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Coroner: Donda Had a Heart Attack

1/10/2008 4:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has just received the final coroner's report on the death of Donda West. The L.A. County Coroner has concluded that Kanye's mom died of "coronary artery disease and multiple post-operative factors due to or as a consequence of liposuction and mammoplasty." Plainly put, she had a heart attack after the surgery.

The report indicates her final manner of death "could not be determined."

The coroner says several things could have played a role in her death, but they could not say for sure what exactly killed her, adding there was no evidence that anesthesia -- or even the surgery -- caused or contributed to her death.

We've reported extensively that Donda West had cosmetic surgery the day before her death -- performed by Dr. Jan Adams, who was not board certified in plastic surgery. We know another doctor refused to operate on West before Adams came into the picture. The other doc had said she had a medical condition that made her a candidate for a heart attack.

The Coroner's report narrative states that Stephen Scoggins (Donda's nephew), a nurse with an advanced degree in Public Health, was called by a friend of Donda to go to the surgery center where the procedures were performed, because Ms. West was not "waking up soon enough."

West died on November 10. We're told her family has been told of the results, but her family declined to release a statement.

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Teresa Cramer    

That does not surprise me in the least.

Stop looking at the Celebrity angle people because this is actually about so much more. The Sheriff's Department HAS MORE POWER THEN THE JUDGE. And this is not the only example and not the only county with this problem.

For instance, my father died this year in Riverside County California. Less then 12 hours after my father was released from Loma Linda University Hospital after having surgery, my father was rushed to Moreno Valley Community Hospital where he DIED LESS THEN 24 HOURS OF ARRIVAL (not admittance). The attending Doctor could not state the cause of death and was not willing to sign the death certificate. My fathers’ case should have been an automatic Sheriff's Coroner Case as per GC 27491 and the health and Safety Code Section 102850 which mandates the Sheriff-Coroner to inquire and investigate any human death which falls within the following categories.
1. Physician unable to state the cause of death
2. Wherein deceased has not been attended by a physician in the 20 days prior to death.
a. No one in “attendance” 20 days prior to his death was willing to sign the death certificate.
3. A death with known or suspected contribution by a therapeutic procedure
4. A death occurring in less than 24 hours in a hospital.
5. All deaths in which the patient is comatose throughout the period of physician attendance, whether at home or hospital.
5 out of 27 reasons listed in the General Code and Health and Safety Code that mandate that the death be investigated. But they didn't was to run the call or there was no money in the budget to pay for the autopsy (who knows) so they "shopped" for a doctor to sign my fathers death certificate that had not seen him in over some 40 days. And because they have ALL THE POWER, they declined to do the autopsy.

But I wasn't going to have that. So, I paid the Riverside County Sheriff's Corner to perform an autopsy on my father. But the report that I got didn't match him. From his height (according to the Sheriff's Coroner, my father shrank over 3 inches in death). The Sheriff's Coroner Claims that my father "gained" 28 pounds in death. My father weighed 156 pounds 1 hr before his death. Body parts that had been removed via surgery have suddenly grown back. Medical conditions that he had been treated for years suddenly disappeared. My father died with a severe infection, (White blood cell count of 47.3) he was septic. Yet the Sheriff's Coroner's office founds no infection. The reason..... I found out that the Sheriff's Coroner's office did not review the medical records (nor did they even request them) from the hospital that my father actually died in. The Sheriff's Coroner picked my father up from this hospital, yet they didn't request the medical records. But, they did request the medical records from the hospital where he had his surgery. They wrote an autopsy (in my opinion) based upon a set of medical records from the wrong hospital and NOT BASED UPON A THOROUGH INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL EXAMINATION.

I lodged a complaint against the Sheriff's Coroner for "Failure" to act by NOT PROVIDING AN ACCURATE CERTIFIED EXAMINATION" in where I provided the Sheriff's Coroner's investigator with Medical Proof from Multiple Specialist from multiple hospitals (all of which actually treated him) to prove that the report was NOT ACCURATE and Sheriff's Office AGREED WITH ME! The Riverside County Sheriff's office stated that the Error's were found to be present. But, they said that the errors were justified. HOW COULD THEY BE JUSTIFIED? I PROVED TO THEM THAT THE CAUSE OF DEATH WAS CRAP.

So, where am I now? Currently I am left with a "death certificate" that is OUT RIGHT WRONG. And I am left with the Sheriff's department believing that they have all the power. "Currently they do". I am pursuing this issue with the Riverside County District Attorneys Office who has already told me that he can’t do much. My meeting with them is set for the 21st of this month. If I do not get action from them, I will move up to the next person above them.

This isn’t about a lawsuit. This is about JUSTICE. My father deserves justice and I deserve to know how he died.

So, my question to all of you is.... WHO IS ABOVE THE SHERIFF?

thank you TMZ.

2477 days ago

Teresa Cramer    

Boy I wish that I was related to the WEST Family... She got an autopsy... I wish my father would have received a real one.

2477 days ago


Teresa #1
Get over it, your father is still dead. Get on with life. It does not matter what he died of, he is not coming back. You are so focused on blaming somebody you cannot see straight. Enjoy life while you have it.

2477 days ago



2477 days ago

Teresa Cramer    

Thank you FlBiker for your comments.

When it is your loved one that suddenly dies.... "Remember the words that you just planted in my face".....

Let's see how you feel then.

2477 days ago

Teresa Cramer    

And when are forced to look their death certificate that does not state the correct cause of death.... Let me know how you feel, would ya? Look me up

2477 days ago

Aussie Mom    

To those who have never had major surgery or minor for that matter. Any time you are under anesthesia you are warned that ANY kind of surgery may have complications and cause death. It does not matter how great or how poor the doctor. Some people do not know they have things such as heart disease. I had major surgery back some years ago and I was put through an extensive physical for 2 days to help the doctor determine if I was fit and able to withstand the surgery and I was VERY young. But none the less it can happen.

2477 days ago

just wondering    

...Teresa....u could get me going here, but I just wanted to say that is disgusting what u r having to go thru!!! what u think is right, did want to mention that if he had bacterium septicemia ( bacterial infection in bloodstream)...that often will lead to multiple organ failure faster than u can imagine, paper shufflers r what u r dealing with now..good luck!

2477 days ago



What a useless, inconsiderate, pr*ck you are. Sheesh, why couldn't the girl state how she feels? Everyone else does! Are you upset that she didn't disrespect the dead like most of you do? You are so full of negatove energy? Sheesh, you are so low. Never tell a person to get over a loved ones death. I hope someone sayshe teh same exact thing to you. "Get over it, she's dead, she's not coming back, move on with life!" Karma is a bitch, and it's gonna hurt.

People like you are exactly what's wrong with the world. Get your head out of your a$$, breath fresh air, and lighten up.

2477 days ago


I have teresa, that is where I am coming from. Get on with your life.
Your Dad was sick (my father died this year in Riverside County California. Less then 12 hours after my father was released from Loma Linda University Hospital after having surgery) and didn't make it.
Everyone is going to die. You sound like you want to sue somebody, good luck........

2477 days ago


Teresa Cramer, I hope one day this will be resolved for you, sorry to hear about your dad.

2477 days ago


George BUSH hates coronary artery disease.

2477 days ago

oh brother    

Teresa Cramer,
No wonder you are feeling so angry and hurt, it's alot for one person to have to go through. You must be going through a very stressful situation. It sounds as though you haven't been treated the way you feel you deserve to be treated.
Your father can't speak for himself but you are his voice and you will get answers. Your tough exterior and determination will pay off greatly.

2477 days ago

Teresa Cramer    

Does anyone know anyone that can POSSIBLY help me?

2477 days ago

oh brother    


2477 days ago
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