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We'll Have What Tom Brady's Drinking

1/4/2008 1:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He's a record-breaking QB, has an incredibly hot Brazilian girlfriend, is beloved the world over by men and women alike. What's in the water wherever he lives?

It's not tap, friends -- it's SmartWater, for which Brady just shot a series of new ads, including this one -- where he's seen in full superathlete glory. The spots will start running next month, so he's no doubt hoping his undefeated Pats win the Super Bowl.

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Go pats!    

Hey quint, you really should check your facts before just blurting out something so stupid! I agree with Justin, you must be a Jets fan. I feel sorry for you! Mangenie is a CLASS A ass****. Tom's the man! GO PATS!!!

And why dosen't everyone leave Brittney alone, maybe if she didn't have to live her life in front of the whole world she would handle things differently(or maybe not), but atleast give her a chance. I know that I have had my share of mistakes(just like all of you), the only difference is I don't live in the public eye. Let's think about that for a second.....everything and I mean everything you do the entire world see's it. What kind of life is that? I know people say she is a celebrity so she is asking for it. Just because she is a celebrity that shouldn't mean that she has absolutly no privacy. How sad is that? What if that same standard held true for everyone? What a freakin mess we would all be! OK i'm done ranting.
Have a good day everyone!

2483 days ago


Tom Brady would be the FIRST to say "There is no "I" in team". He knows he cannot do what he does without all the others. So all you idiots who want to judge him for leaving Bridget, that is fine, but keep your words out of his career because they are NOT one in the same.


2483 days ago


I agree with #6 too. I am laughing at #11 not with you.

2483 days ago


#6 you don't know what you are talking about. They were broken up when she found out she was pregnant. She didn't want to be in a relationship with him nor he with her. Get the facts straight before you start rambling off at the mouth!

2483 days ago


I heard he got his steriods from Harrison.

2483 days ago

Go pats!    

Hey Brady Hater 2,
I agree with you that they need to acknowledge the rest of the Pats, but for you to say that you can't wait for him to get hurt, well you must be an awful person. To wish that anyone gets hurt is just wrong (of course unless you are a rapist, killer, ect) you are a real jerk for putting that out there!!!!

2483 days ago


pats got busted cheating and just got a slap on the hand.brady is a good qb but the cheating will be a asterick on the "tainted"season.cant wait till the steelers knock them out in the afc championship game.

2483 days ago



2483 days ago


The steelers knocking the Pats out....LOL LOL

2483 days ago


Why anyone would pick him for a spokesman is beyond me. First Stetson now this crap. Can't he get a better products to promote. No one under 80 uses Stetson and I highly doubt that tom brady wears it either. It smells like poop.

2483 days ago


Well he's no miracle boy that's for sure but that's MY opinion... why do you guys have to get all huffy and puffy about it - don't attack other people's opinions geeessshhhh - its a new year - be nice to people.

Unfortunately being in the public view his family life AND his career DO go hand in hand because everyone will find out EVERYTHING about him, life and work. Everyone reports his split with Bridget differently, only the 2 of them know what happened for real... I think him getting with his model girlfriend so soon after didn't do much for his credibility, but he has to deal with that backlash himself and look at himself in the mirror everyday.

2483 days ago


#6, not true. She revealed she was pregnant when they had already broken up! He has NO obligation to her, only to his son.

Am I the only one that thinks he's got really skinny legs?

2483 days ago

A Mom    

For all of you against my comments (#6)....GET REAL. A real father is with there child as much as they can. He doesn't seem to be putting forth the effort to bond with his son. It is sad really because he will regret it. He really will. He is a dead beat dad and no matter what you say...he is an awful father, which makes him an awful person.

As for the Patriots...it is a team effort and not just one person. Please need to realize that!

2483 days ago


He's not a jerk for saying that - how many people watch the game and think - "man I hope he gets sacked and taken out of the game" I'm sure he didn't mean HURT HURT, and if so, yeah what an A**hole.... I personally don't like the Pats, I think its cool that they've gone this far, but when I watch I do want him knocked out of the game somehow, I don't think the Pats organization deserves such a record (although they HAVE earned it with all their hard work) because of all the controversy with the spying nonsense, IMHO....

2483 days ago

Go pats!    

Oh my GOD, will you people stop with the "the patriots need an asterick" the WON 16 games. They video taped the Jets, come on, what could they have learned that crappy team? How do you explain them beating Indy, Dallas, Pitt? I'll tell you. They ROCK! That's how. You are all just a bunch of jealous haters. You all wish that the Pats were your home team!

2483 days ago
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