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Pam to Rick

I'm Pregnant

AND Divorcing You!

1/10/2008 1:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

010908_pam_rick_filmmagic-1TMZ has learned the divorce between Pam Anderson and Rick Salomon is back on and Pam is pregnant!

You'll recall Anderson filed for divorce last month, but called it off just days later. But sources tell TMZ she is now moving forward with the divorce, even though we know she's pregnant with his baby.

Salomon has told friends he believes she is "acting crazy" because of the pregnancy and hopes she will settle back into the marriage. Interestingly, in her divorce petition, Anderson asked for spousal support but not child support.

The couple were married in Las Vegas on October 6.


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Just a clue for some of you: "miscarriage" = "abortion"

2478 days ago


This whore needs her head cut off---

2478 days ago


she needs to pick up Brittany on HER way to mental rehab.

2478 days ago


She wants spousal support after being married for three months? Is she broke? She has more nerve than a bad tooth.

2478 days ago


She is so gross! Just down right nasty. Yukkkkkkk.

2478 days ago

Bob. My name is the same forwards and backwards    

Why would someone want a deathwish by having sex with her?

He gave her a wedding ring and she gave him Hep C.

Way to spread the Hep, Pam!

Keep up the good work.

2478 days ago


Let me get this straight. She tells Tommy she has Hep C, but it can't be proven. He doesn't have it. She continues to sleep with countless men. She fakes being pregnant and having a miscarriage with Kid Rock just to get him to feel sorry for her and spend time with her. Now she's telling this guy she's pregnant and is jerking him around. Out of a lot of Hollywood personalities, Pam has to be at the bottom of my list of people who need to be believed. She is either the most horribly manipulative woman in H-Town, or she needs some serious mental help. She is almost middle aged. If she doesn't start treating others with respect, she is going to end up alone when the rest of her looks fade away. She can't depend on the superficial for ever, and even depedning on looks, men get tired of the deception and lies.

2478 days ago


How pathetic. You know a real mom puts her children and family first....which definitely doesn't describe many of the hollywood women who gave birth and will give birth recently. Anna Nichole Smith, poor Danny whose own mother killed him by giving him prescription drugs---people on t;he scene will tell you she killed herself out of guilt over giving her son the drugs that killed him and hooking him on them when he was just a child.

Now Pamela Anderson Lee who trades husbands like others do baseball cards...and notice how she always picks sleazeballs to hook up with . She is nothing but white trash with a photgenic body. She isn't fit to own a dog let alone do a decent job with a baby. Very sad...very sad.

2478 days ago


I bet its David Hasselloffs baby.

2478 days ago


So every time she has a problem with her marriage (again) she ACTS like she's pregnant. There's a pattern here and she's smoothass crazy.

2478 days ago


Has everyone forgotten she also has Hepatitis C? And that she is at the age where a pregnancy is quite risky?
I really used to admire this woman and used to send her free product when she was on Baywatch. She used her feminine wiles to amass a fortune but now she does not seem to be making many rational decisions lately.

2478 days ago


Should a 40 year old woman with hepatitis have a baby? What is wrong with this woman? She needs to look in a mirror and do a reality check. I feel so sorry for her children.

2478 days ago


If she is pregnant what a selfish bitch bringing a child into the world who is clearly going to have Hep C from birth. Stupid bitch. Don't think about anyone but yourself. She pulling another Kid Rock on him claiming she's pregnant. When she goes crazy she "gets pregnant" and has a "miscarriage". Dumbass man should have known better. She uses every man she's every had. Go away already with your supposed baby.

2478 days ago


She was beautiful in Bay Watch and for a few years after. She has deteriorated into a sagging wrinkled sex cartoon.

2478 days ago

Oh boy    

I can't stand her!!!! Why, oh why does she not just GO AWAY?????????

2478 days ago
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