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Jamie Lynn's Back-End Deal

12/19/2007 1:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Jamie Lynn Spears was not paid for this week's magazine interview ... yet. We're told the money will change hands down the road -- when the baby is born.
Lynne and Jamie Lynn
Just how did the deal go down? Rewind. Sources close to Britney's family tell TMZ it all started when Britney melted down on an OK! Magazine photo shoot. Britney's mom, Lynne, read the article (who didn't?!) and called OK! personally to thank them "for handling it so well." She stayed in touch with OK!, and called them this week when she learned that news of Jamie's pregnancy was about to break. Her only requirement? Keep Britney out of it. This is about Jamie Lynn. "She trusted them to do it in a way that would be sympathetic to her daughter," our source says.

We're told Jamie and mom did not want money, but OK! has agreed to pay $1 million to the younger Spears for a photo shoot when the child is born. Why so little when others have commanded several million? We're told it's because Jamie Lynn is not an international star and it's not worth it to the mag to pay big bucks for something they can't sell overseas.

Another interesting note: We hear Jamie is further along than the 12 weeks she says in the mag's article. Expect a spring baby.

(BTW: It appears that the OK! servers have crashed because of the site traffic.)


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I have to agree with some of the comments about lynne spears.the woman is a pimp mama.!! she is the reason that brit brit is looney tunes and out of it right nowll. talk about mama gone bad.. this woman will sell her kids for a fist full of dollars as long as she gets paid... damn., the server crashed? ok mag is laughing all the way to the bank. !!! if jamie lynn is not an international figure, she is now..!! its all over europe,just as kfed is now a bona fide cele brat e!! who would have thought that kfed is now considered a father of the yr and is now going for more mature roles ... britney needs therapy and counselling... but she wont get it in the holly hood... she needs to go back to kent woodl..backwoods where she belongs at heart.. you cant compare her to nicole richie or paris hilton... they belong to the hood.. they have claws!! they are survivors..brit brit is just a country bumpkin who can entertain and who has lost her way... as for lie low lohan, she needs to relocate to nyc and find her centre, doing theatre and keeping out of the clubs and sleeping with less crotch is not name to be banded about, especialy by a fat useless, talentless rich git who just follows these girls around cos his ugly fat arse hasnt got a job.. brandon the fat arse rich boy pimp..

2497 days ago


Lynne wanted the article to be about Janie-Lynne only? I would be devestated to announce to the world that my 16yr. old CHILD is pregnant! Sounds like the typical "stage mom", so worried about how much money there is to be made that she forgets that the nocked up teenager is her own kid! Just why should we be sympathetic towards some stupid kid who managed to get pregnant, just another un-wed, under-aged Hollywood idiot! Maybe the other moron Lynne gave birth too actually had the right idea about keeping her mother away from her boys, why ruin another generation of the Spears clan?

2494 days ago


Nice one thanks the for the good info!!!!!!!

2451 days ago


Shoot, the blind item websites have had this story for months. That gal is WAY past 12 weeks along.

2501 days ago


the kid

is not born yet

and it already has been

pimped out!!!

WTF is wrong with you people?!!?

she's fat

2501 days ago


I see nothing wrong with getting a little money. Why should the mags get all the cash? Mom and Jamie should.

2501 days ago


Fear for the children.

2501 days ago


so sad...

2501 days ago


Another Spears in the news. This world must be coming to an end! Run for your lives.

2501 days ago

2 1/2 Volts    

I hope Lynn Spears book "Pop Culture Mom", Is about what not to do, when raising children!

P.S. Lynn's time to rotate the tires on your home!!!!!!!!!!

2501 days ago

Dawn Day    

A million dollars?! Hell, I'll get pregnant for a million dollars!!

Did Momma Spears see dollars signs or what when little Jamie Lynn came to her and broke the news??????


2501 days ago


I do think that OK! Magazine's approach to celeb news is more tactful than some other celeb news outlets. They realize that their readers are not really interested in the smear campaigns some tabloids partake in, but are just interested in NEWS on celebs. I still think Lynne Spears is a money-grubbing, insensitive, manipulative person who has a lot to do with Brit's mental issues.

2501 days ago


What a ho...

2501 days ago

outraged citiizen    

Her mother's first thoughts are to announce this private, family situation in a magazine?? Talk about damage to her daughter's self esteem, and invasion of privacy. Selling baby photos before the baby is even born?? These Hollywood families...WTF?? Their whole lives are only about photo ops and publicity??

Where the hell is the Spears father???

2501 days ago


The mom is horrible, just horrible. Poor Jamie Lynn. Hell poor Britney, if this fame whore is who raised her no wonder she is as bad as she is.

OK might want to rethink their deal with Jamie Spears. Several papers and tabloids alike seem very interested in this. It's on their front pages.

2501 days ago
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