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Brady Broken?!

1/22/2008 1:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He ain't so perfect after all!

TMZ shot exclusive video of Super Bowl bound QB Tom Brady wearing some sort of cast on his right foot and limping to the doorway of Gisele's doorway in NYC earlier today! This is a big deal! Even ESPN.com says so! Maybe the Giants do have a chance!?!

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Most Women who marry high profile athletes are gold diggers..Think about it, What do they do besides spend a ton of money on themselves, don't cook, clean, have a maid, get pampered..Then when they get divorced, they get half of everything. Sounds like a high priced hooker to me.

2467 days ago

James Toney    

to Boston Grl.................

2 things..............

1. Horseface? are you freaking joking. You must be some jealous southy skank.
2. Learn how to spell. It's loser!!! As in you are a loser and your va-jay-jay is looser from your drunken Friday night in southy.

2467 days ago


and don't you people think that if Bridget hadn't suddenly moved all the way to the west coast that he would get to see his son more often? Maybe you don't udnerstand football but he has to be on the practice field or meet with the team EVERY SINGLE DAY just about. And it doesn't just stop at the regular season and post season games! He has to spend months and months in training camp and pratcitce and pre season games! He is under contract! He can't just take off and see his son every single week! He has seen his son on his bye weeks. There have been sightings of him but no paparazzi photos because ofcourse he tries to be very private about it and can't avoid paparazzi in Manhattan since they obviously know where Gisele's apartment is. Bridget trapped Tom with the baby. He wasn't ready to be a father.And she did that to him and ruined his image too! He could say a lot of things about her but he's too classy to so he remains quiet. And because he won't come out and say what obviously happened people use that to attack his character. People were freaking out over him being in Miami with Gisele. Uh he was playing there in Miami against the Miami Dolphins. He was just chilling for the weekend because he was playing a game that weekend and then had to go immediately back and Gisele went with him. Big deal? Is he supposed to stop having a girlfriend a relationship with anotehr woman because some other woman trapped him with a baby? Nonsense. You people are really ignorant and dont' know what yuou're talking about. Tom is a good man and well liked by people who know him. It's Bridget who is selfish and a goldigger for stopping her birth control behind his back and ttricking him like that.

2467 days ago


Reports are they found out about the baby after they broke up and he was with Gisele. What the hell was he supposed to do? Marry Bridgett so he wouldn't hurt her feelings. If he loved her, they wouldn't have broken up in the first place. Getting married for the wrong reason is a good way to end up in divorce court.

2467 days ago


Tom Brady!!!!! What a joke! I am the daughter of a stand up, very wellknown, and very liked- professional baseball player and I have to say that Tom is definitely not a class act. He is very arrogant and very rude. And yes, when he made the choice to put on a pro uniform, he made the decision to be in the public eye. It definitely comes with the territory! My dad is constantly bombarded and handles it with complete class! He realizes how important his fans are as well as his reputatation! Tom Brady is on his way to the SuperBowl and shuns the camera and ignores the questions? What a joke! P.S- Coming from a single mother who has a baby with a pro athlete, Tom showed zero class, once again, in dealing with the birth of their son... Any normal mother who recognizes a decent man as a father and not necessarily a partner, would give her baby boy his father's last name. At least she didn't want to ride Tom's coattails....She showed that she was very independent and didn't need to have the BRADY name attached to her or their baby in order to go through her life. Bridget is a class act!!!!!!!!!!!! TOM BRADY, kick rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

2467 days ago


Big deal, his leg is hurt. Plaxico Buress has been playing on a badly sprained ankle all year.

2467 days ago

Chargers 09    

I hope they have to cut his foot off

2467 days ago


dam bot dat. eli can;t win.

2467 days ago


Please don't jinx him!!! We (Boston residents) need his you know what in 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!! That damn Gisele!!!!!!!!!!!!

2467 days ago


I agree with 3, he should have stayed with Bridget Monyihan and their baby son.
I guess bad things happen to bad people

2467 days ago


Well I do not know if he pays child support, but if he has time off he should be with his son, not his girlfriend. Giselle is not all that great looking. She is very photoshopped in all her modeling pictures. Tom go be a dad, it is your responsibility to take care of your son.

2467 days ago


He is just playing with everyone. Physchological warfare. Mind games. This is the superbowl baby, every angle will get played.

2467 days ago


Tara you need to get a life. How the hell do you know Tom was trapped? He choose to have sex with his then girlfriend Bridget. I am sure she did not force him to have sex. Were you there to personally see her stop her birth control pills or are you just talking out of your a**? Plenty of women get pregnant on the pill. She dated Tom for three years. If she wanted to just trap him, she would have gotten knocked up in the first year. Tom Brady is not classy. He knew Bridget was pregnant before he started to date Giselle. He nor Bridget have ever deined that fact. Tom is a bad father and has a bad haircut. Why you women find him hot I will never know. I guess it must be the money he makes. Guess that mkes you guys gold diggers too.

2467 days ago


"...limping to the DOORWAY of Gisele's DOORWAY..."


2467 days ago

c'mon now    

How do you haters really know he doesn't see his son? Please give me some logical reasoning for your ridiculous comments. I think most of you might be single moms that are pissed at your baby's daddys and you're taking it out on # 12. Thats pretty sad. You don't know what he does every single minute of every single day so shut the F up with your stupid comments. Don't be a hater cause he is with one of the BEST TEAMS IN NFL HISTORY!!!!!! Haha B**CHES. GO PATS

2467 days ago
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