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'Real Housewives' Husband Really Arrested

12/20/2007 6:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Reality has set in for "Real Housewives of Orange County" husband Matt Keough. The former MLB star was popped by cops Tuesday afternoon in Newport Beach, Calif., after officers found him drinking at the bar at a local Marriott, thus violating his probation. Classy!
Michael Keough's booking photo
The 52-year-old Keough pleaded guilty to felony DUI charges in 2005, after crashing his SUV into another car and causing a chain reaction which seriously injured a bicyclist. Keough left the accident scene and was found at a nearby store. He reportedly blew almost three times the legal limit. Wow -- that's drunk!

The judge sentenced Keough to probation. The terms indicated he was not to consume any alcohol -- not even a drop. Cops arrested him after a Newport Beach police officer recognized him -- and knew he was not supposed to be drinking.

Marty Keough, Matt's dad and his uncle Joe all played professional baseball. His douchebag son Shane is currently playing minor league ball.

He'll be arraigned on the probation violation tomorrow.

UPDATE: TMZ spoke with OC Sheriff's Dept. spokesperson, Jim Amormino, who confirmed that Keough was arrested in 2005 for DUI and that "the Oakland Athletics as well as Matt Keough's family are working together to get Matt into a treatment center to obtain the help that he needs."


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I think it so unfair to blame Jeana. Her husband obviously did not like her at all!!! Doesn't she have the right to be happy? Her kids are her kids. If she can afford to give them everything then so what. I love her. She is strong beautiful and an inspiration to all woman.

2507 days ago

Hollywood Azz    

Actually it's a pretty good show. They should legalize DUI. It's actually fun.

2507 days ago

I am poster 58    

In Jeana's defense, on the show Matt has ignored her, slammed the door when when she was talking to him, walked out when she has had friends over, flirted with the dog trainer, and basically emotionally abused Jeana. So, all of you people out there saying, "poor Matt" obviously do NOT know what is going on in this marriage. Jeana is a hard worker, good mother, caring person who has tried to be there for her husband who has continuously pushed her away. A person can only take so much. Best of luck to the family. This is very sad.

2507 days ago


Bravo screens its comments so your chance of getting a negative comment posted are next to zero. Thank you TMZ!

2507 days ago


Oh, no one goes to the Bravo site. If you notice there are zero comments for this third season. they are so afraid someone will say something negative- heavan forbid! big babies! Check out ''. there are a lot of us fans over there. also, matt is a jerk to Jeana. those of u bashing her and defending him obviously dont know the history of the relationship or the show. im sure some ppl pretend to live in coto but on the other hand why is it so hard to believe that a poster actually does? some of you make it seem like its some mythical place- it is a small part of OC. Period. No big deal. And if u check out home prices, u get a heck of a lot more house in Coto for your dollar than you do in Los Angeles so I don't even think it is all the show is hyping it up to be.

2507 days ago


56. can someone please cancel that show. id happen to watch it out of curiosity and it made me sick .

Posted at 9:48AM on Dec 21st 2007 by Ray

A lot of people enjoy the show.If you don't there's a very easy solution...TURN THE CHANNEL :-)

2507 days ago


There are others on the Housewives show who agreed to participate regardless of how it affected their kids. Many of the Housewives and their spouses are fame whores who don't give a damn about their kids or how the show affected them. I don't feel sorry for any of them and they deserve all the negative commentary they have received and then some.

2507 days ago

jon and kate are octomoms role models    

Post #51 above must have been written by one of the Keoughs to defend themselves...who else would want to defend them. The family is obviously disfunctional on the show, the kids think nothing of bad-mouthing and name-calling even the adult friends of their parents. The kids are mean-spirited, mean-tempered, just downright cruel and nasty to each other and to everyone else...Jeana sold out the family for another cheap shot at fame on a reality show...Matt (the Dad now in prision without bail) just wanted his privacy...he turned out to be the most sane of the lot...which isn't saying much for the wife and kids. Matt was smart enough to know the reality show would expose all the evil lurking in his family... HE WAS RIGHT! Jeana, are your happy now? All the ugliness in your "beautiful Coto de Caza" home is exposed for all the world to see.....GO HIDE UNDER A ROCK...YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF AND WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO YOUR FAMILY...YOU SOLD THEM OUT, SISTER!!!

2507 days ago

jon and kate are octomoms role models    

Blog #55 above was either written by Jeana Keough herself or some pothead...or maybe a 5year old girl looking up to and admiring Jeana...YEAH RIGHT.....THE HOUSEWIVES THEMSELVES ARE THE ONES POSTING THE BLOGS ON THIS SITE ADMIRING AND DEFENDING THEMSELVES...ANYONE WHO WATCHES THE SHOW HATES THEM AND ONLY WATCHES IT TO LAUGH AT THEM AS THEIR FAMILIES FALL APART ONE BY ONE RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES...makes for great TV to see all the wicked witches melt...LOL

2507 days ago

jon and kate are octomoms role models    

#58 definitely posted by the housewive or her looney daughter

2506 days ago
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