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Pedro and the Cockfight -- The Horrifying Video

2/7/2008 8:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the video of three-time Cy Young award winner Pedro Martinez at a cockfight with Hall of Fame pitcher Juan Marichal in the Dominican Republic. Did Michael Vick not teach us all a lesson?

The video shows Mets star Martinez and Marichal serving as "soltadores" -- the people who release the animals into the death ring. As the fight goes on -- which we have chosen not to show -- Martinez and Marichal can be seen in the audience, smiling and laughing.

Cockfighting is legal and popular in the Dominican Republic.

It's unclear whose rooster won, but really -- does it matter?

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Gotta go, my chicken is done.

2389 days ago


Man makes me wanna get some KFC on the way home.

Anyone been to a slaughter house? Do any of you really know where your food comes from and how it get s to you table.

2389 days ago


Such hypocricy to make this an issue when you eat meat and wear leather. You think you are so sophisticated to look down on this culture, meanwhile you have no idea that this is just pure xenaphobia. Narrow minded hypocrites

2389 days ago


It shouldn't matter if its legal where he is at. It is NOT legal or tolerated here in the U.S. They should both be reprimanded to the greatest extent of the law.

2389 days ago

zorba the greek    

The best thing that happened to Pedro was being "Biffed" in the noggin with a thrown baseball in the 2004 World Series parade in Boston.....Too bad it didnt knock any sense into that hollow head of his....What an idiot!!!!

2389 days ago


If you eat meat, you are just as guilty as Pedro. There is major cruelty to chickens at the factory that supplies KFC with the chickens that YOU eat.

2389 days ago

Jessica SImpson    

Jesus Christ was a C0ckfighter. So is PETA saying that Jesus was wrong? Or that christianity was wrong?

2389 days ago

va loan    

that's how did they it back in cuba

2389 days ago

Jessica SImpson    

If you are a vegetarian you are just like Hitler.

2389 days ago


Sure it's cruel and disgusting, but to him and his countrymen, it's a national sport. Why does it surprise any of you that he participated? With your logic, you should drop a nuke on the Dominican Republic.

2389 days ago

Jessica SImpson    

Hitler was a vegetarian.

2389 days ago

Tyra Banks    

ummmm, bewildered bystanders, "CONROL FREAKS"?? Girl, you really should get it right, especially when you're SCREAMING, darling.

2389 days ago


The people complaining here are the same ones that eat chicken, and all other kinds of meat. Pulleeeze give me a break. If it's legal in DR then leave the man alone. I can't stand when people use the word "ghetto" or "tha hood" for everything associated with minorities. Get over yourselves and live your life. Don't worry about him.

2389 days ago


NOOOoooo you have it all WRONG, the bird begged to go into the ring, anything but continue to look at that dweeb!

2389 days ago


I'm an animal owner and lover but I also understand that the US does not dictate to every society what their cultural norms should be. In time, people all over the world are coming to accept that cruelty to animals is unacceptable BUT this happens often in direct correlation to the lack of poverty. Those condemning the Dominicans here have no idea or understanding of their lives or culture. If we are all serious about ending this sort of thing, the way to do it is NOT to attack the culture that participates in it but to understand it and thus hopefully influence it in a POSITIVE way and a way that is by their choosing. The rhetoric against the I've read here? Guaranteed to make them only get their backs up. And of course we're upset because they can't just "see" what is "right." If you want to make a difference, attacking and being belicose is not the way to go.

2389 days ago
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