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Yoko to Rocker -- Ono You Can't Use Your Name!

2/11/2008 3:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A hard-working heavy-metal-rocker is in danger of losing her musical identity -- all because Yoko Ono wants to bring a silver hammer down on her for using the name Lennon.
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Lennon Murphy, a singer-songwriter whose band is called Lennon, has been sued by Yoko for "tarnishment" of her widow's name and for "fraudulently" registering the name as a trademark.

Ono, claims in court papers that Murphy is (intentionally) exploiting the name and confusing people by using it -- and wants her trademark canceled.

Murphy shoots back on her MySpace page that Yoko and her lawyer were asked back in 2000 about using the name for her debut CD on Arista Records, and they didn't object. Lennon (the band) has since been dropped by Arista, but continues to record. "If Yoko prevails," writes Lennon Murphy, "Lennon might never be able to tour or release records using the name Lennon."

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I can't stand that Yoko!

2408 days ago


What a betch. I guess John took the easy way out.

2408 days ago


Get over it happens to be her name as well.....

2408 days ago


Yoko Ono doesn't own the name Lennon. How about the Lennon Sisters back in the day?

2408 days ago


The reminds me when Angelina Jolie was trying to sue someone for putting out a perfume called "Shiloh".

2408 days ago

cat b    

Oh fer gawd sake next she will be filin papers againsty russia for their dead lennons use of lennon...seems like yoko's yoyo has its string wrapped a bit to tight these days...everyone is chokin up our courts with silly law one could mistake a female artist who is alive and in her twenties with yokos dead husband,...unless the artist is trying to make people think she is male and dead and a former beetle

2408 days ago


When you hear the name, Lennon, you picture John. I think she makes sense that it would cause some confusion. When I heard that the band was named, Lennon, I thought that they were doing Beatles songs or were a tribute band. I think they should change their name and eliminate the confusion and show respect for one of the greatest band members to ever live.

2408 days ago

baby girl    

self important bitch! a real C U iN Toledo!

2408 days ago


Screw yoko, she cuckolded John, made him move to NY or he was not able to see his son.
Then he was killed! That was a very very bad day!
Deport yoko! She has no talent, broke up the Beatles and messed up John for life!

2408 days ago


If I name my child Lennon, is Yoko going to sue me too? Pfffft

2408 days ago


Yoko, if it meant THAT much to you, YOU should have trademarked the name a long time ago.
Leave the poor girl alone and let her have her name.

2408 days ago


When is going to die..Jeezzz 2008 and still alive! how?!

2408 days ago


Give me a break! You cant copyright a name. Greedy Biatch!

2408 days ago

Lily S.    

Everyone knows who John Lennon was and there will be no confusion. The artist's name is Lennon. Yoko, get over it. John (RIP) has been gone for 25 years. Maybe it's time you got a life of your own.

2408 days ago


Lennon Murphy registered the name Lennon as a trademark. Yoko has every right to sue her. GO YOKO!

2408 days ago
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