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Holy Moly -- Look At That Baby Bump!!

2/24/2008 3:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's no denying it. Brangelina are trying to make the world more attractive, one child at a time!

While the two are still mum on pregnancy rumors -- Angie's belly did the talking for the both of them yesterday at the Film Independent's Spirit Awards. For the record, Brad's rep had no comment. Suuuure.


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I just feel bad for Jennifer Aniston. It has to be very hard watching her husband who (probably) cheated on her, making his own family with Angelina. Angelina has no respect for couples. She married Billy Bob while he was cheating on his gf and she did the same thing to Jennifer Aniston. I guess her ego really is that inflated.
She really needs a reality check. Jennifer Aniston is definitely prettier and classier than Angelina!!

2435 days ago

don quixote    

Any work that _anyone_ does toward easing suffering is commendable, but the whole Brangie fan club is ridiculous because it's based on lies, thoselies being:
1) that you can make a real difference in 3rd worl poverty by carrying home a few tots.
2) that your humanitarian work is not compromised when you in fact contribute to and feed from the very systems and industries that keep the 3rd world countries in poverty and beset with voilence.
3) that you have a true humanitarian's heart but make movies that are glamorize violence and exploitation.
5)that there aren't people who don't get publicity doing far more than either of these two do to help "the world"
4)that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have the "most beautiful family" in the world.
5) that they do anything that approximates actual, hard, grity parenting.

You should be goggling over the parents who have to work two jobs and have one broken down car -- not limos and a staff of servants. But then those people don't LOOK like angie.

2435 days ago


Brad is absolutely an amazingly handsome man. His daughter, Shiloh, looks just like him! :),

I'm trying hard to understand exactly what it is people feel Brad Pitt 'did' to Jennifer Aniston. I've read articles in which both celebrities (Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston) said their marriage was over before Angelina Jolie entered the picture. As I recall, they had briefly separated two or three months before he even started filming "Mr. & Mrs. Smith." Jennifer Aniston said they started growing apart, in their views and what they both wanted out of life and the marriage. She admits that her trauma and unhappiness as a child of divorced parents may have played a role as well. It seems to me that what it came down to is this: Brad was at a stage in his life when he wanted to start a family, and Jennifer wasn't quite sure that's what she wanted. They both agreed they wanted different things and decided to end their marriage. The important thing is they had started this dialogue 'before' he began filming "Mr. & Mrs. Smith." Why people insist on labeling Brad Pitt as a 'Cheater' and Angelina Jolie as a 'Home Wreaker' is beyond me. The marriage would have ended with or without Angelina in the mix.

I don't understand why anyone has to be the 'bad guy' in this situation. Marriages end everyday. It happens. People grow apart. Jennifer Aniston certainly doesn't see herself as the victim, so to me it seems wrong for people to keep seeing her as one.

2435 days ago


Kelso, I truly believe Aniston is over it. You are right, though. She is the better person for it. Angelina goes until she finds a weak-willed man and Brad fits the bill!

2435 days ago


# 76 Draoi83
Love your comments very much.

2435 days ago


What this is child number 6? I dont know why people here call her a collector or a horder, 6 kids is NOT that big of a deal. Lots of famous/rich people have big families because they can afford to. I would have a bunch if I could afford it too, I stopped at 3 though. Congrats Brad and Angie

2435 days ago


The whole "saint do-gooder #1 humanitarians and most beuatiful" schtick is obviously twaddle fed to the unwashed masses and it's silly to see people gobble it up. Makes you wonder how those people function in daily life.
However, Pitt is a moderately good actor, and has pulled off some memorable characters. SInce he's showing his age, he may take some interesting roles that emphasize his acting strengths -- which are limited but still engaging.
Jolie's one truly memorable character was Gia. Since sh epulled that off during her will-a$$, mosh-pit raving days, it's unlikely she'll be able to bring that same 'je ne sais quoi' to any other roles. Too bad, because thatw as her main strength and draw. As an "action gero" she's simply cheesy and unbeievable. She is more of a 'celebrity" thanan actor -- striking, especially with the plastic surgery, and despite the rather repulsively large mouth.

2435 days ago


Now there will be three orphans in the world that go hungry because Angie decided to breed. (because you do know this pregnancy is twins, right?)

2435 days ago


Is she pregnant with twins?

2435 days ago


adopting children is not stealing children. And please give it a break. I'm sure your concern with Third World children begin and end with ignorant posts.

2435 days ago


I want to hear about what happened at the pool party at Beverly Hills Hotel last night ~ you know, the one that Brad/Angie/Jen were participating in as hosts. Anyone know???

2435 days ago

crimson pixie    


So, Saint Angeline "I'llneber have kids of my own" Jolie is popping out another one? Yeah, well... THAT wasn't predictable was it? *cough*

These two actors are tiresome.

2435 days ago


Cynthia, if you want more children in the US adopted by all means please go and adopt some. Stick by your convictions.

2435 days ago


The problem most people have with Brangelina is that they pretend to be like us - normal people. But they are NOT.
That makes most of us angry, because Brad and Angelina have lots of nannies and other people that help them with their numerous children, let alone the housework.
I congratulate Brangelina for the pregnancy. BUT please don't pretend that you are humble folks!!! Because if you were, you wouldn't travel first class or in a private jet. And your kids wouldn't wear expensive clothes etc. So stop it with your phony interviews, damn it!!!!
Take it as it is Brangelina: you are clebreties and hopefully your children won't walk around Hollywood like one of so many wrecked Hollywood kids...

2435 days ago


Amen, #77 Zach. Well said.

2435 days ago
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