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Cops Called to Brit's House for "Custody Dispute"

1/4/2008 2:36 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed that LAPD has been called to Britney Spears' house in Beverly Hills for what we're being told is a "family custody dispute."

LAPD tells us the call came in around 8:00 PM PT this evening, but they would not tell us who made the call or what the specific problem was. Officers, we're told, are still on scene.

Spears, who was nearly two hours late for today's scheduled deposition in her custody case, was reportedly scheduled to have her sons tonight until 7:00 PM.

Story developing ...

UPDATE: Us is reporting K-Fed's bodyguards went to pick up Sean and Jayden at Britney's home this evening after her scheduled visitation, but Spears refused to turn the kids over. Police were then called. Britney's soon-to-be ex- attorney Sorrell Trope told the mag, "In a normal case when someone shows up with a certified court order saying the kids need to be somewhere else, the police see to it that the order is obeyed. But that is in a normal case."


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To Zitface--you sound like you are mentally challenged. It sounds like Britney , under the influence of drugs and or alcohol might realize too late what she has lost--her two precious toddler boys. Why wasn't she cited for contempt of court weeks ago?
I thought Judge Scott Gordon issued drug testing every two weeks by a court appointed drug testing company. Where are the results of her tests?

2450 days ago

Cindy Lou    

You guys, she is a drug addict and probably bi-polar which means she can't "get it together" unless she gets professional help. Maybe this is what she will get at the hospital. Her Grandmother committed suicide and that means she has a history of mental illness in her family. She's out of control because she is either not medicated and she should be or she is medicated but using other drugs /alcohal along with them. What is sad is that we are all going to watch this little creature kill herself either by suicide or accidental overdose. You know that is next. It's like everyone is picking on the handicapped child at school and taking photos while they are doing it. Sick humans.....and we are all watching this trainwreck....because that's what humans do. I know that if all of us could personally stop her we would. Unfortunalty the people close to her are making too much money from her to give a crap. When she dies....the money stops....I hope they think that far.

2450 days ago


I hope it was worth it girl-now ya really did it-What in the world is wrong with you? when you finally grow up and see what has happend, you will be so sorry-the time you have lost with your beautiful children,you can never get it back.god be with you~

2450 days ago


Yeah, but Cindy Lou---Even with extreme bi-polar, there are episodes of clarity in between the manic phases. I know several people living with this condition (of varying degrees) and they all agree that Britney is a completely self-centered and dangerous. Three of those people gave up rights to their children and handed over custody to their spouses because they knew they couldn't handle parenting. Their destructive lifestyles were a bad influence on their kids and they recognized that. One of them visits her kids and the other two have CHOSEN to stay away for as long as it takes to gain control over their lives...They are aware that their presence harms their children emotionally and mentally. Britney needs to hand over those boys and have herself hopitalized, immediately. For once in her life, she needs to be 100% selfLESS--Not selfISH. She has a CHOICE--(bi-polar or not.)

2450 days ago


why does the wh*re suddenly care about her kids? She hasn't done one thing should be doing to get them back all the time!!

2450 days ago


everyone just needs to leave her alone all she wants is her kids back and k-fed out of her life also the damn papparazzi needs to leave her the hell alone!!!!!!

2449 days ago

YuMmY .....    

Uh Britney does NOT LIVE IN BEVERLY HILLS This all Went down in the SAN FERNANDO VALLEY City of STUDIO CITY!!!! City before HOLLYWOOD I know this cause I live like REAL Close REEAALL CLOSE!!!!

2449 days ago

YuMmY .....    

OH YEA!!!! Brittney's Crazy ( Sorry I Totally defeated the purpose of why I sent the comment in the first place!! Duh. Me )

2449 days ago

fed up    

First of all I have to say that I don;t feel pity for her. And I say this because Any man that would leave his pregnant girlfriend to run away with another women is not worthy. Kevin is a piece os trailor park trash who is just looking for a hand out. He does'nt really care for those kids HELL , the man has two more by Shar Jackson that he barely takes care of. So ask yourself is it really about the money or for the love of those kids. I think money. I knew every since she married this loser this was going to be another Bobby- Whitney situation. It's really sad to see those kids suffer like this. And where is her parents in all this? I just wish Kevin could see that this is just causing more fuel to the fire. We all screw up as parents that's life but she sholud still be able to see those boys.

2449 days ago


dirt bag! dirt bag! white trash! white trash! let her die!

2449 days ago


stop to judge her. she got a bipolar syndrom, i have the same trouble. It s a lot of pain, n not her fault. I just hope she ll accept to have a treatment.

2446 days ago


Why was she forced to go to the hospital and stay once they proved that she had no alcohol or drugs in her system????
Did you read the rediculous article by Kevin FEDERLINE saying HE called the police because he was AFRAID that Brit would use a GUN HE GAVE TO HER??!!??

WHY THE Heck would he give her a gun and does he have any? NO GUNS should be in a house with children! Kfed the dumb comes off looking like father of the year? I think those kids should be put into a GOOD foster home and keep BOTH parents away from them until the whole custody fight is over.

2446 days ago
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