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Feds Investigating Docs Who Prescribed to Heath

2/28/2008 12:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed that federal drug enforcement agents are investigating at least two MDs who prescribed drugs to Heath Ledger.

Immediately following the actor's death, DEA reportedly subpoenaed several documents from the NYPD and the Medical Examiner to try to determine exactly where Ledger got his cocktail of prescriptions that eventually caused his death. The agents are looking into whether these drugs were properly prescribed by physicians.

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my soul is still broken and will be for long time :(

2426 days ago


Sad story....

2426 days ago


I still cant get over this either. I dont know how his poor family can deal! At least he is finally at peace. He will ALWAYS be missed.

2426 days ago

He's Boring now    

Blaming everyboyd but Heath himself for this senseless death. Why wont E Tonight release the drug using tape they have on him? Because it will confirm the guy was a drug abuser. Sorry, drug abuse is an ugly and dirty thing that can also kill you. Quit blaming the Olsen Twins, Doctors and Pharmacy companies for the mans death. he knew what he was doing when it came to getting blitzed on his own.

its a tragic disease that can bring tragic results, why do we keep sugar coating it and looking for others to blame? They were merely enablers, he was the user.

2426 days ago

KRTY still Loves Ya    

This is so lame Its his fault not the Doctors, He was probably insiting in drugs like most do. LAME LAME LAME

2426 days ago


Those docs should be held responsible if they over prescribed his meds or didn't properly inform him how they would interact. They are murders if that is the case!

2426 days ago


Heath is gone forever and there is nothing that will bring him back to this Earth. I am still reeling from this unbelievable tragedy---it seems so surreal, so unimaginable that he is no longer here, and that we will be deprived of all the brilliant work that he would have achieved had he lived to a ripe old age. Still, I hope that the doctors who were responsible for prescribing and providing him with such a wide array of potent and potentially dangerous drugs will be held accountable for their actions. Their role in his death should not go unpunished. While I realise that Heath took the medications of his own volition, I am also cognizant of the fact that a lot of people who are not in the medical field simply do not understand the dangers of mixing their prescriptions. I just hope that this horrible tragedy will open the eyes of other young people and prevent similar accidental prescription drug overdoses from occuring. RIP dearest Heath, you are deeply missed.

2426 days ago


I almost lost my father to a prescription pill addiction about 8 years ago. The doctor's kept prescribing them to him like candy and i still til this day have NO CLUE how they got away with it. He had checked into rehab a complete mess and the doctor's said he was a day away from death. I hope that justice is served in Heath's case. For doctor's to take advantage of their position and disrespect a humans better health for an extra buck... man, it's just so evil.

I hope our country can crack down on this prescription drug epidemic that we have going on. jut because a doctor gives you the pill and not a crackhead doesn't mean that it is any safer for you! at least doctor's can't be sponsored by pharmacuetical companies anymore i dont think... at least i hope not.

2426 days ago

sickof britney    

#8 You are so absolutely right. He was an opiate addict. I'm sure he sweet talked plenty of doctors for scripts. Bought off the street too. Don't make him out to be a saint. Nobody is.

2426 days ago


What a complete waste of taxpayer's money to investigate doctors in this country for meds he obtained overseas.. It has already been established that his prescriptions were written in Australia and England.. It is not the responsibility of the doctor to "babysit" a patient when full explanation of how and how not to take the meds are explained by the doctor, chemist and on the bottles. Many, many patients (including my 80 year old mother), take numerous pills for one ailment or another. That does not mean they act irresponsibly like most of Hollywood that seem to enjoy dabbling in cocaine, prescription drugs and alcohol. Let's put our taxpayer money to better use like providing health care to those that don't make millions of dollars!

2426 days ago


Heath was savy to legal and illegal drugs use and dangers.. but he was more addicted to play chicken with death.

2426 days ago

pattie in cali    

the feds should, theres to much of this goung on. all for fame and money. we are losing our young people. the docs are all about the money. they don't seem to care. ANNA, HEATH, we could go on an on. ITS TIME TO STOP THIS. SHAME ON YOU DOCTORS.

2426 days ago

ms. anonymous    

#6 Whitewing.....well said!!!! I totally agree with you.

2426 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

I wondered how long it would take to start in on this guy again. I think thats why you are trying to kill Britney. More stories dead then alive and no one to argue

2426 days ago


So sad, so so sad.

2426 days ago
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