms role models    

Slade gets one woman pregnant...she has his child...he gets another woman pregnant...she has his child...he tries to get Jo pregnant...he really wants her to get Slade a human being...more like a wild dog...or a feral cat...or maybe a rat or a hamster...white trailer trash...nothing more...pity the poor children he has fathered...what a miserable excuse for a human being their father is...and he's proud to put his life out there for millions of people to see...he should be ashamed of all the lives he has destroyed

2442 days ago

jon and kate are octomoms role models    

Shane obviously has the same mental health issues as his father-rude and out of touch with reality-needs professional help-Mom and sister strong women, have it together-father and son have totally lost it-seriously-get help soon

2442 days ago

I am poster 58    

The OC Register reported his house was in foreclosure. That's old news. A word for the wise....if a man makes a baby with one woman and doesn't marry her....stay CLEAR of him. Slade has made 2 babies with 2 different women and has not married either of them. He doesn't have a lot of integrity. He looks like he has been on a bender or is allegedly using something....his eyes look all glossy. He does need a good bath and a new wardrobe. He is icky.

2442 days ago

I am poster 58    

Jo gets a 1 hour pilot is all which will be like The Bachelorette. I am sure Slade will be on the show as one of the suitors. He has to have air time. As far as getting press time, I am sure he is like Spencer Pratt and calls the press to tell them where they will be. Most people don't know who they are. Not too many people watch Bravo.

2442 days ago


slade is nothin but a control freak with control issues and he is pediphile as well for going after such a young girl he was 25 when she was born for crist sakes....he likes little girls

2437 days ago

my two cents    

#18: She isn't Mexican trailer trash. She is Paraguayan trailer trash.

2437 days ago


I think Jo was the best thing that happened to that air brain show.. She had more balls (even the men) than anyone to do and say what she wanted... She stood up the herself.. As for Slade... What a control freak!!!!!!
If Jo was a gold digger, she'd still be going out with that loser Slade... Thank goodness she dumped him.. Good luck Jo..

2437 days ago
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