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Britney Spears -- In-N-Out Already?!

2/1/2008 10:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Being locked up in the psych ward won't keep Britney from getting her fast food fix! Her manservant, Sam Lutfi, dropped by with some In-N-Out for the popwreck.

On the long walk to and from his car at UCLA Medical Center, Sam was bombarded with questions by TMZ. He said Britney is doing "good" and that he doesn't speak to Lynne Spears at all -- and denies that he argued with Brit's father, Jamie.

As TMZ first reported, an all-out war over Britney erupted early Thursday morning when she was committed -- with Sam reportedly fighting with Brit's family over who would control her treatment. As of now, her parents are in the driver's seat.


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When it comes to her children Slutney is not the one that is important - the boys are. And right now she should be nowhere near these boys. She is a selfish little bitch that blames everyone else for her problems and takes no responsibility for her actions whatsoever. She has to let people use her because in reality no one can stand to be around her unless they are making money off of her. That's what she gets for being such an arrogant demanding bitch. She is the one that pushed the people that really do love her away and now they are the ones getting blamed for her actions. Unbelievable! And if she does have a mental disorder Sam and Adnan took complete advantage of her, which of course we can all see that they did. Anyway she is that at fault here for everything that has and is happening in her life. She will never get better until she takes responsibility and stops acting like a victim. Stand up and be a woman - you are 26 years old - not a 15 year old girl anymore.

2453 days ago


33. I'm here and I'm queer. Deal with it!
Posted at 9:26AM on Feb 1st 2008 by RoughDaddy

I think that was my #1 fan!

2453 days ago


He parks far away, he talks to the press about Britney, he brings her junk to eat, he isn't co-operating with her family. Hmmmm, and yet he has her best interests at heart.

2453 days ago


My goodness, a cheesburger and fries sounds so good right now I could almost do anything for that. But in the meantime, will wait for my Mama Rosas' frozen pizza to come out of oven.

2453 days ago


Lets face it, they all look like trailer trash and sure do act that way. From Britt to Mom and Pop and kid sister. Money drives everything and this is great PR. If she needed her kids so bad as all the whiners on here state,she would clean up. Not party all times of the morning. If you or I did that folks we would be screwed! Oh she has those dogs, by the way..Which one is driving of all three? Her house you buy most of you and the ones that stick up for her are those same mostly unliked people who are also unhappy with their lives. Well, I'm ready for the Movie now to come out and MO Money is going to be made. WATCH and see! Oh yes..and those moon glasses she wears, I've just got to get me some of those for my big forehead like Britt. We all seen that fat around the pink panties..but exlax does help that folks..Well back to my whine and cheese:).

2453 days ago


Lufti and Adnan are have seen them on "Animal Planet". They live off and snatch what they can from the kills of other animals. They cannot live on their own so they grab what they can from others. They knock off the helpless. I too would like to know their citizen status...looks like acouple of diaper heads to me! Send them back to eat sand and drink oil.

2453 days ago


This Sam Lutfi guy is to Britney as Howard Stern was to Anna Nicole Smith.

2453 days ago


# 62:

Sam Lutfi aka Sam Lufti aka Sam Lutti aka Osama Lutfi an friend huh? That's why he tried to sell her diaries right?
Trust me, it'll come out that he's been stealing money from her.

2453 days ago


#60 - Sutney gave her mother a restraining order - she did NOT abandon Slutney. Sam is riding the continuous gravey train. Of course he has sold her out - don't be naive. She did this all to herself. You are an enabler when you blame her family and not make her take responsibility for her own actions. I just hope she doesn't get star treatment when it comes to the boys. Keep them the hell away from this selfish, self absorbed, self centered little brat. See a tren here with the "self" thing?

2453 days ago

Get better, kiddo    

He's lying - the burger was for him - he will say anything to get in print and sadly, the rags oblige.

2453 days ago

Dawn Day    

#5 Kat,

I bet you are SO right! That totally makes sense.

2453 days ago


I dont think she needs to have him bringing her food or drinks. I wouldnt doubt it if he puts some of her "vitamins" in it. Right now no one needs to allowed to see her other than her family. As long as he is there he still has the control over her that she doesnt see.

2453 days ago


When Britney is locked up in a mental health facility, she should not be allowed food from the outside. She eats what everyone eats at the facility. By having food brought in for her, allows her to think she really doesn't have anything wrong with herself...very bad. This Sam should be bared from seeing and having any contact with her. In order for Britney to receive the best mental health evaluation, she needs to be surrounded by soundminded people, and this Sam (guy) should be far, far away.

2453 days ago


Another K-Fed??

2453 days ago


Maybe others should follow suite?

From the Guardian online:
Nick Stern has resigned from Splash, a Los Angeles-based, British-owned celebrity picture agency, in protest at the "aggressive" tactics employed in pursuing Spears, and predicted tragedy.

"Directly or indirectly, Britney is going to come to some horrific end, or a member of the public will," he said. "It's not what's being done, it's the way it's being done. As she continues to deteriorate psychologically, I just can't see a positive way out."

The biggest threat, Stern said, came from the high-speed convoy of photographers' cars and motorcycles that follow Spears' every move through Los Angeles. The pursuit reached a new frenzy in the early hours of yesterday when the paparazzi tailed an ambulance and police escort taking the 26-year-old singer to hospital for the second time this month."

Heres the whole article>,,2250392,00.html

2453 days ago
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