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We'll Have What Tom Brady's Drinking

1/4/2008 1:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He's a record-breaking QB, has an incredibly hot Brazilian girlfriend, is beloved the world over by men and women alike. What's in the water wherever he lives?

It's not tap, friends -- it's SmartWater, for which Brady just shot a series of new ads, including this one -- where he's seen in full superathlete glory. The spots will start running next month, so he's no doubt hoping his undefeated Pats win the Super Bowl.

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I don't know, TVBoy, I guess I'm used to seeing football players with amazing bodies...I'm a little disappointed. I'm certainly not seeing any evidence of a six pack here. maybe I just dislike him so much i'm not able to look at him objectively, but you'd think with airbrushing, etc, he'd look better than this

2483 days ago


Was football season over when little John was born? No? I didn't think so. So maybe once this season is over he will be ABLE to spend some time with his son. After all, even if he was still with Bridget he probably wouldn't be seeing much of his son during the season. And I haven't heard him talk about his son, but I also haven't heard him talk about his girlfriend, mother, father etc. When T.B. speaks right now it is about football, wouldn't expect anything more. That is what he gets paid to do. You know, the money he is making so his son will be financially secure. I think Tom is going to be a great dad and I don't think he is going to call TMZ to show up at every visit he has with his son. So speculate all you want.....

2483 days ago


The moment he stepped out with an internationally famous lingerie model, so soon after a break-up, and kept the relationship so public during his ex-girlfriend's pregnancy...he increased his own Q rating...resulting in the money from these endorsements...but he also turned his own son's birth into a tabloid scandal. He was a deadbeat dad as soon as that happened, in my eyes. He should be giving every last penny of this money in child support. After all, his son is the one who has earned it.

2483 days ago


He is soooo sexy!!! It took me awhile to notice the water in the picture... to busy looking at the FINE ASS!!! Wow baby!! Everyone breaks up who cares if he left her god people are sooo stupid

2483 days ago

Never inked up!    


You must not have children. Or you are super insenstive. Or maybe football is your life?

A "father " is suppose to be around remember? Most Dads I know can't just decide when they feel like parenting. Waiting around until the season is over?! Are you kidding? If your married or with kids I 'd like to see you wait around for your man to get to ready to parent on his own time.

Then the money thing- are you so warped that you think his son is going to say someday- gee, daddy was NEVER around, but................ he had cash.

Wake up girl. You have some strange thinking. Different, but strange.

2483 days ago


You Kidding Right?!

Why don't we check and see how often other footballs players who are fathers see their infants DURING the season. Now I am not talking about the ones that are still together with the mother, I'm talking about the ones who are either divorced or seperated. When Bridget got together with T.B. she did it with the knowledge of the fact that during the season, he is not around much UNLESS she makes it a point to be where he is. If she truely wants him in John's life RIGHT NOW then it has to be her effort.

BTW, yes I do have a child and not with the father, he has nothing to do with him. Also, I NEVER said "Then the money thing- are you so warped that you think his son is going to say someday- gee, daddy was NEVER around, but................ he had cash." I'm just saying that at LEAST T.B. can support him financially.

But people have to understand that playing football isn't his hobby, it is his career.

2483 days ago


Yuck he is gross. I see no sex appeal.

2483 days ago


Sports fan - Tom's baby should get "every penny" of his money because he's (the baby has) earned it. You have to be the dumbest person ever. Believe me, that kid will have more money than he knows what to do with. No one knows what went on between Tom and Bridget for sure, or how much time he spends with his baby, how much time he tries to spend with his baby, so whatever. You display your ignorance the most (or possibly just poor vision) when you imply that Tom is not fabulously gorgeous in absolutely every picture ever taken of him... I mean, come on.

2483 days ago


Tracy - the problem with your hypothesis is you ASSume that Tom is so busy with his career, Tom doesn't have time to visit his son. This also leads to your belief that a career is more important than a child but that is another issue for another time. The problem we have with your viewpoint is that while we all concede Tom is one busy man - practicing and playing football, commuting between NY and Boston with his current lover, posing for his various product endorsements, going to various celebrity parties in various cities, etc ... Tom CHOSE to only see John one time in three months. (This is verified by his interview in Boston - see www.bostonherald.com). During this three months, the photos of him with Gisele, in NY and Boston (and don't forget the famous Florida pics with Gisele's bikini bottom hanging off her butt), - I could go on and on and on ...

It leads us all to question that if Tom has time to go to celebrity filled parties, commute to NY and Boston with Gisele, lay around on the beach with a mostly nude Gisele, etc ... then why couldn't he find more than one free moment to see his son?

Also, Tom Brady has more money than God. How much MORE does he need to make to "secure" John's future? Sorry - this is no excuse either for Tom "being real busy, working hard."

It just doesn't wash Tracy - sorry!!! You can justify Tom's actions all you want but Tom is just not going to measure up! It is sad and pathetic and we can only hope that Tom wakes up before he loses the most important thing in the world - his son (through his own actions).

BTW, I have found the most reliable source for Tom/Gisele info is the Boston Herald. Go to www.bostonherald.com and then their "inside track" section. They have dates, pictures, interviews and unfortunately, commentary on old Tom. It might help to fill in the gaps of your hypothesis on your "idol" who can do no wrong.

BTW, you also have conveniently forgot the months of Bridget's pregnancy where Tom and Gisele dashed all over the planet celebrating their love and then showed up late for the birth with lame flowers in his hand. And how long did he stay to bond with his son? Less than a day. AND ALL OF THIS BEFORE FOOTBALL SEASON EVEN STARTED AND HE GOT REAL BUSY!

2483 days ago


he is a CHEAT on and off the field! id rather drink pond water!! U SUCK BRADY!

2483 days ago


Stetson Cologne, Snickers and Sports Water. That's all he's able to get as endorsements? You think with all those Super Bowl wins he's gotten he could get better deals. ie Peyton Manning

2483 days ago


smart water is actually not that good. they say its better than spring water, but everytime i drink it i actually get REALLY sick.. dont know how or why, when its just water, but i do. tom brady isnt that good looking. i perfer vince young any day =]

2483 days ago


Ok, some of you folks are nuts! Or probably 12 years old???????????????????????

I am a mother and I made alot of sacrifices as a single parent to raise my son. I had to make absolutely sure that I didn't harm my child by blaming his father for being a human being - warts and all! Yes, men and women are two different creatures with different needs. They also have different roles in raising the children. As long as Tom Brady is spending quality time (that means when he is not working!) when he scheduled for his visits, pays child support (this gal is getting plenty of that and by the way it's REAL NECESSARY and IMPORTANT - don't underestimate that!) , and as long as he acts lovingly to this child from now until he is a grown man than Tom Brady is doing his job as a father and a man! Stop blaming and hating because he and his ex decided to go their own ways and live seperately! This child is going to be fine and better off then most of your children - when you finally GROW UP and have some of your own!

Take it from someone who knows - don't blame Tom for the breakup (or his ex!) And BTW - isn't he the MOST gorgeous guy?

2483 days ago

Go pats!    

Oh my GOD people! What is wrong with you? Brady & Bridget broke up before they found out she was preggers. He had started going with Gisele before they found out. As far as him being a good father, are you kidding me? My father was a salesman who traveled 70% percent of every year to provide our family with food and a good home. Just because he plays football does not mean he is a dead beat dad! You all have no idea what kind of father he is, just because he is not plastered all over the cover of those rag mags, you just ASSume he is a horrible father. I bet he see's his kid more than most of you here bitching about him! I'm sooooo tired of listening everyone complain about him. Really what the hell has he done wrong? He broke up with his girlfriend, and didn't think it would be wise to stay in a loveless relationship because of a baby. If you listen to any expert, they will tell you that it is more damaging to the baby to stay in the relationship (I don't mean not see your baby) than to move on.

Spygate was the coaches not Brady! Grow up people and stop being so jealous and hating of a man you really don't know anything about. BRADY'S family friend!!

2483 days ago


Hello-The baby was born during the preseason. He was not off with Gisele. He left immediately. You may need to find a new "source". And none of us have a clue what kind of contact he has with his son, nor should we. His personal life is not any of our business. Focus on yourself rather than sitting around passing judgment on others.

2483 days ago
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