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Brady Broken?!

1/22/2008 1:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He ain't so perfect after all!

TMZ shot exclusive video of Super Bowl bound QB Tom Brady wearing some sort of cast on his right foot and limping to the doorway of Gisele's doorway in NYC earlier today! This is a big deal! Even ESPN.com says so! Maybe the Giants do have a chance!?!

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Had it    

#20, Stacy, let me guess, you don't have a kid. Don't you dare put any of this on Bridget. People like you make me sick. Until you are in this situation you have NO business saying one negative thing about Bridget. Period. You are ignorant and only think about football, which is sad. Are you kidding me with "from pieces that have been leaked to the public, it doesn’t look as if Bridget is the good person in this situation"??? Who do you think you are? Why is SHE the bad guy? It took two to tango and him jetting around the world acting like a male model rather than a real man makes any intelligent person think he's the bad person in this. NOT Bridget. And do you REALLY think he would say "no" when asked if he changed any diapers? Please. Why should Bridget come to Boston when his immediate family and her and John Edward live in California? do the math sweetheart. I give them credit for not getting together and getting married because of the kid. But flaunting your love life the way he has been doing?? Reprehensible. Get your facts straight and stop thinking with your crotch. he ain't that cute.

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2466 days ago


I have a sneaking suspicion that Tommy Boy loves to play catcher. Check out the youtube video of Brady Lady. Where would a straight guy pose like that? For which magazine.

2466 days ago


Well that was Breaking News!........COME ON TMZ your photographer must have been desperate to fill
his daily news quota!......and from the general tone of most of the comments I saw, there seems to be alot
of people that are just plain-old jealous of Tom Brady's Success on the field as well as off the field. Get a Life
Everbody!!!! Tom does.

2466 days ago

Ha Ha    

Well said, #26, well said! I think it would be sweet for New England to lose. Ha!

2466 days ago


Duh, TMZ! He lives here and has since last spring, at least.

2466 days ago


First off # 25, Professor TMZ. Don’t speak to fast, I have a child with a man whom I am not married to or no longer in a relationship with. Not to get into details but the father of my child did leave a plan ride away at the beginning and it was very difficult for him to see her and I was not very helpful to the situation.

Yes it doe take two to tango, but it also takes two to compromise in a situation so both sides can see their child. With playing in the NFL you work in the area where your team is or where they are playing. Which would make it difficult for Tom to fly across the country on a regular basis to see his child. Just the same as if Bridget was currently working it would be hard for her to see her child if she was not with him. Although he did go see his child on his only extensive time off, during his bye week. And since his child has been born he hasn’t been jetting off anywhere. He has spent his 2 ½ days off in NYC, which is where he has spent much of his short breaks and his offseason ( before John and Gisele). Also, if you are up to date on your geography Boston to NYC is only a few hours in a car.

He has not been flaunting his love life for all to see he is a football player not a celebrity. He is followed by the media, which is not something he signed up for like most celebrities.

2466 days ago


How do you know he doesn't support his son? Do you look through his check book every month?

And it was the bitch mother that moved the kid out west, away from his dad and didn't even give her kid his last name. She started to pushing him away. How do you know she doesn't make it hard for him to see his child? Stop judging this poor man.

2466 days ago


Exactly #30.. He has lived here before his son was born and way before he was with gisele.

2466 days ago


I believe Tom and Bridgette were broken up when she announced her pregnancy. She either did it as a last ditch effort to save their relationship or because her biological clock was ticking hard, or maybe it was really an accident. I am leaning towards the second scenario! How old is she 37? I'll bet she thought "Oh crap this relationship is going no where, I am 36 years old and I don't have a child yet. I'll have to start a whole new relationship, and I will be freakin 40 before I have a kid, must think fast"! Who can fault her? Her baby has great genes and she has the means to support her son all on her own.

Meanwhile Tom has found a new girl, what's he supposed to do? Give up a promising relationship with a woman who is understanding of his situation or go back to a broken relationship for the sake of the baby, so the baby can sense the resentmeant in the air?

We have yet to see what kind of a father he is since his son was born at the begining of football season. We shall see how he is after the pro-bowl!

2466 days ago


Thank you LittleB at least someone else sees it!!!

2466 days ago

Had it    


2466 days ago


You said it right, Professor TMZ. Stacy, his loyalty should be to his son, also. I need to set you straight on several points:
a) You say: "Tom has a job to do right now, playing football, which makes it kind of tough to go see his son who is with his mother on the other side of the country." He had two bye-weeks and spent a grand total of ONE day with his son. If he really wanted to see his son more, he could have spent more days with him during his time off.
b) You say: "On a Boston talk show, when asked if he had changed some diapers over his bye week, he stated he had." They asked him IF HE HAD SEEN HIS SON. His answer was: "Ahh...yep, yeah, changed some diapers too...".
c) TOM looks like the bad person in this situation. Great people don't allow their friends to bash the other parent of their child in public.
d) You say: "Maybe if Bridget was more coperative she would spend some time on the east coast, nyc, so Tom could spend some more time with John." Maybe if he had helped her out during the pregnancy and indicated that he had an interest in forming a civilized co-parenting relationship with Bridget, she would have stayed in NYC. Instead, he showed more interest in a supermodel than in preparing to become a parent.
e) He says he is a big Red Sox fan, so maybe that's why so many people are ticked at him for wearing a Yankees cap.

2466 days ago


Whoah! I could not agree more #35. You hit right on what I believe/think. Thank You : )

Exactly. Tom’s stand up character as a father will be shown in the offseason. He will be more than just a financial support for his child after the football season is over and he has his 4th ring : )

2466 days ago


Not one of us knows what the relationship is between Tom & Bridget. Nor do any of us know what agreement they have about the child. Bridget chose to move to LA. Until they both say to the press what their agreement is, we should not assume anything. It's their business. I'm not a Brady lover, but I don't think you guys are giving him a fair shake.

2466 days ago
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