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Gisele -- No Tom in Her Pocket

2/5/2008 10:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gisele Bundchen returned to New York last night -- a hero to all New York fans -- for successfully pulling a Jessica "Yoko Romo" Simpson on her guy, Tom Brady.

The supermodel came home last night after the Super Bowl -- sans her favorite gunslinger -- and a total stranger did about as good a job blocking for her as the New England Patriots o-line did for Brady, i.e., not at all.

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"Morality won the superbowl" lol lol jealousy is a beotch ain't it? uh actually the Giant's defense won the superbowl. Morality had nothing to do with it. Eli has morals? How would you know.? You spend 24/7 with him? lol

It's already proven that the most self- righteous people in this country have no morals. Everything is driven by lies, manipulation, & greed. Aren't they the same lot conducting an illegal war for the last couple of years resulting in so much suffering and go about as if it's not happening. So you can shove the morality crap. You can get off your soapbox. The rest of the world is so on to you hypocrites.

It's widely reported that Tom is financially taking care of his child. I'm sure Bridget is happy when those paychecks arrive. I hear she's an actress (yea whatever!) but I've never seen her in anything. I only know her as Tom's bitter babymama, her most famous and lucrative role to date. When she stops living off of that role let me know.

2416 days ago


For "Jealous of Gisele? I don't blame you" - DO YOU LIVE IN A CAVE?

Please let us know where EXACTLY it has been reported that Tom Brady takes care of his son! I have only seen it widely reported that there is no evidence legally or otherwise that Tom Brady supports his son.

As far as Bridget is concerned, she has starred opposite such stars as:

Will Smith, Ben Affleck, Morgan Freeman, Colin Ferrel, and AL PACINO!!!

Those are just to name a few. If you haven't seen ANY of these films, we can only assume that you LIVE UNDER A ROCK!

Finally, it is okay to support people you admired and may even have an obsession (Giselle) with - but at least make them look good with the truth - not lies!

2415 days ago


Actually it was reported by 60 minutes that "Tom financially takes care of his child". Now if you want to call 60 minute a liar, by all means. I've also read it in other tabloid publications where her "friends/ insider" claim she and Tom only talk regarding the welfare of the child. So I guess those so called friend/insiders are liars. Could be after all it's tabloid.

You actually expect people to believe that a vindictive Bridget who had no problem exposing her unborn child to tabloid gossip, & sold her soul to Gossip hag Liz Smith would let Tom Brady get away with not supporting his child.? Puhleaaaaaaaaaaaaaze!. She would have a press conference to let America know about it or she'd have a second OK Cover with the title CHEAP MILLIONAIRE DAD. so spare me.

Actually It 's true. Before her baby spectacle a la Liz Smith I'd never heard of the woman. I'm sorry if that upsets you but whatever. It's interesting that instead of telling me what films she's been on you're more interested in telling me about her costars. Why is that.? I have no problem with being enlightened.

Obsession & lies ? LOL you mean what's wrong with me I'm not on the trash Tom and Gisele Bandwagon while nominating Bridget for sainthood like I'm supposed to. Oh yea I forgot I have my own mind. Sorry! If I have an obsession, then I guess we're even.

I don't know Gisele. I don't need to make Gisele look Good. She does fine on her own.

2415 days ago


No I don't live in a Cave,

It takes more than pulling out the checkbook to be a dad. Bridget has been the main caretaker of the baby. Tom was NOT there for her during the pregnancy. Check out this video. Three minutes and 44 seconds into the video, Bridget is mentioned by her friend, Sam Harris, whom she has known for over a decade. So YOU get off your soapbox.


2414 days ago


For # 123 - No I don't live under a rock -

ACTUALLY you do live under a rock. The 60 Minutes interview was a rerun interview from a couple of years ago. The interviewer just added some dialogue that updated the interview to bring it current. 60 Minutes never spoke to Tom re: his son. And considering 60 Minutes is CBS, everything they do and say is suspect (for example, Dan Rather and The National Guard Non-Story). Next time do your homework on a source before you quote it!

ACTUALLY if Bridget was "vindictive" as you say, Bridget would publicly diss Tom and Giselle. But the only public words Bridget has said on this subject has been very positive for Tom. The photos for OK were her attempt to stop the Paps from stalking her to get the "first" photo of the baby. Since she had these photos taken, the public interest in her has diminished. Smart girl Bridget! The Paps are now concentrating on the Tom and Giselle Show - sorry - I meant the Tom and Giselle Train Wreck.

ACTUALLY using Liz Smith to announce her pregnancy was another smart move by Bridget. All of the "A" list celebrities use Liz Smith when they want to announce some news. It saved Bridget months of the Paps and tabloids speculating on who fathered her child. As far as the timing of the announcement, who knows? Tom and Giselle were having sex in the Paris streets at the time - celebrating their love. I can't believe they even noticed!

ACTUALLY my giving you the names of the "A" list celebrities that Bridget has worked with was to demonstrate a point that Bridget is not a "B" list celebrity but an "A" lister. I am sorry that you missed that point. Hopefully, you get the point now.

ACTUALLY at this time I believe that Tom is NOT supporting his child. Didn't he say that he was going to make an effort to see his son as soon as the Superbowl was over? But wait, ACTUALLY, baby John will have to wait because Tom and Giselle are going to Costa Rica for a month's vacation. Sorry John - you will just have to wait - AGAIN.

ACTUALLY I hope this response helps to clear things up for you.

2413 days ago



Most of the country is sick of your mean, caterwauling, poor sportsmanship B.S. you've been heaping on NE fans and the team.

You all are the most mean spirited group the world has ever seen. Take your win and enjoy it and get the hell off NE fans backs. I would much rather root for a team with an 18-1 record who lost the big one than jump on the Giants bandwagon because they won one lousy SB in 17 years. If I were Eli, I would be ashamed to have you as fans.

Tom Brady is far hotter and much more talented than Eli Manning and had his O-line stood up, NY would be crying in their hats and still writing mean crap about the Pats. Let Eli throw 52 touchdown passes in a season and break the Patriots records set this year and then I'll listen.

Choke on your win because you probably won't be seeing another one in ANY of your suck-ass sports teams for a WHILE.

Tom, dump that horse faced Gisele and go back to Bridget - you won 3 SBs with her by your side!!!

2412 days ago


Also for #121 - jealous of Gisele? I don't blame you

Please review the following video - We all have been telling you that Tom wasn't there for the birth and now there is proof right from Bridget's mouth -


Tom Brady has got bigger problems than just losing the Superbowl!

BTW, that Sam guy of Bridget's is a hoot and a half! What a great friend!

2412 days ago
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