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Jake Legally Bonds with Reese's Kids

1/2/2008 2:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The part of Ryan Phillippe will now be played by Jake Gyllenhaal.

Gyllenhaal's relationship with Reese Witherspoon appears to be getting more serious, as Jake was snapped at a Malibu park -- with Reese, her mini-me daughter Ava and carrying Ryan & Reese's son Deacon on his shoulders. Brokeback stepdad - is that you?!?

Out in public and wearing matching hats, this Gyllenspoon collaboration is already a bigger hit than "Rendition."


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They are a PERFECT fit! Reese deserves a guy like Jake, he knows how to love a woman...because he has wonderful/loving parents. I hope they can make it work.

2488 days ago


Run for the hills Jake!!! You can do so much better then this bitch!

2488 days ago


Some of you really are idiots. Jake is a great guy and seems to be great with Reese and her kids. He isn't replacing Ryan, who remember cheated on Reese, he is just being a good boyfriend with her kids. And Ryan shouldn't be any more upset than Reese when Abbie Cornish, Ryan's girlfriend, was seen with the kids. They are being responsible divorced parents. TMZ also needs to move on from Brokeback. Jake has done TWO movies since then! Zodiac, which is getting rave reviews on all the year end critics lists and Rendition, which was a lot better than critics gave it credit for. Leave Jake and Reese alone already!

2488 days ago


Rendition was garbage! Just because no one saw it don't try to convince people that it was actually good. I did see it and it was terrible. It was boring, underdeveloped, badly acted and I did not find one character in the movie compelling enough to care about.

Zodiac was good. It could have used a trim by a skilled editor but overall it was good.

BTW Reese and Jake together? Not working for me. I agree with the "fit" issue.

2488 days ago


BenL, you didn't like Rendition but I saw it and I did like it. Not everyone has to agree with you, they can decide for themselves.

And Reese and Jake seem like they "fit" together very well to me. In the end the only people that really matters to is Jake and Reese.

2488 days ago


Well if people are entitled to their opinions then why do you feel the need to disagree with mine? If you really thought everyone was entitled to an opinion you would not have bothered to reply to my post.

2488 days ago


Bet it galls Ryan to death. I hope Jake and Reese and the kids will be very happy together!

2488 days ago


Way to be meanspirited KK. Why would it gall Ryan? He's moved so far on it isn't funny. I'm sure he'd rather have Reese happy and involved with someone because it would make things more peaceful between them.

I doubt Reese and Jake are permanent but I'm sure she is a good mother and she will make sure the kids are involved and happy and understand what is going on.

2488 days ago


feeling sorry for phillipe right now. carrying a kid on your shoulders is kind of a daddy thing. she should know better.

2488 days ago


I think it's dangerous for anyone to put a child on their shoulders. Anything can happen.

2488 days ago


nice life!

2487 days ago


TMZ Ryan will ALWAYS be their daddy. Jake will never be portraying Ryan

2487 days ago



Reese, you bitch, take better care of your children!

2487 days ago


Do the people feeling sorry for Ryan realize that he cheated on Reese? He has Abbie Cornish, so why shouldn't Reese have someone nice like Jake? Do you want Jake to be mean to the kids or something? Just because he put Deacon on his shoulders means he is a good guy. I doubt he would want to replace Ryan. He can't replace their father but he can be sweet to them. While some of you criticize Reese unfairly, I think she is being a good parent.

2487 days ago


Why would a guy who is 27 be spending his time with an older woman who already has a couple of kids by another man, instead of finding a woman to bear his own children? Hmmm.....maybe because he can't have children, for some reason, and has to make do with somebody else's?

2486 days ago
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