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Donda West -- The 911 Call

12/17/2007 12:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the just over eight minute 911 phone call made the day Donda West died. Click to hear the first two minutes of the tape. Warning: the content is graphic.
Click to hear part one of the 911 call
West died last month after undergoing several cosmetic surgery procedures by Dr. Jan Adams. The coroner has performed an autopsy, results are still pending.


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don't you think this is a big personal??? please take this down. someone just lost their mother and just because he is famous doesnt mean that graphic and tragic details about his life should be posted all over the place. heartless bastards!

2500 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

I generally like TMZ, as they usually exhibit a bit of class compared
to other unnamed celeb blogs.This, however, feels too much like ambulance chasing or rubber
necking, and I just can't and won't listen to it. Too sad.
Keep your head up, Kanye - fill your heart with music, and lift other
heavy hearts up with your joy of it.
Merry Christmas, all.

2500 days ago


Apparently none of you have ever been in a situation where you actually had to call 911 because a person had lost consciousness and was no longer breathing. It is very frightening and sometimes we know things but we cannot tap into that part of our brains. Not everyone has the instant hero instinct when it's someone you care for deeply that needs that CPR/first aid training.

I do think though this should serve as a lesson what not to do when you call 911. I understand how/why the caller and the person in the background were acting as they were I just wish that there'd been someone there who was better able to be in better control of his/herself. We cannot speculate that it would have saved her life if these people had been better to reign in their emotions and focus. It may have either simply been Dr. West's time.

I personally could careless about Kanye and the only thing I feel is distant compassion for a person who lost a loved one. I don't mean that be cold or cool or callous, however realistically that is how I feel. I do think it sad though that internet and media outlets make such a huge business of death. From hysterical 911 calls to gory photographs to final text messages is there no respect for the grieving family? TMZ shame on you guys for this one. How would you like it if it were one of your relatives that passed and was treated in this manner? And shame as well on those of us who live day to day for this type of celeb exclusive. TMZ is merely supplying what we sad.

2500 days ago

just another person    

Even if I didn't like someone I would never revel in their mother's death. It never, and I mean never ceases to amaze and sicken me what people, from the unknown world of their homes and offices will post online. Some of you are sad, sick individuals. You need a priest, a good friend, some theraphy, a excorcism, a brain, some goodwill, some humanity, some humility to continue on in life, and not in the sick dark parts of your souls you are trapped in. God help us all from some of the sick, dark people who live next door to us.

2500 days ago


For one, I can not believe that you guys would put this on your cite. Why would you do this? I thought you guys were better than this. Have some respect for Donda and her grieving family. This makes no sense and I am taking myself off of your email list because I find this very offensive and disgusting.

2500 days ago


OMG! This is not right TMZ !! After listening, I got very sick to my stomach, aren't there somethings sacred anymore .I cant imagine her family members having to listen to this . Please pull this audio for the sakes of all that is good. TMZ you just Lost another fan.

2500 days ago

just another person    

Secondly, most people don't know how they will respond to something in an emergency. Don't just throw out there that people are stupid, their brains shut down sometimes in these situations. You don't hear, don't process information, and sometimes are shocked into a stupor. I work in a hospital, and surprisingly, you even see professional staff who see death more than most individuals go into a frenzy the first time the have to perform CPR or other life threatening situations, or are shocked and don't perform. I know most of you don't want to hear that, but that is the truth of the situation. So have a friend die and faced with responding to a bad situation does this to some people sadly.

2500 days ago


I am not going to listen to the 911 calls.

TMZ, this goes far afield from the realm of "good taste" or even "gossip".

Listening to the tragedy of someone dying is not something I would ever consider entertaining.

2500 days ago

Angella Douglas    

Its not a bad thing that tmz posted this tape. We can learn from it. We can learn to try to listen and follow instruction even when we are in a panic. Thanks tmz for keeping us informed.

2500 days ago


Why on earth would you post something like this.,..nobody but the family needs to hear this. This is sinking quite low and you should be ashamed of yourselves for putting something like this on here. Kanye may be famous but that does not change the fact that this man lost his mother. Put yourself in that position...would you want your mother's 911 call broadcast on the internet!

2500 days ago


tmz you should take this down. it's in bad taste to put it up have respect!!!

2500 days ago


I just heard on Fox and Friends that George Bush openly admitted to hating ALL blacks and set this up just to get back at Kayne for exposing him during the Katrina disaster.
LMAO. You would think for as much money as she flaunted in everyone's faces, she would have splurged to hire a staff with an IQ higher than 90.
Anyways, I still don't get what the big deal is about her. People die from surgeries everyday due to malpractice, you don't see the media all over them. She was a greedy hateful person who now has to answer to her maker for her blatent disregard of the needs of her fellow brothers and sisters.

2500 days ago


Terrible....that Kayne is still alive. Once he dies, the circle will be complete. Die soon Kayne.

2500 days ago


This is disgraceful.....are we that needy for made up news that we have to show a family dealing with a tragedy. Please take these tapes off.

2500 days ago


I did not listen to the tape and i will no longer visit this website any longer. It's one thing to exploit rich problem-prone popstars that crave the attention of the papparazzi but its another thing to exploit the death of a celebrity's family member. You have no respect for yourselves.

2500 days ago
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