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Heath Ledger

is Dead

1/22/2008 6:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0122_ledger_ex_1-1TMZ has learned that 2006 Academy Award nominee Heath Ledger has died in NY.

He was found dead in his bed in one of his residences in Soho by his housekeeper at 3:35 PM ET today. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they believe it was not a crime, adding that prescription pills were found near his body.

According to NYPD a masseuse arrived at Ledger's apartment and was let in by a housekeeper. When Ledger didn't answer his bedroom door, the housekeeper and the masseuse opened it and found him unconscious. They attempted to wake him; when they couldn't, they called 911.

We're told when paramedics responded, the actor was in full cardiac arrest. They attempted to perform CPR on him, but were unsuccessful. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The 28-year-old actor has a two year old daughter with former fiancee Michelle Williams -- they separated in September, 2007. He plays The Joker in the upcoming Batman film, "The Dark Knight" and is perhaps best known for his groundbreaking role as Ennis in "Brokeback Mountain."

We're told Heath had dinner last night with his model girlfriend Gemma Ward.


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Excuse me, my comment was directed at 1199 NOT 1196, Apparently several of us had the same feeling about your insensitive comment. And I love the comment, 1190 he must be missing his sheep. He's must be the poster boy for "when Men where Men and Sheep were scared"!!!!

2460 days ago


This has been on my mind for a few days. I have never seen any of his films but since he died I have looked at some clips and it is just such a loss. He seemed so genuine in an industry full of not so geniune people. God Bless you Heath. Matilda, Michelle and the rest of his friends and family are in my thoughts and prayers.

2460 days ago

A girl in Shock!    

It's been just about a week since Heath Ledger's death and I still can't seem to come to the realization that we will no longer see his passion for acting played out on the big screen any longer. I obviously did not know him but every time I hear anything on tv or in the media about his death, his short but great career and his grieving family......ESPECIALLY his little girl that probably has yet to grasp or understand that her dad is no longer alive and that she will never see his true passion for acting played out and his true LOVE for his daughter just breaks my heart and puts me to tears. I don't think I have ever been effected by an actors death as much as now and there has not been one day since last Tuesday that I have not cried. There was not one thing bad that could be said about Heath Ledger nor has there been one bad thing spoken about Heath Ledger for he was a humble, laid back, funny, entertaining, truely intelligent and passionate actor, son, brother and especially father who's life was tragically cut short. It makes me sick to read others peoples comments regarding his portrayal of a gay cowboy or someone's recent comment about his receding hairline....why does that make someone deserve to die or deserve to have his death mocked by neive, unintelligent people??!! for God's sake have a heart and some campassion and use your head. He was a GREAT, Talented actor who put passion into his work and was SO GOOD at it that his characters sucked you in and you forgot that that was even Heath Ledger playing the role. The entertainment industry and all of us who enjoyed being entertained by his great choice of characters and roles lost a gifted and talented actor. I am so sad and upset about this loss of such a great person and I can't imagine what his family and friends are going through at this moment.

I think I speak for almost everyone from his family and friends to his greatest fans when I say....WE WILL TRUELY MISS YOU HEATH LEDGER!!!

2460 days ago


To 1202: How much is WBC paying you to say stupid stuff like that?

The problem with the Baptists at WBC is that they don't hold them under long enough....

2460 days ago


Heath was and is my all time faverite Australian actor! from one Ausie to anouther

2460 days ago


You will be greatly missed, it's been nearly a week, and I still cannot believe it. Who cares about his sex life, he was truly a unique person and actor.

RIP Heath

2460 days ago


Here in Australia we miss Heath and feel very sad.
I personally feel for Matilda and Michelle and his family for their loss

2460 days ago

Free XBOX 360 Elite    

haha, I don't even know who this guy is...until now that is

2460 days ago



2460 days ago

croatian girl    

so tragic,so sad :(( i can't stop thinking about him and his family especially matilda :( . He was a great actor and seemed like a good person...Heath rest in peace,you will be remembered and i hope your family will find the strenght to carry on,they have a lot to be proud of. you were loved

2460 days ago


OK, now your post is 1206, real cowboy. I don't know what happened to your original post but 1202 is directed at you. You are spewing the most disgusting filth about someone you didn't even know and a movie you say you never saw. Grow up, and stop taking Shirley Phelps-Roper's money - you're as bad as she is.

2460 days ago

bernard herrmann    

Too Bad! Another talented actor bites the dust. I can't wait to see him in The Dark Knight. It looks like he took the Joker to the next level. Probably a great performance? Anyway, lessons hopefully will be learned from this tragedy?

2460 days ago


TT_TT NOOOOOOO!!!!! *crying*

2459 days ago


heathcliff andrew ledger..the best actor of all time![[at least i think so!]] will always be remembered. he was one of my favorite actors! when i heard that he was dead i cried && said why not someone else like BRITNEY SPEARS!! heath ledger was a great actor and he made some great movies. he had my heart when he made the movie "10 Things I Hate About You" all he wanted to do was get a good nights sleep. it was an accident. he has just been working so hard that he couldnt sleep. so when he took the first pill it didnt seems to work so he took nother one and when that one didnt work took another one and when that was done they all three kicked in and took him into a state where he couldnt move and couldnt breathe. i feel really sry for his family, his wife and 2 year old daught matilda rose. R.I.P HEATH YOU WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMEBERED AS THE BEST YOUNG ACTOR . [[THIS JUS PROVES THAT THE GOOD DIE YOUNG. AND THAT YOU SHOULDNT TAKE EVERYTHING FOR GRANTED. THIS WAS HIS RISING AND FALLING FOR HIS CAREER. EVERYONE WILL REMEMBER HM AS THE GREAT ACTOR NOT AS THE GUY WHO O.D ON SOME SLEEPING PILLS!!]]

2459 days ago


Your best was yet to come mate!! Yet another Aussie Icon gone who had more to offer. RIP Heath...

May your family find solace in the fact that you brought enjoyment to millions around the world.

KP - Bunbury Western Australia

2459 days ago
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