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Yoko to Rocker -- Ono You Can't Use Your Name!

2/11/2008 3:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A hard-working heavy-metal-rocker is in danger of losing her musical identity -- all because Yoko Ono wants to bring a silver hammer down on her for using the name Lennon.
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Lennon Murphy, a singer-songwriter whose band is called Lennon, has been sued by Yoko for "tarnishment" of her widow's name and for "fraudulently" registering the name as a trademark.

Ono, claims in court papers that Murphy is (intentionally) exploiting the name and confusing people by using it -- and wants her trademark canceled.

Murphy shoots back on her MySpace page that Yoko and her lawyer were asked back in 2000 about using the name for her debut CD on Arista Records, and they didn't object. Lennon (the band) has since been dropped by Arista, but continues to record. "If Yoko prevails," writes Lennon Murphy, "Lennon might never be able to tour or release records using the name Lennon."

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67. Actually, John Lennon is Yoko Ono's WIDOWED husband, not EX.
Big Differance.
Remember he was murdered?

Posted at 3:11PM on Feb 11th 2008 by sunnysideup
Ummmmm ,no actually Yoko Ono is the Widowed Spouse of John Lennon
As you say ,Big Difference
And yes he was murdered .
The only way John Lennon could be Yoko Ono's widowed husband would be if she were the one who died .

2382 days ago

Another stupid story by TMZ's uneducated chimpanzees    

1) John Lennon has been dead for almost 28 years now (he died in 1980). Any "value" to his name is long gone.
2) You can't prevent someone from using their own name. I hope her response to this frivilous lawsuit mentions that this is restraint of trade.

All I can say to yoko is "get over yourself, you stupid bitch". She's got "NY celebrityitis" on the brain. She's been insignificant for decades, and I guess she thinks this is a way to focus attention on herself. Well, get ready for the backlash, psycho yoko. John Lennon was a genius; you're just a worthless, untalented, hack hanger-on...

2382 days ago


Why in the world would Lennon Murphy want to register the name as a trademark? I don't blame Yoko for objecting. That would mean that the name "Lennon" as per John Lennon would not be allowed, just precious little Murphy.

It says Murphy asked Ono and her attorney in 2000 if it was okay to use the name Lennon for her CD. Ono said it was okay. So her issue is obviously the trademark, and I would be pissed at the little ingrate Murphy too, first asking if it was okay to use the name--and then trying to put exclusive ownership on it! So you couldn't have any product, cd etc. with the name Lennon on it--referring to John Lennon--because Muprhy has the trademark??? This nobody gets the right to use the name?

Get rid of the trademark, Murphy. WHY DON'T YOU CHANGE THE BAND NAME TO MURPHY?????????

2382 days ago


I think Yoko needs to mind her own business. People have the right to use their own names. It does not reflect on John Lennon & since he's deceased, I doubt he cares one way or the other.

2382 days ago


May Pang is a worthless slut

2382 days ago

The Dude    

I can't believe the harpy who ruined the Beatles has the audacity to try to stop this girl from using her own name. How come the vile fame monger is still getting away with trading off of John Lennon's name over twenty-five years after his death. She's vile and disgusting and would do the whole world a favor by talking a very short walk off of something very tall.

2382 days ago

Yoko's Hairy Bush    

Hey TMZ thanks for deleting my posts


2382 days ago


Because she doesn't have to change her name. Would you change your name - I wouldn't - screw her. Yoko needs to get on to doing something useful. Like she doesn't have enough $$$$$$$$$$. Give me a break!!!

2382 days ago


#72 is the only poster to get this right. Yoko Ono is not claiming ownershp of the name "Lennon" what she is objecting to is the attempt by Lennon Murphy to trademark the name "Lennon" as it could infringe on the rights of the estate of John Lennon. Who can blame her? .

2382 days ago


yes yes the widowed part was incorrect, i admit it.
i'm sure there is plenty we don't know about the legla wranglings here on the tmz site.
it's clear there is a huge amount of hostility for yoko.
i never really liked her either but that has nothing to do with the issue.
and i'm sorry tmz it would def. offend me if my husband were murdered and you referred to him as my ex.
nice diversion though, get right back on track trashing the woman.
we seem to hate all women with power and money regardless of how they got it.
it they don't just stand around looking pretty and have half a brain they are hairy bushes i guess.

2382 days ago


CONFUSING PEOPLE? Christ - how many people DO NOT know that John Lennon is DEAD?

2382 days ago


#72 and #79

That's exactly right.

2382 days ago

Yoko's Hairy Bush    

What exactly is Yoko main source of income???

That's right it's John Lennon, not her FANTASTIC art work.
(oh yes I have seen it)

Wonder why she doesn't want any confusion over the name LENNON.

2382 days ago


ummm.. i think it totally sucks.. but you say Yoko Ono's ex-husband.. Wasn't she still married to John when he died???

2382 days ago


Damn! this Yoko needs to get her own life and stop getting attention just because he married Lennon, she has no talet what so ever so she need to get press for stuff like this. YOKO GO BACK TO JAPAN, NOBODY LIKES YOU HERE.

2382 days ago
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