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Rodriguez to Spend Xmas in the Pokey

12/24/2007 10:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michelle Rodriguez booking photo"Lost" star Michelle Rodriguez checked herself into Lynwood Jail Sunday afternoon to begin serving her 180 day jail sentence for violating her probation.

The actress was on probation for a variety of crimes, including DUI and hit and run. She violated that probation when she failed to provide proof of completion of her community service, and when she consumed alcohol three times while wearing an alcohol monitoring device. Whoops!

The judge who sentenced Rodriguez back in October specifically said that she was not be granted a work furlough, early release or home confinement and must remain in jail for the entire 180 days. Lynwood is the same jail in which Paris Hilton did her time earlier this year.

Last year, Rodriguez was sentenced to 60 days in jail, but because of overcrowding she was released the same day she went in.


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Jail is like a second home to these people I'm sure her entire family is already there, so she should have a very merry, old fashioned xmas afterall.

2504 days ago


She looks hot. Fresh meat...

2504 days ago

What Would Xmas Be Without Warrants Served In Annas Death    

I'd "pokey" something in her butt - my schlong. I'd "hit it and run." I'd be found guilty of DUI - "Dirtroad Unnatural Insertion." Yeah, dat's right.

2504 days ago


She is in jail for violating her probation: a crime that involves no weapon, no violence, no drugs, no alcohol, no property damage and no personal injury.

A horrible sentence by a judiciary that is out of control, your tax dollars at work.

For these type crimes house arrest and community srvice is normal everywhere else but California.

Check out this link to see another example of the California joke called court:


2504 days ago


She's probably in lesbian heaven right now. Imagine all the girl on girl action she must be getting.

2504 days ago


Oh GAWD ! Praise Jesus for the wisdom of the Court and the Police who bring these criminals to justice ! We can now all have a much much much much safer Christmas knowing that for the next 6 MONTHS the Police and Courts are protecting Us from this poison CRIMINAL. With Police & Court budgets so precious and limited it's a wonderful thing to see that when it comes to spending money on incarcerating evil the Police & Courts demonstrate the wisdom of priority, much like life or death medical triage decisions on the battle field that is: . . . . . . . . . . . . THE WAR ON CRIME ! ! !

2504 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Some people need to learn everything the hard way. What was so tough about a little community service? Now she'll be doing prison laundry by the tonne and peeling pallet loads of potatoes, without the accompanying photo ops community service would have afforded. Ya gotta cross your t's and dot your i's for the court to demonstrate that you can learn your lesson. Prison will now be her 'wellness' centre, lol.

2504 days ago


There is alwayw a place for Michelle on my face.

2504 days ago


She is alone in a cell 23 hours per day so the fantasy of girl girl prisoner sex is just that, a fantasy. Try sitting on a hard chair in a closet for 2 hours and then imagine six months of this. Ask yourself if the crime actually fits the punishment.

Does the humiliation and mental anguish make you less likely to comit another crime or does it make you certain, to the point of a gun sure, you will never get caught again?

We are paying to do this to her and aside from a chance to heap humiliation on someone we do not know what are we getting for our money?

2504 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Well, hey, Tommy @ 4:32PM - Then why did she make the choices she made? If a court decrees community service, and it is NOT your first time around, either, then you need to just do it. The justice system needs some teeth, or not breaking laws becomes laughable. They're not trying to heap humiliation onto her. I think she does that very well on her own, IMHO.
D.U.I., Hit and Run, Failure to complete community service, illegal alcohol consumption X3, plus a past history of being sentenced to something like 60 days where she did only one, yet HERE SHE IS, AGAIN. This is a perfect example of a person who doesn't learn to be a law abiding member of society from a slap on the wrist, as she has been given in the past. She has shown from her chronic criminal behaviour that she needs some real time in the big house. You'd change your tune if she drove drunk, had another hit and run but killed some people, and those people were your parents, or your kids.

2504 days ago


"Why go in a couple of days before Christmas?"

gazoo cuz the judge ORDERED her to turn in by Xmas Eve. I love how people dont have the facts (like that and the FACT that she actually did NOT violate her probation by drinking or by lying about community service...just wait u'll see) yet they just keep repeating it and speculating on it and judging off of it.

oh and all this lesbian crap is getting old. the easy joke about "all the women she wants" is idiotic. i think she's bi, and either
way why do people think prison sex right off the bat? like cuz she might be bi or somethin that makes her a nympho that will screw the bunch of hookers and druggies around her? u ppl are insane. I guarantee you that the only thing michelle will be doing with anybody in there is talking and laughing, so lose the little 12 year old boy "jokes" about the lesbian buffet. ur all sayin the same thing, and it's not clever or funny at all or even accurate for that matter!!

anyway thats not a bad mugshot.

2504 days ago


I can't believe some of you people you are so cruel and unkind no one knows what she has been threw in her life. Do you think that by talking down on her is going to make her feel better about her self all this does is stresses her. All you know is what you see on tv. No one know's what she goes threw behind the scene.I feel that if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it all. But then again your comments will only make her strongeras a person she is a wonderful outgoing talented person. And I look up to her for that. So people you can either get a life and do something better with your time. Besides juding others OR continue to hate since you have nothing else better to do because she dosent give a DAMN what you think. Anyways Love You Michelle Your Biggest Fan Keep Your Head Up And I Will Be Praying For You Sweetie. *Your Jessi*

2503 days ago


I am so sick of bleeding hearts feeling sorry for this stupid, pompous, dumb ass. Maybe if this idiot got drunk and ran over 'them' or some one they care about, they would understand why people like Michelle Rodriguez don't understand reason or sensibility. What people like her understand is swift penalties and consequences. But knowing bleeding hearts, they'd probably say "Oh, but shes a celebrity and has feelings!". Good riddance.

2503 days ago


Mayte Rodriguez Inmate #1107251
Century Regional Detention Facility
11705 Alameda Street
Lynwood California 90262

Her booking page shows a release date of 12 April 2008 so I guess she was given about 90 days for good behavior. After she has served 10 percent of her total sentence, about 18 days she could be released for overcrowding. Lets all pray that happens.

She deserved to be punished but the sentence she got with all the added restrictions was harsh and unfair.

2503 days ago
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