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Pretty Woman

Pretty Peeved at Paps

12/18/2007 12:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

You'd think that after she risked life and limb to skewer a pap for filming her children at their school, photogs would be a little more respectful of Julia Roberts.

Not so. After Roberts obliged paps with plenty of shots across the street from her NYC house -- on the condition that they leave her alone, they did quite the opposite, following and shooting her the next day at her bank, and staying on her tail for three full blocks before a bystander stepped in to act as a bodyguard.

Her last word? Julia chastised the snappers for "embarrassing" themselves.


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PRETTY Woman???? A movie title is hardly an accurate description of Julia Roberts. "Average Woman With Plenty of Makeup" would be a better choice.

2510 days ago

just wondering    

....she made her choice to move back into the spotlight where the paps r....knew for sure it would be trouble for her when she decided that...stinks!!...but that is the way it is now!!...I bet she gets Academt Award nomination any minute now!!!...she is a grt actress and I just wish she would move back out of the spotlight...worked for her....the paps will NEVE go away...and they r feasting for another celeb and Julia with all her power will never be able to change the cyber system!!!!!!!!!!....she's not handling it all....wont' change!!!

2510 days ago

Miss Behave    

Julia Witch Roberts has GOT to be a TRANNY!!!

"Pretty Man."

Pretty FUGLY Man.

And...........................she's psycho angry. It's all that testosterone.

2510 days ago


"Hey Julia, another SUV", written in psycho CAPS, by "Libs are losers..."? Bill O'Reilly, is that YOU? It's an infantile and stupid statement, so it sure SOUNDS like you! Alas, probably just another Limbaugh zombie...

2510 days ago


I love Julia. Paps are nothing but rats with cameras.

2510 days ago

Miss Behave    











2510 days ago


Pretty for a tired old horse. Go back to your barn Julia.

2510 days ago

just wondering old r u...just curious?

2510 days ago


Anyone, particularly a pampered celebrity like Julia Roberts, should have her ass thrown in prison for parking in a handicapped spot. Does anyone remember when she wore those shirts meant to taunt her husband's then-wife? She's a first class bit$h. No sympathy for her or any other celebrity who's happy raking in the cash but whines about the paps.

2510 days ago

Miss Behave    

dear lord you could drive a truck thru those nostrils. not a good look. why didn't this horse stay out to pasture?

2510 days ago


Tase 'em, Julia!

Tase one and the rest of them cowards will hightail it down the street.

That'll teach 'em!

2510 days ago


dat sux.

2510 days ago


Do the paps have visas allowing them to work in NY? Are they part of the illegals NY wants to give a driver's license?
All of the paps that I heard speaking have strong Latin accents. Is Larry Birkhead the only pap born in the US? Of course Larry says he did not invade public figures' privacy the way this 2007 group of paps do. These paps don't watch where they are going. They walk backwards without looking. They knock over displays of vendors and trip over baby strollers with babies inside. These paps are danger to themselves and do the public. I want them off my sidewalks and I don't want them driving in NY!!!!

2510 days ago

below the line    

I get her beef about her children being followed, however, wasn't Jules the one who said she wants to retire and be just a Mom? (Vanity Fair interview) if she wants to be a private person then don't court the media when she has something to sell - can't have it both ways

Enjoy the attention now, in 5 years it won't be "Pretty Woman" but "Who was that woman?"

2510 days ago


She is only trying to protect her kids.

2510 days ago
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